[Suggestion] Nerf the chaingun on harrasers

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Weterman, Mar 16, 2015.

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  1. Weterman

    I don't know what gun it is, but it is rapid fire and does allot of damage to vehicles. And it is op. One harasser with this gun vs 1 magrider, the harasser will win. All he has to do is stay behind the mag, which is easy because the mag turns very slowly, and then he can kill the mag in about 15 seconds. and the mag cant even get a hit on him, even if he did, chances are he's not going to get 2 fast enough to survive.
  2. Weterman

    I went to the vr training, and the equivalent to this in vanu is the saron. It does almost half damage to the vanguard from the back in one clip, which is 1 second. Maybe 2 if you click slower.
  3. TechMechMeds

    Someone's running solo and getting owned by the better solo artists.
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  4. Snoipeh96

    I think you are refering to the TR's Vulcan. I hear many complaints about it on the forums, and having been on the receiving end of one as a harasser pilot, I can assure you it is never nice. That said, the Vulcan is by no means OP. It has its strong points and weak points.

    The Vulcan excels at close range vehicle combat. speaking as an NC harasser pilot, I can assure you that if you let a TR vulcan harasser get within 50m of you, you will be torn to shreds in seconds. Because of it's close range nature, the Vulcan is really suited to the harasser as it is fast enough to close the distance, and therefore can make a deadly pair.

    the best way I find in my harasser to counter the vulcan is to identify a vulcan harasser quickly (its top gun is quite distinctive), and keep my distance. at over 50 m away the enforcer (and to my knowledge the saron) will have the advantage in accuracy. this is because of the random nature of the vulcans bullets flying everywhere. after a few hits, the vulcan harasser will usually do two things. It will 1) run away or 2) give chase. If it gives chase, keep your distance (racer chassis and turbo helps with this) and keep firing back and eventually you will get it. WHATEVER you do DO NOT let it close the distance. being a good driver, and having some cover helps. in short, the best way to stop any vulcan vehicle is to keep a safe distance.

    as for Magriders, they have the disadvantage of not having a swivelling turret. this means ANY AV harasser can run rings around it, avoiding it's main gun and scoring many sweet hits in its rear armour until the cultist vehicle dies a well deserved death ;). the best way I have experienced this being countered by the VS is to have a competent gunner, using the saron or the Halberd, that can look around the whole vehicle and blow up the pesky buggy. also try turning the opposite way to the harasser. Iv never driven a magrider, but I swear if I was the cultist pilot, that is what I would do
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  5. FateJH

    Of course. You're dealing with rear armor damage. Surely, however, you exaggerate. The hitherto unnamed weapon isn't so good that it has a 1-2s time to kill under even optimal conditions.
    Edit: someone else already called the weapon by name before my reply. :)

    Edit 2: btw, the Directional Armor Resistance is "Vanguard, Rear" and the Damage Type Modifier category is "Armor-Piercing Machine Gun."
  6. Meeka

    Vulcan Harassers are not OP.

    I hate the Vulcan Harasser as much as the next person; maybe even more so, because I go out of my way to hunt them down... but they are not OP.

    These Vulcan OP posts need to stop.
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  7. Tbone

    Just another Vanu cry ,cause the can't grind whole platoons with betelgeuse.Now the TR does the grinding ,and that hurts the poor Vanu.
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  8. Blackbird

    NC Snipeoh96 posted most honest reply ive seen on this post GRATz
  9. Taemien

    You can always tell a good player, and a not so good player.

    When defeated by a mechanic they have not encountered before, a good player will run to a wiki or other source of information. They will then formulate a plan on how to defeat such a mechanic and implement the plan ingame, making changes as needed.

    The others... come to the forums and request a nerf.

    The difference between a good player and one who isn't is the fact that the good player takes personal responsibility for their loss, and do not blame game mechanics, hacks, or cheats, for it.
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  10. Blackbird

    Vulcan = Short range vehicle shredder
    Enforcer = LONG range Vehicle Sniper
    Sarron = LONG Range Vehicle Sniper

    Also don't think of any Tank in game as anything approaching a REAL tank because they are VERY weak .

    A good ATV driver can kill a TANK LOL
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  11. Linus

    I have noticed the increased difficulty to fight against the vulcan harrassers, those ones have no more fear.
    I find that more challenging and more funny personally.
    Sometimes I die to it, sometimes I manage to solo a three manned harrasser.

