Nerf Vanu Firepower

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  1. Tommyp2006

    They don't seem to be any more or less challenging than they ever were before to me. Their maxes are certainly tougher, but that's about it. Their snipers seem a bit more powerful, but Vanu always seemed to be sniper heavy, at least on waterson.
  2. Falcon_BR

    The truth it is that since the last patch I am always running from sniper fire from the Vanu to cover, when I can I pop up and kill one and go back to cover.
    Every time I receive head sniper shots and die and see that is was no sniper it was a battle rifle, I ask myself, why do they got a battle rifle with the same status as everyone else but with no bullet drop on it?
  3. Keelin

    The amount of people who claim nonsense like this without even doing their research is staggering.
    Stop being so terrible.
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  4. WalrusJones

    It was a nerf at two different three meter ranges against any infantry for most weapons pulled out, one for most numerically by weapon class, due to the way damage level works (Its just different 3 meter ranges for every enemy infantry, due to nanoweave,) and a buff for everything farther then 65 meters.
  5. MNO

    Another one of these ******* threads.

    So many bad players it's unbelievable.
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  6. PaperPlanes

    Lol, it begins.

    Someone in my outfit kept saying that the damage dropoff change would result in people claiming we're OP, because it would actually put the VS on par with the other factions. When the Vanu are actually on par, they're OP. When they're UP, they're balanced.
  7. Nocturnal7x

  8. Darlith

    This is something I have always wondered about. I understand on the weapons that are truely different like LMGs and Carbines, you give NC the high damage, TR the larger mags and fire rate, you give VS the No Drop and middle range of everything. But then you get into the mirror image weapons like shotguns and battlerifles, the NC battle rifle doesn't get more damage, the TR shotgun doesn't get a faster fire rate, so why does the VS battle rifle get no drop and the Shotgun (slugs anyway) have no drop to it?

    I don't object to them losing the damage degredation as a whole, but I question them losing it on weapons where it really did counter the no drop because every other stat was identical to the other empires.
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  9. MNO

    I hear you, but I don't know how many times I've said this already, apart from the shotgun (slugs especially) - no drop really isn't a factor, and everyone talks about it as if it's some great upperhand, when in reality I play just as well with bullet drop as I do without, and after 20 minutes of playing with bullet drop it wouldn't even be a conscious thought to adjust for it.

    I'd rather they just took away the no bullet drop, just so people shut the **** up about it.
  10. Ghosty11

    Can someone explain wtf the bolded part is supposed to mean? I'm not sure what the OP is smoking, but I'm thinking I might want some. ;)
  11. MNO

    I think he means that we're supposed to be the squishiest.

    And I've no idea where he got that from either. Maybe he read too much into the PS2 release trailer where the only VS in that trailer came across as female VS infil ninjas.
  12. Purg

    I wish I only missed half of my shots, currently I miss 2/3rds.

    I play all three factions and had about an hour jaunt with my Vanu this morning - the difference was not perceivable, nor should it have been.
  13. loleator

    Nerf everything.
  14. Dis

    I seem to recall you trying to convince the world that VS Sundys did more damage than the others despite sharing common pool weapons. Please, tell us more.
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  15. Darlith

    Yeah that's why I said I understand why they fixed the guns with empire flavor. The lack of bullet drop I don't think really needed compensation through damage reduction there.

    But with the slug shotguns and battle rifles, two longer range weapons the bullet drop can make a difference but even there I would understand it if they gave those weapons empire flavor, but they didn't, they made them carbon copies, which makes the decision to leave no bullet drop on them as weird.
  16. MNO

    A lot of what SOE do is weird.

    It's all a lot of quick nerfs and buffs without actually addressing the issue, it seems they just "let it play out" and make nerfs/buffs in response without a thought through plan.
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  17. Laurentiuss

    come to us. you will get a spandex, lots of vanu love, and weapons they can shoot the enemy from warpgate to warpgate
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  18. Haba

    Vanu has 25m/s less bullet velocity, which makes it much harder to hit a moving target.
  19. Neopopulas

    Put him in spandex...
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  20. MNO

    It's okay, we've already planned to take him in his sleep. He'll wake up covered in purple.