Nerf TR Rotaries and Nerf Pods

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Scroffel5, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. Scroffel5

    I am a bit biased about this, so take it with a grain of salt.

    Nerf TR rotaries. Their DPS and DPM are insane. They shred through everything. I haven't done the math, so I mean, I can't back up my claim until I am asked to, but honestly, you can look at them go on a killing spree and see something ain't right. The Needler shreds through everything, the Vulcan shreds through everything. Pair that with speed, and its too dangerous to be kept alive. I had more points but I don't want to make you all read the wall of text.

    Now, as for those pods for ESF, they are ridiculous. They spam the area with them to mop up kills on everything, and they can escape way too fast if they are in danger. Maybe nerf the amount of pods per mag or the damage or firerate or accuracy or something. It is quite annoying to die with no hope of survival. You can't outmaneuver it like a tank, sunderer, harasser, or flash. You just die to it. They drop a mag on you and fly away. At the same time, they can deal with vehicles like a boss.

    I would appreciate nerfs, but no one listens to the forums anyways.

    P.S. Nerf ESFs in general to make them more on the "escape" side of the Attack/Escape vehicle balancing spectrum.
  2. iStalk

    Nerf the tr rotary? The TR mossie is the worst esf. Yes fastest but that doesn't matter in a duel. The tr also has the weakest esf guns. The rotary is so bad. The vortex for nc is better. Let's not even talk about the scythe.
    Out of all the 3, the mossie is the worst one. Pair that with the fact that planetside suffers from a crazy bug or whatever you want to call it in which high rof weapons are fked if you have bad fps. Guess what faction this mainly effects? Ah yes tr. So you can't back up your claims at all.
  3. LodeTria

    Mosquitos can't equip vulcans so dunno why you're bringing that up.
    Feels like a "It killed me so it must be nerfed" thread.
  4. TR5L4Y3R

    esf´s don´t need to be nerfed ... i rather say some of their secondary weapons even need a buff torwards AAcapabilty as well as them requiring more accessible controlability in general...

    the thing that NEEDS to be done is that
    infantry and groundvehicles need to be buffed to be capable to fight them ..
    more AA options (give medics and infils a rockletrifle primary option, give vehicles a hyena-, hornet- and A2A lock on turretoption, the latter with ground dumbfirecapability like the HA RL variant), surviveable maxxes outside of spawnrooms .. rangers and bursters not sucking at non airunits .. a number of vehicleturretoptions should get a higher pitch as well as engineermanaturrets, sunderes for their 2nd turretslot and ANTs should get ES-turrets with that higher pitch as an option as well ..

    like give options that players truely can consider a viable alternative ..

    baseflakturrets not sucking aswell ....
  5. Scroffel5

    Not talking AvA. Mosquito is good, so idk what you are talking about. This is a complaint about bad FPS, but if you have bad FPS, why are you even flying? If you are a low fps player against a high fps player, duh you are gonna lose. Dont use that crap as a basis for an argument to defend the rotaries.

    Is this thread entitled "Nerf TR ESF and Their Pods"? No, it is to nerf their rotary cannons. Hence why I mentioned the vulcan, because it can almost kill a sundy in 2 mags and they can't defend from it fast enough. They'd have to have a grenade launcher to even think about it. Otherwise, you need HAs and people on your basilisks to stop your sundy from being exploded. Many people use this complaint, and though I hate it, oh well: why should a 150 nanite transport destroy a 200 nanite battle bus with 2 turrets mounted to it in ever combat situation excluding grenade launchers? Doesn't make much sense to me, hence why I included the Vulcan and the Banshee.

    Yeah, you could either nerf ESFs or buff everything else. If you buff everything else, you have to be super careful that it won't have an adverse effect on other aspects of the game, such as GvG or IvG. That is why I advocate for a nerf instead of a buff.
  6. LodeTria

    Well you're talking about the needler and the vulcan in the same sentence and how the needler (default ESF nosegun) shreds through everything when it very clearly doesn't. It struggles against galaxys & even libs. The only ground vehicles it can kill reliably are harassers & flashs, everything else takes many many mags to kill. You also now include the banshee which is not good at killing vehicles at all, so it hardly "shreds everything".

