Nerf the TR/VS Max

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Badname6587, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. Badname6587

    Talk about nub city max modes. Full Auto machineguns while we have to run our ***** up to someone to kill them. NERF them into the ground, they are so OP. The only place the NC max is good is in the biolab. If the TR/VS actually used maxes outside of the biolab they'd wreck face.. instead they dont run max/engi teams and let the NC stomp all over them.

    Thanks TR/VS for not using your OP Maxes.

    Sorry, I couldnt resist stirring the pot.
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  2. NinjaTurtle

    Anti Air maxes are OP for TR and VS. I play almost exclusively NC so I don't know if the same can be said for their MAX
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  3. Badname6587

    I dont know if there is much of a difference. I love it when i hear the no bullet drop VS complain about accuracy... it gives me the lulz.
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  4. PaperPlanes

    Chainblade is ridiculous OP, it kills in only TWO swings. You can also just shoot a guy a few times and then swipe him instantly for the kill.

    But lol at the Forceblade. It takes TWO entire swings to kill and the only way to get around this is to get DANGEROUSLY close to the enemy and shoot him first so you can lower it to a one swipe kill. Talk about underpowered.

    The TR favoritism in this game disgusts me!
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  5. Urban Cohort

    For all that this is most likely a joke post, I can't help but feel that many non-TR players won't be satisfied until the TR is firing water balloons from our tanks and foam nerf bullets from our if the "hey, shoot me" mode on the prowler wasn't bad enough.
  6. Badname6587

    Right, the TR have been insanely OP for months. Think about it...

    Best ESF
    Best MBT
    Best starting infantry weapons

    Time for you elmos to come back to the pack a little bit. The NC max is good inside the biodome. Here is a hint... if there are 30 NC maxes camped inside the biodomes.... go around, leave it and come back. It's like us trying to bum rush a column of prowlers with infantry... aint gonna happen. Use the noggin a little recognize the strength of the opponent in a small isolated area and draw them out into the open in the territories adjacent to the biodome. Sometimes we cant fix stupid.
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  7. EpicCrawfish

    Vanu MAXes are too OP, they distract me with how terrible they are and resemble so much like Zoidberg, I stop shooting and start laughing which results in my death.
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  8. NaySayer

    ahh these threads
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  9. Urban Cohort

    The TR soldiers go down every bit as easily when I'm playing my NC medic as the NC does when I'm rocking my TR medic...and my TR medic is reasonably well ****** out (whereas the NC medic is pretty bare-bones).

    I'm personally of the opinion that the factions are pretty well balanced and imbalances exist solely in everyone's head. Actually, the faction I have the hardest time with is the VS.
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  10. Metaltoys

    But I wanna steamroll everthing.
  11. Drippyskippy

    Agreed. Another thing that needs nerfed is when a VS player dies nothing happens at all, except that you have to wait 10-15 seconds to respawn, that is just OP. I propose that when a VS player dies in PS2 their client automatically crashes and a download automatically starts that contains a virus. Or maybe if that is too OP maybe instead of a virus, their computer automatically starts deleting the windows/system32 folder. I think that would be balanced because VS is just so OP right now.

    Just matching OP's ridiculous claims and 1 upping him.
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  12. Eclipson

    I don't know if you are being serious, or are just trolling? I'm guessing its the later.
  13. Duff_Chimp

    Clearly trolling, nobody is THAT stupid...
  14. PaperPlanes

    Hey...we look cool with the composite armor. We go from crab people to mini Gundam.
  15. Herrick

    SoE are.
  16. Disparu

    VS and TR maxes are like infiltrators, when you see them running around its kinda cute, they're the only ones who dont realise they suck. Which is ironic really, as with NC maxes its the other way around.
  17. PaperPlanes

    They suck against aware and competent players, because they know the TTK is too high to kill an infantry who utilizes cover and concealment. I play VS max somewhat often and I know the weaknesses are so easy to exploit, but you can still kill dumb and ignorant players all day with it. But people who exploit your bad spread and TTK can give you a lot of trouble.
  18. GSZenith

    went outside with my stock max..falcon scatt, 48-0 before we reached vs warpgate, ran heafirst into whole enemy team time and time again.
  19. Zenanii

    Yeah, I spawned a stock NC max, then I just put a weight over my mouse to hold down fire, went afk 15 min then came back and had 60 kills.
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  20. Pivke

    HOLY CRAB! i always knew that VS max reminds me on something but i never could figure out on what! you nailed it.
    its dr. Zoidberg.
    dr. Zoidberg with high heels!
    they have the same "hands" :D
    now if they could only change the sound of VS max weapons to sound like this:

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