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  1. xthezerohunter

    Title explains it all. In this War-Simulation-Game I keep dying. So instead of trying to figure out what mistakes I'm doing, watching experienced players, learning game mechanics, or learning how to kill someone quickly and efficiently, it should be nerfed and/or removed. It isn't that in this War-Simulation-Game someone can be stronger than me. In War-Simulation-Games everyone should be balanced, just like war. Remember WW2?

    Japan: You can not drop a nuke on me, that's not fair.

    America: Yeah, I guess you're right. That wouldn't be fair. I'll also pull back 10,000 troops to even the numbers and we'll use the same strategy against each other so that things are fair.

    Japan: Thank you.

    Remember when that conversation happened? I sure am glad War-Simulation-Games are based on actual war-like elements, like having medics, engineers, frontal assault troopers and espionage soldiers, but they can't be stronger than each other because that wouldn't be fun. Despite different classes being created for specific different roles that the others can not do, I feel like it's my duty to tell people that change has to happen to something that's been fine for the past 2+ years. I mean it's not like more experienced players know the game more than me or anything. Here's a fabricated list to give you forced perspective and for you to say that I'm right.

    See? The proof is right there. Now you can use logic and say, "Well, if you are going to change or remove one classes ability then why shouldn't it be done to other classes as well?" but I'll just ignore it and say that's a different story. I've grown up in a hugbox where if I didn't like something it wasn't allowed to exist, so clearly the same should apply to this. My opinion far outweighs the opinion of everyone else and only people who reverberate my echo-chamber are allowed to speak. I mean c'mon, I'm an important person. I'M ME!!! So now you may argue in the posts to further bump my thread so that people can only see the title and not actually read what the post is about, like I said, I'm important. Any person who disagree's with me will berated by insults because to win arguments over the internet and real life, you don't outsmart the person with logic or any of that; you diminish their character to win.

    -Sincerly, PersonWhoNeverGrewUpPlayingGamesAndHaveNeverFacedObstaclesOrChallengesAndSinceIHaveNeverBeenChallegenedByAnythingInExistanceIAmAlwaysRight.
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  2. qiray12

    This is a translated post from one of the billion HA QQ posts.
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  3. _itg

    Oh, the irony.
  4. Xellon

    Well, when playing Infiltrator I love tossing EMP Nades onto Heavys and then yelling "WHERE ARE YOUR SHIELDS NAO?!?!" while I gun them down... Not that I couldn't do that without EMP, but it's way more fun this way! ;)
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  5. IberianHusky

    Resist shield is fine, but I'd be lying if I said NMG, Adren Shield, and Medkit tanking aren't OP. Yes, most classes should have a hard time beating an HA head on, but if someone gets the jump on an HA, that HA should NOT be able to press F, turn around, and gun down whoever tried to ambush him. That isn't right. NMG needs to be rethought and Adren shield needs to have a short delay before activating. Also, Medkits need to have a short cooldown after being used.
  6. Scr1nRusher

    These threads keep happening.

    I'm starting to suspect a movement of some sort, since lately these threads and "X is OP" have been increasing in number out of the blue.
  7. Mythologicus

    Save for the thread title, you've managed to completely dance around your own point. In fact I'm not even sure what you're trying to say with regards to balance, so I'm just going to assume you think HA shields are OP.

    So, in the typical arguing-on-the-internet-fashion, I'm going to contradict you!

    HA shields aren't OP. LMGs are.
    LMGs already aren't that great compared to ARs and even some carbines, but that's not the point. The point is that they function in exactly the same way and thus are capable of killing people dead in exactly the same way. LMGs are meant to be support weapons, laying down suppressing fire, controlling firing lanes, yadda yadda. PS2's LMGs are just oversized assault rifles, with only a handful of them actually being effective at the above.

