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  1. omarxz11

    normal enemy without max suit is 80% hp of max, have option for short range shotgun and long range , cost 0 resources , C4 cost only 75 resource , face hugger bazooka for free , mines , they can fly on top of you and throw C4 , they can just run so fast before you can do any reaction and C4 , max has to stay near enemy inorder to be useful but at the same time it will means i will die 100% , when enemy just spam bullets it melt my hp as if i am not even real use armor suit at all ,and duo to tons of nerf what happen ? its very rare as hell to see someone play as max because no one want to spend 450 resource and with very bad range and suck d**K hp let alone being slow and cannot get healed by medic and die 1 hit and give no option but to use Ordnance Armor as mandatory
    PS: sorry english not my main language
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  2. omarxz11

    sorry not sure why line color is black
  3. DmC187

    Just use Ordnance Armor.
    Learn to use voice comms to shout out for a pocket engie and you will be fine.
  4. TR5L4Y3R

    can be revived by medic, can be repaired by engineer .. you are part vehicley, not pure infantry ...
  5. brutes359

    Ordinance armor is no longer a viable defense against C-4 due to recent nerfs. It is now still quite easy to insta-gib a MAX so long as the brick lands within about 5 feet.....and how convenient since that is the general effective range for NC and TR MAX's. All thanks to the other round of nerfs on the Mattocks and Mercy's oh and did i mention the small arms fire resistance nerf? what about the 3 different raven nerfs? the removal of charge? what about the attempt to nerf lock down (thank goodness the community shot that down quick.) This platform has been hit with the nerf hammer so many times that even the FREE MAX event cant convince people to use the dang thing. AND STILL the community C-4 fairy master race continues to whine about it.

    But what can we expect in 2020 where the game-play philosophy is (FASTER, FASTER, CHEAPER, SIMPLER) anything that has any tactical or disruptive value to the endless flow of meat into the grinder must be removed post haste lest the average players live on the battlefield last longer then 10 seconds or goodness forbid....actually make a different in the face of overwhelming odd in some other way than jetpack suicide bombing...

    Yea good luck. the devs have already made their intent plain and clear with the addition of rocklet launchers, ambusher jump jets, survivalist and athlete implants on just what their favorite class is.
  6. Liewec123

    thing is, we have a suit slot, it is supposed to be an option what we put in it,
    but c4 alone removes any kind of option, Ordnance armour is mandatory because of c4.
    you can get by against rockets and other explosives without Ordnance,
    but getting a 450 unit (the slowest unit in the game) oneshot by a light assault is utterly unacceptable.

    they should remove the c4 resistance from Ordnance Armour and make it baseline built-in to the max.

    its long overdue, it should have been done years ago.

    there should never be a mandatory option, otherwise there is no option at all.
  7. Blam320

    This isn't a problem with the MAX, this is a problem with C4. MAXes have their own set of issues. What needs to happen is C4 needs a nerf in general. It's the single most potent killing device in the game, which is unacceptable because it's thrown everywhere for easy kills against anything that crosses your path.
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  8. Liewec123

    nah, i feel c4 is in a good spot for tanks, sundies and esfs,
    it is underperforming against libs and harassers (harassers should only take 1 brick like they used too.)
    but it vastly over-performs against maxes.

    a straight nerf to c4 would be a huge buff for vehicle zergs.

    lets just nerf the things that are too resistant to it, and buff the things that take too much damage from it.
  9. NotziMad

    No !

    change suit or ability, or utility, whatever it is (I never ever ever play MAX). You're either strong against small arms fire and weak against explosions, or vice versa. And that's fair.

    Way I see it, there's way too many MAXs already, last thing we need is to buff them. Obviously, if you MAX a lot, you'd like that, but not 99% of the other players.
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  10. Liewec123

    Maxes are absolutely s%%t for the cost.
    And that is all because of c4, a unit that costs as much (or way more if you have asp)
    than a liberator or MBT should not get oneshot...

    2 rockets is fine,
    3 archer shots is fine,
    But getting a 450 unit ONESHOT from c4 hurled across the room is absolute BS.

    There is no suit slot, there are no options,
    The only choice is "run Ordnance r3+ or die."

    It is incredibly easy to take a max out with an AV nade and decimator shot,
    The ridiculous crutch of c4 oneshots needs to go.
  11. Raidashi

    To be frank, if you get killed in a MAX suit you'd have been killed 20 times over as any infantry. MAX's are already force multipliers, but the key word there is force. They're not solo units, so dont treat them like one. Have an engi and preferably also a medic in your unit as well as other infantry support to keep C4 fairy's away while the lot of you push on enemy positions. The second people see a max, they're going to be shooting at it which takes a LOT of pressure off your own allies to return fire while the opposition is trying (and likely failing with good engi support) to take you down. The reason they cost so much is because in the right scenarios, 1-2 max can completely turn the tide of a battle.

    And honestly? If you know you have a weakness and are struggling to handle one particular front, in this case C4 users, and are refusing to use the one thing designed to help mitigate that... I'm sorry but that's the units fault, it's a failure to adapt plain and simple.
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