    The weapon itself is no op at all, the fact is that the vulcan is the best adapted weapon for the gameplay of this vehicle, from my point of view.
  12. Doc Jim

    Yes, Vulcan Harassers are OP, but we've had dozens of threads on the topic, people are sick of this discussion.
    Someone please close this thread, the title is a direct call for nerfs and as such violates the forum guidelines.
  13. ShineOut

    Yeah, they have 0 fear now. They just charge at my magrider expecting to win.
  14. Foxirus

    But... The harasser requires 2 people.... How can they be a solo artist if they have a gunner?
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  15. FLHuk

    I just stopped for a second to think about all those big fights.... You know the ones where time after time a V-H comes head on into a group of tanks, a group of infantry, etc.... And goes pop instantly...

    I'd like to thank the OP for giving all those TR the impression the V-H = Auto MLG Indestructible easy mode.

    Keep up the good work sir.
  16. Towie

    We're going to keep getting these posts, so i'll try to summarise:

    Yep the Magrider is particularly vulnerable to the Vulcan-H - even with a good secondary gunner, it's a handful.

    The Vanguard isn't much better.

    Harasser + Vulcan-H = match made in heaven

    Lots of people will say it's not OP

    ...yet 50-100% more are pulled than Enforcer and Saron Harasers COMBINED which means you're very likely to come across one - and die to one (they are the number one MBT death reason that isn't AP or mine/C4) - you'll feel like you didn't stand a chance, so raise a new topic on the forum saying it's not fair.

    <REPEAT ad infinitum>
  17. asmodraxus

    All that needs to be done is a nerf to the Vulcan -H clip size forcing it to reload, unless you want the Saron-H and Enforce-H to also kill a tank in 1 clip? Admittedly the Saron could do that in about a second or two mag dumping up close but fairs fair...
  18. OldCuban

    I miss the days when the Harasser with the Vulcan was indeed OP.

    Shredding tanks from a distance while zooming around was a blast.

    The Harasser used to take a lot more dmg too!

    It's still viable in it's current form, don't misunderstand me. But far more dangerous to use effectively then the NC or VS equivalent. A couple well placed AV rounds and you're toast. This makes it a risk vs reward scenario. Yes the Vulcan can do some sick dmg up close, but the Harasser wielding it has the armor equivalent of a wet noodle!
  19. MahouFairy

    Perhaps we should also increase the effective range to the same as the NC and VS counterparts while they are doing it?
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  20. FocusLight

    You are arguing that it's unfair that a vehicle that is frail and flips easily can out-maneuver and flank a highly mobile tank - one of the powers of said vehicle - and thus get behind this tank to unload damage with a weapon that *requires* you to get close and personal, and that this vehicle with this weapon is overpowered because it's driver and gunner utilize it for what it's designed to do - give you great rewards for the great risks of taking a frail buggy up close to enemy armor.

    I don't think that's unfair at all. I think that if you have a weapon that force you to get close to your enemy and accept far more risk than a long-range oriented vehicle has to, you should get a greater reward. And to top that off, in your example, the error was on the part of the Magrider's driver for not A) paying attention around the tank and B) turning the tank around faster when he started to get hit, and C) not having a gunner who could oppose the Harasser attacking the tank.

    All that aside, the Vulcan (the weapon in question) may be OP right now because *it actually does what it's advertised to do* but if that is the case, what do you propose we do to fix that?

    Nerf the damage of the bullets but tighten the COF to make it take longer to kill a target, but able to do so from longer range? I would not mind this because currently an Enforcer Harasser (NC) and a Saron Harasser (VS) can do that - they have the ability to hit you accurately from a good range and so don't have to get that close to your tank, and in the case of the Saron it has a variable ROF for a COF trade-off, meaning it can snipe you accurately - with no bullet-drop even - or unload mags up close. This makes it very flexible.

    Alternatively, maybe you just want to see it's damage nerfed to the point where it takes 2-3 times as long to kill anything with it, but leave everything else the same? That would be a vehicle with great risk for minor reward, and thus few would bother, and TR would be down yet another anti-vehicle option. This is unacceptable.

    So what's your proposed fix for this?
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