Nerf the Tank Buster FFS

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Klabauter8, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. Klabauter8

    Just putting it out there again. Everyone knows this weapon is OP. Especially with latency, a weapon which kills you in the blink of an eye, is just ********.
    For me it's not really possible to do exact dodges in this game, because of the latency. But against this weapon, you need exact dodges, otherwise you are immiately dead.
    Liberators in general are OP, but this weapon just kills it. It's even more unbalanced than the Gatekeeper.
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  2. DQCraze

    Actually the tank buster is a weapon of the past, the stock gun maxxed out is a better choice these days, I ditched the tank buster awhile back.

    Don't know how it is now but I remember a (long) while back sitting in a base turret... I mean I saw the Lib come up, started shooting and it killed me in less than a second... I was like 'SERIOUSLY???' :D
  4. Klabauter8

    I don't care if you think the weapon is good or not, but fact is that the weapon can kill almost anything in a second, which is just stupid if you ask me. It's not really possible to dodge in this game (at least for me), because the latency always makes it look like you can dodge, but in reality you actually can't, and then you are suddenly dead, although it looked like you actually dodged the Tank Buster.
  5. EvilWarLord

    Its possible you were hit with a Dalton.
  6. ObiVanuKenobi

    A lib can tankbust you only if you're alone or your allies are blind because a low flying lib is an easy target. And even when you're alone you still have a chance of killing the Liberator if you see him coming, i've done it multiple times with both Lightning and MBT. Just try to get an angle on him and don't allow him to shoot you in the back because it does 2x damage to tanks.
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  7. Hammerlock

    this weapon called "tankbuster" for a reason ;)
  8. PatateMystere

    Wait. If this weapon is OP and broken, why everyone is not playing tank buster liberator? We should see hundred of them in the sky then!
    Try to play with it first.
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  9. adamts01

    Have you tried using it? You've got to be point blank for it do do that damage, which normally means out of position targets. If you're on Connery send me a message and I'll spawn a tricked out Lib for you to try out. While I do agree they're OP in expert hands, you're probably not running in to many experts. Tankbusting is easier said than done. And the Gatekeeper is pretty underwhelming compared to some other faction weapons, it's just easy to use.
  10. Liewec123

    people who are denying how utterly amazing the TB is are lying to themselves, it has the highest burst damage in the game.
    and that "thing" with the highest burst in the game is stuck on an aircraft, that makes it a very controversial topic. :)
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  11. FateJH

    Does it still fire two bullets at a time?
  12. Mirta00

    I never really flew Liberators often, so take the opinion with a grain of salt, however;

    We are talking about an aircraft with the general maneuverability of a garden outhouse correct? It's not exactly invisible as it trundles down for a pointblank blast at its targets rear.

    My personal experience remembers trying laughably to hit some of the better ESF pilots with it and then praying that my dalton gunner was on point that afternoon.. or we were in for a bad day.

    So whats the general purpose of a tank buster, considering the effort required to move it into position during skilled fights/play, if it doesn't do what it does?

    You simply wouldn't bother and another weapon becomes useless. As far as im aware the TB has lasted years without people calling it out that often and I can almost certainly guess why. Because as populations drop there arent the numbers anymore (players) to provide sufficient air deterrent. So the force multipliers are free to reign without counter, against exposed targets that aren't designed to dominate that easily comparatively/alone (of which AA is easier to use and not requiring co-ordination - a lack of which is half the problem true - whilst a lib does in SKILLED play)

    So even though I don't play PS2 any longer, its my impression complaints about anything that works as intended will be complained about, because the game was never built around being a 1v1 (or its not fair!) scenario. PS2 wasnt built to handle isolated units / numbers with no (air?) support what so ever. Which is what its moving towards more often then not.
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  13. Liewec123

    yup :)
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  14. Klabauter8

    It's not an easy target at all. First you have to notice it by its sound, but when you sit an own vehicle, which has its own sound, and your teammate probably also fly Liberators, then it's really not easy to notice an enemy Lib. And even if you notice it, Libs have a ****ton of health plus an afterburner, so if the Lib pilot does a decently planned stealth attack, he easily can get a away with it.
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  15. Klabauter8

    The Gatekeeper goes through my Valkyrie like a knife through warm butter, plus you don't even hear anything when it hits you. So you always only notice it when you are already pretty much dead, it's broken as ****.
  16. Ziggurat8

    A2G tankbuster requires you to be within range of dumbfire AV weapons and AV weapons like base turrets, and vehicle mounted AV. That is how it is balanced. Yes against a solo MBT or Sunderer it is going to kill you. But then again solo infantry against MBT weapons and Sunderers has the same chances.

    It's fine.

    If you're talking about tank busting in a2a? Git gud,L2P and all that. Cause really it's only good point blank against mostly stationary targets or huge targets like other libs that have tank buster potentially or galaxies that can ram libs trying to tank bust.

    Again, it's fine.
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  17. adamts01

    Haha. What doesn't destroy a Valkyrie? The Vulcan is exponentially better up close, and the Halberd is better at range if you can aim. the gatekeeper isn't bad, it just can't compare to those two if you're comparing skilled players. I've been tank busted many times, and had the opportunity to tank bust a few tanks, and it really comes down to out of position vehicles straying too far from friendly AA. A good Lib pilot is pretty much unstoppable on Hossin, as it's nothing but small fights, but it takes some real maneuvering to get behind a tank on the more populated maps, and even more maneuvering than that to get away. It's not the easy button a lot of these guys claim it to be.

    And seriously, it's my favorite vehicle in the game. If any of you guys think it's OP please let me spawn one for you on the Connery server. Show me your ways. I do think the dalton and tail guns need some tweaking, but the tank buster honestly feels just right.
  18. Klabauter8

    If you are a bad pilot, everything will destroy your Valkyrie, but I have my biggest kill streaks with Valkyries and it's not as bad many people make it out to be. Like you said, Vulcans are only dangerous from up close, plus you actually can hear and see them easily, and the Halberd is complete **** against aircrafts, while the Gatekeeper is pretty much excellent against everything.

    Tank Buster and gatekeeper are OP as ****. It#s ridiculous to me how anyone can defend them.
  19. Klabauter8

    You are telling me to "git gud" while not even being able to easily get up close to ground targets in an aircraft? It's easy as **** to sneak up with an aircraft in this game, since there are mostly mountains or similar everywhere. Evene in my Valkyrie I easily can do this, not to mention how easy it must be in a Lib, when you have twice the armor and an afterburner.
  20. JobiWan

    I used to think the TB was OP, until I tried it with a Lib. It's hard to do and takes a lot of practice. It's high risk high reward and not easy to do.