[Suggestion] Nerf new heavy hitting pistols

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by technopredator, May 2, 2013.

  1. technopredator

    I stroingly suggest to nerf at 50%, 1 headshot takes 95% off my HA shield, that speaks from itself, or at least reduced the fire rate, this is the same mistake as with chaingun shotguns, OVERPOWER. These damage designers don't have a clue what balance is.
  2. Mechspectre

    Ha. Ha haaaa. I am not sure if youre trolling, but, seriously, I have needed a good laugh all day. Oh man. You. You're good. Seriously though, have you fired one of those handcannons? CoF is HUGE and unless youre at point blank range, good luck hitting 2 shots in rapid succession. I have one, and I still have better success with my machine gun pistol.

    You know what a good player would do? Adapt and overcome. Don't let them get close.

    Don't blame your incompetence on someone else.

    Also, you sig of 'crown captured' speaks volumes of you. Have a good day sir. I SAID GOOD DAY.
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  3. TheBloodEagle

    Nerf fun. Nerf risk & reward.
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  4. Jalek

    Those 2000 SC golden guns aren't likely to be nerfed until sales have completely dried up.
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  5. Ketobor

    I will admit, they are basically just better than the other pistols.

    I would at least like to see the other pistols buffed if these things are not nerfed. They are too good relative to other pistols.
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  6. MrDerpAssault

    Instead of saying "OMG IT KILLED ME NERF NERF NERF QQ", why don't you l2p? I don't get killed often by them since my smg is far superior than the revolver.

    Ok, party is over, now go back home.

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  7. Van Dax

    everything is too good compared to the beamer:eek:
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  8. OddChelsea

    All knowing forum whiner, I humbly ask of thee; Where can I get a chaingun shotgun? It sounds ******* awesome.
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  9. Cougarbrit

    It's the Jackhammer apparently.

    Or at least last time I checked it was filed under the Chaingun category.
  10. OddChelsea

    Aww. It sounded awesome at least, before you said Jackhammer. : (
  11. trippletea

    Honestly except for if you're using your Pistol as your primary most of the time. I wouldn't even use the new Revolver pistols. For when your stuck flat flooted or reloading use the default pistols, except for VS which i'd prefer the Manticore. The defaults have far better hip accuracy and more ammo capacity so you can afford to miss a few shots. Just my 2 cents/certs.
  12. Sledgecrushr

    No nerfs.
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  13. FlameGankin

    I knew someone would want it nerfed someday
  14. WalrusJones

    Honestly.... I have almost abandoned the revolver for most classes.

    I honestly prefer the emperor.
  15. wingspan

    SOE can't nerf anything until after they go on sale. Duh.
  16. FA18

    I agree with the OP, the new guns look like Nerf guns.
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  17. JudgeDeath

    Heh .. scoring headshots with the revolvers aint too easy. If your stationary then sure ... but you kinda lost the bout right there if you were caught pants down.

    I would actually give anything for the TR repeater starter pistol, it does what pistol is supposed to do best.
  18. Joram

    You know the magshot and manticore are way better than the new revolvers right? is easier and faster to land 4-5 hits with the magshot than 3 (yes, 3 hits to kill any non infiltrator full hp) with the revolver.
  19. TheArchetype

    Suggestion: buff starting pistols.
  20. Holomang

    I think I've been killed by the revolvers exactly once since they've been released...

    But hey, since every other weapon and vehicle in the game has someone crying their eyes out demanding a nerf why not the revolvers too?