[Vehicle] Nerf is the name of the game.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ChaosSlave, Nov 10, 2019 at 3:03 PM.

  1. ChaosSlave

    So I was trying to make some friends play again but after trying the game now it feels that everything that once was FUN to play is nerfed.

    ***Flak armor in libs gone.
    ***Thermal optics gone.
    ***A2A Tomcats completly worthless. So now only the derpy "PROs" enjoy air combat.
    ***All weapons in vehicles feel weak and nerfed.
    ***Everything feels nerfed and weak!

    Infantry combat in this game is not that great considering the client side part so vehicules where like the unique thing going on specially the air ones.

    Nerf Side 2.
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  2. Demigan

    I think that the word "FUN" has to be replaced with "Things that kept me more powerful than my enemies giving me easy kills".

    Also the infantry combat is the most unique part of the game. If only we could cut down the power of headshots then there would be a need to master many elements of these weapons simultaneously, such as COF, recoil, damage degradation, ideal ranges versus ideal ranges of your opponents, environments etc.
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  3. Trigga

    I agree, infanty combat is unique alright, havent played other games where the meta is to dupe the lag compensation algorithum to get your player to warp around the place, and where around having a red connection is an advantage.
    Planetside 2 is truely awesome......
  4. Demigan

    There are offshoots certainly. The lag compensation can be stopped by a simple addition of a maximum changes of direction+crouch/stand per second, unfortunately just like ESF controls or too big a reward for headshots reward a minority that is listened to a simple elimination of such deliberate abuse isn't in the cards. Why? I have no idea. We quite literally have such a system that prevents excessive jumping, so extending this to other methods in order to prevent abuse of spotty mechanics should be a no-brainer.
    The bad connection isn't an advantage. You might experience weird deaths whenever you meet someone with a bad connection, but to that person with a bad connection everyone does this right back to him as well. So what would you prefer, a smooth operation for you and your enemies with the occasional lagger inbetween or having 100% of all your enemies function like a lagger whenever they attack you? That is the "choice" these bad connection players have.
  5. ican'taim

  6. TR5L4Y3R

    libs are still strong with any of their weapons

    most vehicleweapons feel strong enough with the exception of rangers against non air targets and maybe the ES AI-turrets

    the thing i agree on is that many ESF secondaries are bad when it comes to AA combat ..
    a2a lock ons are weak, coyotes are ultrapathetic ... hornets for being harder to use than noseguns and wyrms do pathetic damage against aircraft (even if they are meant to be AV ... but so are AP tankcannons, the halbert and dumbfire rocketlaunchers/decimator and each of them does far more dmg to ESFs and libs or even oneshot ESFs)

    vehicle v vehicle imo is in a ok spot except harrasers being too tanky
    infantry v infantry imo is in a ok spot except maxes being .. .. simply unballanced (especialy NC)

    what´s in a bad spot is
    G2A and infantry v vehicles ..
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