Nerf the Claymore.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Frostiken, Oct 30, 2014.

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  1. Frostiken

    The Claymore is used 15% less often than the Proximity Mine. But the Claymore gets 19% more kills.

    Also the stats on the NS weapons suggest that the TR definitely does not have more 'naturally skilled' players. Quite the opposite, actually.
  2. Vaphell

    claymores are imo the best mines now. They used to suck when they had obvious lazorz, but since then betties and proxies got blinkenlights and claymores lost their green rays.

    In poor lighting these pulsating rings of light on betties and 3 diodes on proxies are painfully obvious from a mile away, a little box in the corner not so much.

    And even if you are smart with your betty and put it out of the view, its delayed explosion and lower damage/range make it very likely to barely harm the enemy who is not dead center on it. TR claymore just goes off and if you don't sport flak armor you are dead no questions asked.
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  3. Mxiter

    Compare to PPA:

    Claymore: harder to use, only better/over the average players uses it.

    PPA: every noob can use it as effectively as the few elite guys using marauder.

    Bouncig/prox mines: more casual item than claymore = less kph.

    This have been seen is so much on low-average+expensive weapons that perform better than good "casual" weapon (starters LMGs for example) that only experienced auraxium hunters uses.

    TLDR: using KPH without comparing users is meaningless.
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  4. WarmasterRaptor

    Claymore :

    Most visible mine : yes, it's friggin standing UP. A VERTICAL mine. Also with ONLY ONE SIDE functionnal.

    Other mines? Multidirectional? Yes please. Flat on the ground? Yes again!

    What the hell, seriously... what's your favorite class again?

    Nerf the HA, nerf the Infil+Engie area denial/control,.. what's next?

    If mines are your bane, get flak + the implant.
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  5. Lord_Avatar

    Nerf Claymores... Seriously?!

    It's the most obnoxious AI mine in the game. Tall, blocky and super fugly - the easiest to spot by far. They do a tad more damage to compensate for not being omnidirectional.

    As much as I loathe to say this, it seems like a legit L2P issue here...
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  6. Frostiken

    You realize that showing that fewer people getting more kills with a weapon proves absolutely nothing, right?

    We already know the VS are on average better players than the TR. Except apparently the TR are brilliant mine-layers, obviously.
  7. Hiperion

    any mine doest work well if you put in the midle of a room try to put behind boxes where enemys try to cover, side doorways, stairs,
    This applies on all mines but atleasdt bouncies and proxys deals 360 degree damage
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  8. Lord_Avatar

    The BB is the smallest in diameter and blends in with interior tilesets extremely well. The PM is a tad bigger, but it's flat so unless you approach it from a downward angle there is no warning.

    As for the Claymore not giving any visual cues - it's a brick with two green laser beams pointing outwards...
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  9. johnway

    The claymore is just fine. It has some glaring flaws compared to the other AI mines. its directional and it sticks out like a sorethumb from the ground compared to the other mines which are flat and could blend with the floor. Granted, the nerf to the other mines has made them easier to survive like the delayed detonation and such not sure if the force of the blast has been reduced as well.

    But rule of thumb, take your time moving if possible and watch those corners and objectives! Failing that, let someone else take the explosion.
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  10. exLupo

    It's interesting, looking at PS2 Oracle there's two interesting stats for the mines.
    1) KPU - Kills per Unique - Not a perfect stat but generally how often one weapon kills the same person multiple times.
    2) Uniques - How many individuals are killed once or more per weapon.

    In regards to the mines, these stats are in direct opposition. VS/NC mines kill more individuals once whereas TR mines kill more of the same people over and over again. To me, this well reinforces the statements in stated here about people who run heedlessly through doorways.

    The 360 nature of VS/NC mines are more user friendly, especially in regards to suicide bombing, whereas TR mines require more thought in their placement. TR players are trained, due to the nature of the device, to create traps. I often come across TR mines behind doors or hidden between boxes, waiting for someone to walk by. VS/NC mines are frequently found in open doors or in the middle of walkways. Their threat radius is smaller but if VS/NC players started placing the mines just out of view, they'd likely see a better return not only on KPU (people who don't learn) but Uniques (can't stop what you can't see) as well.