    "Rotaries" is used to describe the CQC noseguns like the Vortek, Maelstrom & M-18. Comparing those to vulcan of all things is very very silly.
  7. iStalk

    You're really dumb. The Mossie has the worst rotary in the whole game. The mossie is the worst esf. You don't know ****, what do you fly? Do you even know how that gun works? It's a cqc nose gun. It loses its damage potential with distance. Every esf out dps the mossie. Get good lol stupid as ****.
    If you get killed by a esf nose gun on ground well good job for the pilot. A tank can 1 hit kill a esf. Hand guns can damage a esf. Locks ons working as a team can kill a esf. You have no solid reasoning for this other than you just suck bad
  8. Exileant

    :( I am against this. The T.R. Rocket pod is finally proper. Over the years, they have REALLY messed up the Pods on ALL of the teams.... This is another weapon I rarely use because of this. o_O I also have next to no issues with fighting against them either. It has 16 pods, and it looked stupid to only be able to fire 8. :D The answer in this case is not nerfing; it is raising everyone else to the same level of umph. ;)However, personally I think they are fine.
  9. TR5L4Y3R

    i did mention infantryoptions like extra rockletrifle primaries as well as burster and rangers to not suck against non air, as well as more surviveable maxxes ...

    realy the only "good" areas of planetsidecombat right now are groundvehicles vs groundvehicles (exception being harasser being a bit too tough) and infantry vs infantry ..

    I v GV is just as much in a bad spot as GV and I v air ... adding more turretoptions to vehicles for example like the hyena or hornetmissiles would not make GV v GV worse (of course matter of stat ballance) at worst the hyena would be a additional antyinfantryweapon but in that case pretty much every vehicle with the exception of the lightning (which doesn´t have acces to these turrets anyway or needs a lightningspecific variant) has better antiinfantry weapons with the kobalt and walker, and the halbert is still the strongest AVoption capable to kill infantry AND air except it´s not easy to use ..

    rockletrifles for medic and infil as well as better maxxes would tremendously help infantrycapability vs vehicles and aircraft

    as well as giving infils and medics AV grenades and the medic a AV grenadelauncherprimary .. all this still would not lower the potency of AI focused vehicles but it would enhance the potentcy of infantry vs vehicles .. because there barely is any at the moment except LA C4 fairies

    engineers with AV manaturrets merely tickle vehicles, archer? LOL!
    Ha´s with any rocketlauncher merely tickle vehicles
    Maxxes can´t survive outside longer than 5 seconds and also less than tickle vehicles ..
    like you realy require half a squad consisting of any of the 3 above
    like say 3 HA´s, 2 engineers and one max to be able to quickly tickle a vehicle to death .... same vs a lib to which engineers would be incapable cause of low pitch manaturrets unless on high ground ..

    a ESF even vs 3 lock on HAs and a burster max (the later firing very slow and with high CoF on range) would still be capable to escape unless all 3 HA´s got their lockons off at the same time and that is if the esf got close enough (same with the lib) ...
  10. iStalk

    Here is the data, all you have is talk. Nothing to prove your point. Here is actual data. SO IN OTHER WORDS GIT GUD

  11. Johannes Kaiser

    Mossy weapons are alright. I hate them, but they are alright.
    Vulcan is not. Period. It's just fundamentally wrong in the way it shreds everything down to molecules within seconds. This would be way easier to forgive if they were a "fast kill but misses hurt" kind of weapon. But nope, they don't have to care about even the worst in marksmanship. Just shoot in something's general direction and you will be fine. Everything in that general direction less so.

    And yes, some general upgrades to AA capabilities for infantry would be much appreciated as well. On all factions, it needs to be a general mini-overhaul.
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  12. Scroffel5

    Please refer to the post I quoted you in, where I said "Not talking about AvA." Yes, I did say "everything", but I meant everything that doesn't pertain to air. Galaxies and libs are much stronger than an ESF, so I don't know why you are mentioning that, and they basically play on the same level, meaning they are both air vehicles, have that maneuverability, and you can only get out of range of them. You can't truly hide. "Many mags" doesn't matter if you are hard to hit, hence why I said to nerf ESFs, because if they put out a ton of damage and are hard to kill, they are considered OP. They aren't a glass canon, which has the fault of being easy to destroy. The only hard thing about ESFs are the learning curve, and I guess fighting other ESF, but usually I see ESF fighting ground anyways, so /shrug.

