Nerf the yellow bit on the analyst helmet

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by AxiomInsanity87, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. AxiomInsanity87

    Make it match the camo. The yellow is unacceptable for a purist TR scumbag like me who needs everything red.

    I really, REALLY want to like it.
  2. FieldMarshall

    Maybe if they made it faction colored.
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  3. Iridar51

    That would be the perfect solution, because currently that yellow bit is often used by TR and VS players to look like an NC player.
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  4. Pikachu

    I made a suggestion long time ago before the reward was given.
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  5. Plastikfrosch

    often enough shot friendly vanus who felt the urge to use the blue camo and the analyst helmet because i didnt realize they are not NC when they came around a corner. But to be honest, i cant feel sorry for people like that who pretend to be NC. i can understand the reason why they do it but then they should avoid running around friendlys. it should only be used by LAs and infils who are operating inbetween enemy lines but even then its a cheesy move.
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  6. BrbImAFK

    I thought that the whole point of that helmet was that it's a "yellow hardhat" from being involved in the testing... ditching the yellow bit would be kinda pointless, no?
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  7. Regpuppy

    The theme isn't worth the one-sided IFF confusion.
  8. 4wry

    I agree that the color should match the faction. I see a lot of people trying to abuse this helmet in order to appear like NC. With a blue-ish camo and this helmet some players actually come rather close and will succeed in confusing especially newer players.

    Having the helmet take on the color e.g. the armor patches will be much in line with delineating faction models and counter potential exploits. Also one may see this helmet used more frequently.
  9. FateJH

    This is why people should learn to focus on body shape rather than color scheme.
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  10. BrbImAFK

    This. There are too many camo's of confusing colours to rely on colour scheme alone to tell you whether to shoot or not. I know... many, many friendly-fire incidents and unengaged enemies who killed me.

    It's far better to rely on a combination of map- and situational-awareness, target silhouette and profile and have colour scheme as a backup.
  11. breeje

    the silver camo with a hood helmet dos the same thing to infiltrate VS
    it works only with low BR or in big fights where there is confusion
    and to infiltrate TR there is tat brownish camo (don't know name) with red decals on the shoulder
    it all depends on where you play if there is lots of confusion in your own ranks you better avoid those camos

    yes i played as a scumbag, now if i see that a player did not see i am the enemy i let them live and run away
    or i go stand next to him and spam V6
  12. AxiomInsanity87

    So we're all agreed that it should be changed.

    Granted we all know that this thread will go unheard but lets just pretend it's relevant llol.
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  13. Liewec123

    yeah, my guess is that they were originally going to make a helmet for each faction but for whatever reason pulled their usual tactic and took a shortcut, releasing the NC helmet to all 3 factions...
    (lets be honest, that IS an NC helmet, not just the fact that they left the yellow in, the whole shape fits NCs theme.)
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  14. AxiomInsanity87


    I must make use of that cosmetic or i'll go mad.
  15. Konstantinn

    Lol, must be pretty inconvenient getting shot in the back of the head by your own team from time to time because of the yellow stripes. Though might be worth it to leave it to confuse NC when sneaking around them.
  16. WTSherman

    Regarding the "use shape to identify people" thing, as this post points out that's the shape of an NC infiltrator helmet. Unfortunately, a lot of the cosmetics in this game also allow you to alter your silhouette either into a generic NS shape or a shape that follows another faction's aesthetic. In this case especially, since all three factions' infiltrators look like they're wearing spandex, the fastest way to identify them is by color and helmet shape. This helmet screws up both.

    I've definitely TKd quite a few VS wearing this thing when I played on my VS character, especially when they were running up to the NC I was shooting and hugging them.
  17. Liewec123

    i throw in a flag with some yellow on it and the pumpkin patch camo, makes for some pretty good fun

    thats my VS.

    I've had some pretty awesome kill streaks thanks to that brief moment of caution/confusion when they see a blue and yellow guy shooting at them.
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  18. WTSherman

    It even manages to copy the NC infiltrator's bra. o_O
  19. Ronin Oni

    That's why I sport the analyst helmet on my Infils xD

    It's a perfect fit for NC. Only helmet I have for NC (I bought Protos helmet for VS, well, all classes but Infil cause it's almost the same as default, and the Dreadnaught helmet for TR, again not for Infil cause it just looked silly... this was before they started making helmets all classes for 1000SC and were 500SC per class =\ )
  20. Iridar51

    Meh. Bandana of freedom all the way for me.

    I know what you mean about TR infils. I couldn't find a single helmet that I would like on them.
    Bahamut Mask
    is more or less okay, but it doesn't fit with the color scheme of the default camouflage. Maybe with exceptional black camo it will look better.
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