    Sprinting teammates are better than radar darts and EOD combined.
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  11. Arsonix

    Laser beams are for assisting the player who plants them and anyone on his team. So I'll put to rest this Claymore has lights thing right now.The other teams do not see the laser beams.
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  12. Tatwi

    Claymores don't need to be nerfed.

    1. EVERYONE can already counter mine by running the implant that show where they are.

    2. Claymores are ONLY effective because most of we TR know how to place them properly.

    Placement is easy. The best way is to consider the path of least steps the enemy will take, then place the claymore behind an object so it can't be seen by the person running toward it from that angle. MANY people carelessly run by, especially through doors, and get blown up. That's a careless player issue, not a mine issue.

    {} <----Mine

    Works an amazing amount of times, simply because people Rambo through every door. Nerf Rambo, not mines.
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  13. iller

    Some of these threads are just getting ridiculous today. I think some people are confusing Holloween with April's 1st

    No you really can't, b/c Mines and Grenades inflict completely different metrics on KPH and per-use calculations in the Stats due to their Triggering or activation periods + lifespans
  14. Arsonix

    If Claymores aren't overpowered I would then like the ability to stand on top of my BBs and PMs and take no damage while concealing it from the enemy with my legs without me taking any damage. In the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship of course.
  15. Saber15

    Have you gotten angrier since your time on the MWLL forums?

    The Claymore is tall and red/light gray, what the heck are you talking about? It's by far the easiest mine to see (bar the lights on other mines); it only gets kills because it has a nigh-instant trigger to make up for the lack of omni-directional damage.
    Before the trigger changes it was awful; it did the same damage as VS/NC mines while being larger and only triggering in a 90 degree arc.

    The VS and NC mines are so thin that they are extremely easy to hide at the top of stairs so that you can't even see them until you've already triggered them.
    I'd be okay with removing the stupid lights if the mines were taller to be more in-line with the Claymore's size.
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  16. Isokon

    You are reading that wrong. Uniques are the people that get kills with the weapon, KPU is how many kills each unique (on average) gets.
  17. DFDelta

    Was going to make a joke about Frosty once again complaining about seemingly everything he can get his hands on, but you beat me to it.

    I love you Saber.
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  18. FrozenCustard

    Yes, because I love it when a vs/nc are able to sit behind my claymore and not explode
  19. FateJH

    As far as I can tell, no one sees the laser beams. If it wasn't for images on the forums I'd have never believed there ever were lasers.
  20. Mxiter

    VS better player! I loled so hard!
    Players level is more or less equal among all faction (if you don't take in account 4th factionners)

    Vs are mostly used to "low recoil" weapons compared to NC(vertical recoil)/TR(horizontal recoil) wich makes them well performing with NS weapons wich could be classed in VS high mobility-high accuracy-low recoil arsenal.

    For every weapon that have low amount of user, the SPM and KPH will always be higher than a popular weapon, unless you are talking about the FOTM OP weapon wich are by definition quite easy to use and offers low risks/low skills-high rewards.

    The opposite is also true: the more causals/average players will uses a weapon, worse stats it will have (orion, Jaguar, TR halberd ect) compared to its real efficiency.

    Just compare 1000 certs bandit, 1000 certs zeniths and 250 certs jaguar.
    Those weapons are really close in live performance, but bandit and zenith will be used by more experienced/better players while the jaguar will be used by more casual player because of its low cost.

    Whatever, maybe claymores are a tad better than bounicg betties/prox mines, butbut the gab isn't that large considering that it's mostly used by a smaller population wich often means more experienced/less casual players.

    During that time, BB/Prox mines are easyer to use, then used by a larger population among casuals, wich mean lower statistical kph/kpu efficiency.
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