    P.S. I use rotaries to encompass all rotary weapons.
    "worst ESF" isn't a fact. I could say the Reaver was the worst because of how easy it is to hit, but everything excels in a different point. You keep using points that aren't valid. "A tank can 1 hit kill a ESF." You do realize the ESF has to fly down at a low enough angle for the tank to hit it, right? You do realize that it would have to be a snipe anywhere else, right? Hm? "Hand guns can damage a ESF." THE ESF CAN FLY AWAY IF IT GETS SHOT AT BECAUSE THE HANDGUNS DO SUCH LOW DAMAGE! That isn't even a valid point! "Lock ons working as a team can kill a ESF." That one is the best point you used, yet multiple people have to have lock ons to make sure it doesn't fly away. If you had a squad of anything, it would destroy anything. What do I mean? A squad of MAXs will destroy infantry. A squad of Heavies will destroy tanks and sundies. A squad of Sniper Infiltrators will massacre enemies. A squad of Light Assaults will blow up just about everything. A squad of Medics can keep almost anyone alive. And so on and so forth. You gotta have a ton of people to destroy it, and not just any "ton of people" will work. They gotta have the lock-ons for you to destroy it, meaning de-faulty boys won't do squat unless they decide to start spraying.

    I believe the default version of classes, meaning no weapons bought, so be able to do something against the things they are designed to defeat. You shouldn't HAVE to buy something to destroy something. You should HAVE to buy something to destroy something easier or to do something better, to specialize. A Basilisk, imo, should do decent damage to everything, but excel at nothing. Just a very basic thing, but it can't take on even a Harasser effectively. You are gonna be smoking the same time the Harasser is.

    Again, did NOT say to nerf a single factions Rocket pods. Honestly, I die the most to VS rocket pods, but all of them deny life to an infantry-man and can destroy armor fairly easy, while being hard to hit. The ESF can play outside of your turrets turning range and angles, so when they get to a certain point, you can not hit them. If you are an MBT and you have a top gun with a high enough angle for you to hit the ESF, you can hit it all you want, but it doesn't matter. You won't get the kill, most likely, even using Flak.

    I am gonna say it again, Exileant: You are on PS4. I find that console and mobile are easier to play than PC if you are competent. You are competent. You can go on sprees against incompetent or unskilled players, because they can't walk, aim, and fire at the same time, or they stand still too much, or various other reasons. We play PC. We have a problem with them because of the added control you have when using a mouse and keyboard. ESF pilots who are "good" for you guys may be comparable to those who are only average or below average on PC. Let me give an example.

    I played Fortnite for a short time. I was laggy, couldn't build, and I hated the gun system and sucked with it. I usually played with a group, and one of the people in the group was on XBOX sometimes. She was good at it all, for an XBOX player. She basically got to the top of her game for XBOX. I got better over time and outranked her in skill. I learned to build better and aim better than she could, because she was on XBOX. My point is that, XBOX is easier, but you reach your skill cap faster than on PC because of the control system.

    Aight, I get it. Shouldn't have said "everything." But do you have to be a dirtbag? I should have said those guns absolutely destroy infantry, flashes, and harassers with ease and grace. Sundies take more ammo than you have at the start, and anything stronger than a lightning, you are gonna run out of ammo too. That is, until you add in rocket pods. Then you have being hard to hit, more shots being hit out to the range where you are less likely to be hit, so you are going to get more damage done anyways. TTK of the M20 Mustang may be higher, but you gotta duck out more often than the Needler would, while you are allowed more sustained fire with it. TTK of Vortek may be higher, but again, more sustained fire and less duckout for the M14 Banshee. I could argue to nerf all rotaries, I guess.

    Now, for kills per mag, it takes 4 shots with the banshee to get a kill, and you got a 35 round mag. That is almost 9 kills per mag. It is 5 on the vortek with a 27 round mag. That is about 5.4 kills per mag. Now, you are bound to miss. Firerate of the Banshee is higher, which means you are more likely to get the kill with it if you aim at them, even if they move, especially if you have more ammo in the mag and fire that fast. If you hit the first shot, you are most likely going to kill the person, and they can't run away because of the firerate, TTK, and mag size. You shred through them. The difference with the Vortek is that you have less kill potential per mag and a slightly slower firerate, so you have be sure to hit your shots.

