Nerf VANU ... Period

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by St0mpy, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. St0mpy

    EDIT: Actually I made a complete error in calculation, ill admit it, feel free to ignore, abuse or otherwise insult my intelligence, parenthood or whatever is applicable to an internet forum.

    I do still think tho VS have all the breaks, their skill is intact, no bullet drop, NC/TR weapons have drop, yet VS also steal weapon strength from the NC, they steal weapon speed from the TR, they have awesome vehicles plus many other advantages (such as natural camo in darkness) and along with ARC Bioengineering they have the most defensible base on the planet too.

    Otherwise a mod can close or move it to the idiots forum if they wish.
  2. akajefe

    I dont think those words mean what you think they mean.
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  3. Rager

    *sips his coffee and smiles*

    Even if you nerf vs weapons, We will still own you, because we have the better players. It has nothing to do the weapons. We have weaker air, when air>everything else. Our tanks rock, but our maxes blow.

    TR heavy weapon>ours.
    NC maxes>Ours.

    VS won't be getting nerfed, So no amount of math in the world is going to help.
  4. Jestunhi

    You cannot simply add up the percentage of population on each of the 3 continents and claim it means something...

    Say 2000 people are on Indar and 3 people were on Amerish.

    Indar's 33% would be considerably more people than Amerish's 33% (666.6* people vs. 1 person).

    The percentages added together means nothing.


    And if by "world terminal" you mean the one that lets you switch continent, that shows territory ownership not population balance iirc...
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  5. Duke

    They will nerf and nerf and nerf and fracking nerf until the TTK is back to where it is now in Planetside 1, and that is not a good thing. I played last night for the first time in over a month and I was spanking TR and Vanu JUST fine with my STOCK LA weapon (No Attachments..) .... The game is balanced, the area in which you fight is what you should be concerning yourself with.

    If you are NC you need to be up close. If you are TR you need to be medium ranged and try to keep it in urban'ish' areas. If you are VS you stay far out and utlize the lack of bullet-drop. These are how these factions are meant to be played. Now with that said you can purchase weapons that conform more to your playstyle if you choose to be either of the three to a certain degree, other than that, if you enjoy the Vanu playstyle more, join the vanu. I enjoy my scattermax and my jackhamma :D
  6. Sheherazade

    The population imbalance is caused by the people either THINKING Vanu are vastly overpowered (which of course is ridiculous, looking at the weaponspreadsheets you can see that the differences are minimal) or it just fits the players more.

    Now how do you want to go at this... the only way to get rid of Vanu players would be harshly and unfairly nerfing everything into the ground so no one wants to play them which would not only be unfair but stupid as this game is trying to achieve e-sport level balance (trying).

    2nd way would be to make NC and TR MORE ATTRACTIVE TO PLAY.

    While TR on most servers do well there just doesnt seem to be enough cookies for the NC playerbase.

    They are the ones who could need a slight buff to bring them up a level and maybe some other minor things but it doesnt strike me right now so no idea what to do there.

    But nerfing a whole faction based on popularity is nothing but bogus. Get real.

    TL;DR - The only fair and effective way to achieve population balance would be to give people more reason to want to choose an unpopular faction ( NC) (I think harshly underpopulated factions should get a bonus if you play them..for example like a special starter pack for playing a less popular faction)
  7. St0mpy

    Why what do you think I think they mean?
  8. Madmojo

    You can't add percentages, dude. They are not integers. If you want total pop then go to your map and click the tab global pop, bam, done, save yourself an anuerism.

    Here's is why you can't add percentages.

    VS 25 of 100 = 25%
    TR 25 of 100 = 25%
    NC 25 of 100 = 50%

    VS 8 of 10 = 80%
    TR 1 of 10 = 10%
    NC 1 of 10 = 10%

    Add the VS percentages from this example and you would be saying that VS have 105% of the population.

    See why it doesn't work?
  9. AccelPrime

    Whine whine whine~
    "Gets owned by average vanu player - AMG OP, NERF NAO!!1!" Get some skills bro.
  10. Village

    What makes ARC bioengineering so uncapable in comparison to the other territories that are tucked behind warpgates? NC have a problematic one on Amerish too but with organised play can be taken.

    On Briggs there is no apparent population imbalance and every faction sits roughly around 33% population each with it fluctuating up to 35-36% maximum for TR, NC or VS daily. We have unique vehicles and a futuristic feel, maybe that is what people are attracted to on other servers if you think more people flood to VS, and not the fact that you think our infantry weapons are overpowered, despite the fact that the detailed weapon stats contradict that?

    We don't have bullet drop and we have slightly less recoil because our weapons do less damage at range and that is the price we pay. Remember we're balanced to be a middle ground between bullet damage and rate of fire between the factions.

    And of course we're going to discuss balance in a thread when you start with the thread name "Nerf Vanu... PERIOD", then going on to make the thread solely about population discrepancies? How moronic are you?
  11. {joer

    Magrider needs a definite nerf, either by nerfing it directly or buffing the crap out of the prowler and vanguard. Its the main cause of the issue. The guns can be overcome, but not the mag.

    Yea because people flocked to VS with their weaker weapons in PS1... oh wait no... that wasn't it.
  12. Rager

    Sure if you buff our maxes we will take the nerf.
  13. SirBobington

    I'm going to agree with the OP, about a week out of every month the Vanu are way overpowered, angry too.
  14. {joer

    Gladdy, I play TR and if we can deal with the NC AI max we can deal with VS ones. I do agree the VS maxes should get a bit of a buff in the AI department. You don't get "max zerged", you do get mag zerged.
  15. NC_agent00kevin

    LOL so Scythes put the VS at a disadvantage then right? because you 'have weaker air and air>everything else'?

    Funny stuff.
  16. St0mpy

    Actually if divided by three after the calculation it did come out to near 100 which kinda made sense at the time, as i said in the main post ive thought it through and yes i made an error, it happens :p
  17. MarioO

    Nice Math you got over there ;)

    Just a warning to the OP: reconnaissance says a wave of unargued Vanu defenses is on it's way. Plus multiple flames about their weapons being underpowered without proving data. We also assume a few denials of the given facts paired with giving own, wrong "facts".
  18. Rager

    The problem is that, people think VS is OP and flood to it. Like all empires we have our pros and cons.

    You want to nerf the things that VS shine in, while leaving our cons the way they are? That is not wanting balance, that is plain learn to play issues.

    TR heavy weapon is so much better, yet you don't see us crying about that?
    NC maxes are so much better. You don't see us crying about that?
    TR mossy>anything we have air. You don't see us crying about that.

    We play what makes our empires strong, because we are smart enough to do it. So, if you lose to VS it's because you got outplayed. Nothing to do with weapons, nothing to do with anything but your own bad skills. In fact, keep calling vs OP when it's not true. All you are doing is getting people to join our side.

    These nerfs that you guys keep demanding won't happen. The only thing you guys are doing is just hurting your empire more.
  19. {joer

    The reason you don't see the VS crying (much) is because they know they have it good. You didn't even mention the mag. You are just terrified knowing that you SHOULD be nerfed.
  20. Rager

    Are you telling me that TR heavy weapon, the starter weapon itself is not a beast? It's way better than NC and VS weapon. There was a point when all the people here wanted it nerf. So don't even act like that is not true.

    Also, the fact you think maxes don't win battles, questions anything you have to comment on.

    Also, to say that TR air not being better is a moot point...ya I think we are done here.

    Clearly some heavy l2p issues going on in here.
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