[Suggestion] Nerf the Vanguard

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Weterman, Apr 4, 2015.

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  1. Timothy Pearson

    Shut your YAPPER - Chris Farley 1964 - 1997
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  2. Weterman


    A magrider has a disadvantage by hovering. It can't turn to shoot quick, and vanguards and prowlers can dodge just as well as the magrider can.

    And you are wrong on the 2000 damage. I shoot vanguard twice, along with it getting shot by other tanks, and the shield doesn't go down.
  3. Weterman

    Lock ons will always hit me even if I do get behind terrain. And you don't know where it's coming from, so you don't know what side of the rock to hide behind.
  4. Weterman

    I can usually kill a prowler with a lightning 1 vs 1. I can't do that with a vanguard. Especially if the shield is up. And before the shield goes down, I'm dead. This makes the vanguard literally invincible to a single lightning. It takes no damage at all.

    And assume there are no gunners in either tank. And the vanguard already has the best armour and fire power, why does it also need to be invincible?

    Whenever I play the magrider, I feel as if it's just as powerful as the lightning. The lightning is actually more powerful with the python than the mag's stock gun. When I play as a vanguard, I always get way more kills and die way less.

    Whenever there is a vanguard on the field, it helps the team out so much because of its armour and fire power. I not once have witnessed a vanguard get killed by a single magrider. But I see lots of times a single vanguard take out multiple tanks.

    And if you disagree with me, actually give an educated reason instead of just saying "nope. your wrong. im right"
  5. 00000000000000000000

    Have you, actually played the game?
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  6. MarkAntony

    Yes. Nerf the worst tank in the game. It's already useless. Every statistic shows it.
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  7. 00000000000000000000

    You are as bad as OP.
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  8. xthezerohunter

    Excuse me, sir, please learn to play the game. You have no idea what you are talking about. You are comparing a MBT to something commonly used as an escort tank. MBT are MAIN BATTLE TANKS because they outclass the other battle tanks and are meant to be the go to for armor. You can not compare an elephant to a rhino and expect people to understand what you are saying. They are two separate things for a reason. I would advise learning to play the game and understand its mechanics before calling for a nerf. If I charge a Berserker with a Mage and get shredded, should the Berserker get a nerf, should the Mage get a buff, or should I learn to approach differently. You are trying to use classes and things in ways they are not intended and are failing by doing so. Stop, breathe, examine the situation from a 3rd person perspective and analyze every mistake made. Then see what went wrong and fix those mistakes. The game was not made to suit you, it was made to suit those who suit it. I leave you with an in-game quote, "Evolve or Perish!"
  9. CNR4806

    The Lightning is a light tank that costs 350 nanites and can be pulled from any base you desire.

    The Vanguard, and by extension MBTs, are 450-nanite elephants that can only be pulled at Warp Gates or major facilities with a Tech Plant lattice link.

    If you expect a Lightning to win against the brawler MBT in a face-to-face close-range duel with ease, you need a doctor.

    Last but not least, if you think the Vanguard has the best firepower, it means you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. When using the same ammo, Prowler massively out-DPS the Vanguard with or without lockdown, and even the Lightning out-DPS a 1/2 Vanguard if I remember correctly.
  10. asmodraxus

    The DPS for 1/2 tanks goes like this

    Locked down Prowler
    Harasser Saron (just to make a point)

    However the TTK's are more important TTK vs a lightning by any MBT is shorter then the TTK an MBT by a lightning

    Oh and the Magriders (1/2) TTK is only slightly better than a lightnings.

    The Vanguard does not need nerfing in any way, in fact it and the Magrider's HEAT and HE rounds should in theory be buffed against infantry to the same level of the Prowler.
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  11. Goldmonk

    The reason why the Locked Down Prowler's TTK is so fast is because our FR is increased. But as far as buffing the HEAT and HE rounds, I wouldn't mind. This is coming from a devoted TR.
  12. Goldmonk

    This is why you take time to cert flares.
  13. FLHuk

    Two pages OP, well done sir :D
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  14. Astriania

    This seems like pretty poor trolling (Vanguard is clearly not OP, and if you believe stats it's quite seriously UP, particularly in AI roles) but it got a full page of responses so I guess it wasn't so bad after all.
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  15. MouthFulofCrabs

    Vanguards are pretty sh*tty... if you miss 1 shot your pretty much dead... heck harrasers take my tanks out everytime... lol
  16. Tcsisek

    I never thought I would have to pull that video out anytime soon...

    Everyone else should have explained to you why you are wrong, and I don't feel like typing so just go to them.

    Damn it, that's my go to video for these kinds of threads.
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  17. Tbone

    So you can not ad-ad with the maggrider,a heavy tank kills a light tank big surprise,and the Vanguard gets +2000HP,and you can not use the magburner.Its not a must- that you have to kill the Tank- go to cover or ad-ad like Vanu than after 6 seconds go back and kill it.
  18. AshHill07

    Thanks for reminding me:
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  19. Jake the Dog

    PRAISE THE SUN!!! \[T]/
  20. RadarX Moderator

    We're going to go ahead and close this. Please ensure you are familiar with our forum guidelines.
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