    All in all, we can just go with "nerf ESF" or "buff everything else", but a nerf is a safer option, because messing with balance isn't DBGs strong suit.
  13. Scroffel5

    I can deal with Mossies. I made this post a little after our team got shredded by a small group of ESF. There were a ton of us, like 24-48. We just defended a base and were heading out, having a good old time. Then we get absolutely shredded by a group of ESF, and there is nothing to combat them. I like to use the Flash, which yes, is not a good combat vehicle, but the way to beat an aircraft should be either strength or speed. I got blown up almost instantly because of how few shots you need to take them down. It was like, 10 shots, I think? As infantry, it was even worse. You get downed in 4 or 5 shots, and you can't escape them. There is nothing to deal with that power. You know the Scythe Light PPA, right? With indirect damage alone, it is 5 shots to kill. If you hit both shots, it is only 2 shots to kill, but that feels way more fair compared to stuff like the Vulcan. Again, I can deal with an ESF. There is that learning curve you gotta deal with.

    Vulcan is a different story. Nerf that thing into the ground. I am not even gonna reason with that one.
  14. Scroffel5

    Buff Underbarrel Grenade launcher damage to vehicles and add more ammo in it than just 3 rounds. Then Infiltrators can use the Warden for some sort of AV if the devs aren't keen on rocket rifles. Buff Archer damage to vehicles. Buff HA rocket damage to vehicles, and nerf the reload if you have to. Give MAXs some resistance.
  15. Exileant

    :confused: I sort of see what you are getting at, but as long as the option of simply buying an Analog Pad exists for P.C. players, I do not think tampering with the current strength levels of anything in either direction. ;) When it comes to your friends case, I think you surpassing her was a simple matter of you putting in the work to do so if I understood you properly. Xbox offers the same mobility as P.S.4. as you stated. o_O When I need a keyboard and mouse layout because a game favors it, I simply hook up my keyboard and mouse. Dust514 heavily favored K.B.M. Especially for vehicles. :D So the easier thing to do would be for you to simply buy a pad if you need the extra response time to get out of the way.

    :D The Lancer could use a buff, :eek: but the rest hurt plenty enough to me. Hahaha!
  16. iStalk

    Everyone who knows anything about this game, I mean people who look at the data are all laughing at you right now. All of your arguments are just a argument for dying easily because of lack of skill. I'm not going to bother anymore with this pointless thread because you clearly don't know anything. Do you even fly? Lol. Your argument doesn't provide any reason for any reasonable response other than GIT GUD.
    1: you don't know **** about the state of the air game
    2: you're crying about dying in a flash by a esf? WTF
    3: You simply can't even comprehend that the tr esf is the worst esf. Ask any real skyknight and they'll tell you.
    4: i linked this to discord of ps2. I showed the air mentors and all they did was face palm.
    People like you who don't know **** are the reason bad buff/nerf happen. Sorry but we can't always lower the bar for you bud. Git gud.
  17. iStalk

    And you're basically arguing that every default setup should be able to kill anything and everything ? Lol dude just ****, my God okay okay. Oh man nice shytpost. For a second I thought you was serious.
  18. iStalk

    False. Ranger (Ants, MBT, sunde, harasser)
    Rocket launchers dumb fire and lock ons. Sky guard. Small gun fire. Burster max. A other esf. Libs. Valks. Brains is needed for all the above

    So now you're arguing that the way to beat a aircraft SHOULD be either speed or strength? Lol a flash isn't fast compared to a esf. That isn't unbalanced. 10 shots? Idk if that's the correct number of shots but that's assuming the pilot didnt miss. So nerf aim? I don't understand. Also the meaning of should, is implying option. Meaning it doesn't have to be so. Please argue me on this point try it
    I literally gave you a list above. This point is mute. Also a tank can kill you with less shots and less aim compared to a esf nose gun.

    Yes the esf game there is a high learning curve and you just want to nerf everything lol git gud.
    In other words you just suck?

    Also I can't believe a group of you, 24-40 you said couldn't take out a group of esf or scare them off. I've seen small squads of like 6 people completely deny a hex from any air.
  19. TR5L4Y3R

    more ammo either with ammobelt or missilepouch
  20. JibbaJabba

    Dunno about nerfs though. It's not game breaking.

    Vulcan and Banshee are both best in class for what they do though. For sure.

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