    Take a Gauss SAW and increase its ADS CoF while moving a bit, but leave stationary ADS CoF the same. Up the rate of fire (or the damage, depending), and remove 200-damage weapons from other classes and voila. That's the theory. Unfortunately it won't work in PS2, because PS2 is fundamentally flawed (and a big part of its problem is its TTKs. Longer TTKs would allow for greater weapon variation, which would allow LMGs to actually stand out).
  8. Dumpsterprophet

    So you mean you're starting to suspect that HA with shields are basically the iwin class of ps2? HA can win 99% of 1v1 or 1v2 encounters due to the shield itself. My lifespan when playing heavy completely trumps any other class in the game because survivability is amazing. HA shield needs to be readjusted and balanced.
  9. The Nifty Biscuit

    Heavy assaults deserve their shields, but I've had ridiculous moments where I start shooting them in the back for about a second, the heavy assault turns around with his shields on and kills me. I get a 1 v 1 but to some degree their shields get really annoying.

    Not to mention I check their health and they're pretty much untouched besides my first barrage of fire.
  10. xthezerohunter

    Infiltrators can hack terminals/turrets and cloak
    Light Assault Troopers can fly or glide past enemy defenses and flank them better than any other class
    Engineer can resupply teammates and enemies with ammo and fix MAX suits and vehicles
    Medic can heal and revive comrades
    MAX is a giant suit made to make you bend over and get fisted
    Heavy Assault just has a shield, if you remove the shield from HA it's just a foot soldier, nothing special. HA needs his shields like the other classes need their abilities. Also EMP Grenades.
  11. Dumpsterprophet

    Noone asked for the shield to be removed it just needs to be rebalanced. I also find that HA's shield is actually rather boring gameplay and doesnt contribute to the team environment like medic and engineer.
  12. xthezerohunter

    Explain how it would be "rebalanced." People keep saying it needs change, but don't provide any ideas on changing it.
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    I would like to hear from you how will ressuplying ammo or hacking terminals help you to win 1v1 fight?
  14. CuteBeaver

    Is the HA standing on the vehicle pad? XD

    Most of us know the taste of cheesy spin and win completely negating ambushes. Tying to explain that to someone emotionally invested in the class is like pouring salt on a wound. People get rather upset and are unwilling to acknowledge the issue. In their minds the shield should act as ambush mitigation. Never mind that was how they were intended to be countered lol. My biggest hurdle for jumping completely on the nerf bandwagon is the possibility the issue could be solved in other ways.

    Honestly Id rather see more counters like EMP's available to flanking classes, rather then adding a delay to the HA shield. For example what if there was an ammo type that caused a mini EMP effect, that only affected that one person being hit with the projectile. Electrified shots can only occur once every x seconds. So to avoid a spammy feel. Another alternative is to only allow the EMP affect to recharge when the infiltrator is cloaked. Allowing only one electrified victim after cloak is removed. The victim would only be under the effects for a short amount of time. Essentially those bullets extend the time to ambush from something like 0.15 (average human reaction time) to something more reasonable . Trade-offs could exist for this luxury as well.

    One good aspect that came from the current HA shield is it forced me to clean up my ambushes and get faster and more confident. If you hesitate even for a split second, they will spin and win. However I do agree that success or failure needs to come down to something more then just staying under 0.15 seconds. I find it complete garbage that one ability can negate complete stupidity and total unawareness on their parts. Not to mention the time and effort it took to reach those locations.
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  15. xthezerohunter

    You want me to explain how support abilities will help in 1v1? Support abilities are support abilities, not tank abilities.
    Also how often do you encounter 1v1 fights? Is it when you are ghost capping a continent by yourself or in an outfit war during alerts? Which occurs more for the average player?
  16. vanu123

    What if I told you there was a weapon that completely disabled HA shields, would you use it?
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  17. Alzir

    It's amazing how many people haven't read the OP....nice job :)
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  18. Cz4rMike

    Rocketlaunchers / LMGs.
  19. xthezerohunter

    I legitimately keep forgetting that Heavy has rocket launchers.
  20. Scr1nRusher

    OP, your are hilarious.