[Suggestion] Nerf C4 damage to MAXes

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by xMeserionx, Dec 25, 2017.

  1. xMeserionx

    TTK would be 2 bricks of C4 with no ordinance Armor, and with maxed Ordinance Armor, 3 bricks of C4.

    MAX units are meant to act primarily as the counter to infantry forces, assuming they are correctly supported. But having magical bricks that 1-shot MAXes that 4 classes can carry is busted. Maxig ordinance armor just means you have time to run away, because everyone who has maxed C4 have 2 in their inventory. Maxed Ordinance Armor should mean it takes atleast 2 people to kill a MAX.

    In the current state, C4 makes MAXes almost completely worthless unless you are running with an organized platoon.
  2. Eternaloptimist

    Wouldn't that make Maxes as resilient as an MBT? I know they cost a lot of nanites like MBTs but they can get into rooms. Wouldn't a Max or two with a couple of mates just be able to hold a point indefinitely against a small force, like to get in 1-12 battles? It seems as if the Max role is actually to tank/support a squad or platoon after all.
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  3. Demigan

    Or just wear that ordinance armor and kill someone before they throw the second brick. No need to nerf C4.
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  4. Liewec123

    I've been saying for years that maxes die too fast to c4, what is the point of 3 suit options when you're dead in 30 seconds unless you use one...

    There are no suit options, just mandatory ordnance or death.

    I'd rather they just make maxes unrevivable and make them as durable as they should be for 450 resources
    A 450 resource unit should NEVER be getting oneshot.
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  5. Jac70

    C4 is a PITA and has been since release. Especially in the hands of LA. I think the way to go is to change the mechanic, not just tinker with the damage output. I'd suggest the bricks have a countdown before exploding, like 2 seconds or so - that might be enough for players who notice it to mitigate the damage by getting out of the blast radius. Of course it won't matter if that brick has been attached to the MAX but that means higher risk for the LA. It's too easy to peek doorways or lob bricks over balconies right now.
  6. adamts01

    I'd rather see Maxes gain some mobility, as a C4 nerf would just kill the weapon, making its only realistic role a worse tank mine against deployed Sunderers. Ambusher C4 is pretty annoying, but that's more to do with the re-spawn system not penalising suicide tactics in rooms and a lack of a coaxial gun on tanks out in the open.

    I do see your point about armor though, it's just never a good choice to run anything but Ordanance.
  7. Liewec123

    rather than changing c4 (which would nerf it for other uses, where it doesn't need nerfing)
    they should just give max more c4 resistance.

    but hey, its dbg... these days all they care about is making the game worse, not better. :mad:
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  8. Demigan

    The best solution I can give:
    Split C4 into an AI and AV variant. This takes away C4's omniversal usage which is it's biggest power.
    Additionally, start adding new utilities for AI, AV and AA work. From per-shot resource costing grenade launchers, rocketlaunchers and guns to powerful deployable shields, omniversal drop-pod beacons, visual-distortion devices and more.
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  9. Crash Bandicoot

    C4 is fine as it is, what are you all talking about?

    B*tthurt people like you, that want ideal solutions for themselves, are those that damage this game.
  10. Metalsheep

    Id like to see C4 changed from being a droppable physics item to one that needs to be planted like a Spitfire Turret or the medics Shield Regenerator.

    This would make suicide or ambusher/LA rushes really hard to do and would more emphasise C4 as a trap. Plant C4 on a door frame and lure that MAX into the room. At least at that point you outsmarted him rather than just dropping it on his head.

    This would also change the dynamic of C4 against tanks as well, since a LA would have to land and slow down to place the charges.

    To compensate i would say that C4s damage vs construction items, especially modules/turrets, should be increased substantially, more emphasising C4 as a demolition tool and leaving AV mines for tanks/MAXs.
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  11. Liewec123

    i'd be up for that, i'd even be fine with getting oneshot in that scenario.
    if we get baited then the death is our fault.
    what i'm not cool with is one of the 50 LAs at the base peaking over a rooftop for half a second and hurling c4 20m to OHK my 450 resource investment, your suggestion would solve that.

    generally though i don't have an issue with c4 in any other aspect of the game, if i get my vehicle c4d
    then it means i've got to close and the death is warranted, max is the only thing against which c4 is gratuitously overperforming.

    i wouldn't actually want c4 nerfed for every use in the game,
    just so we can finally play max without mandatory ordnance suit slot to survive more than 30 seconds.
    i actually think c4 is underperforming in some areas (like damage to harassers).

    they should just give maxes more c4 resistance by default, simple, quick and easy for the devs, amazing for us.
  12. OldMaster80

    C4 has always been of the game biggest ********. CAI changes just made it more evident: in LAs hands C4 is too powerful and versatile and it simply becomes an anti-everything bomb. Ambusher Jetpacks created an unstoppable combo.

    As far as I see it the problem is even specific anti-C4 loadouts do not grant survival. Just take the Flanker Armor: on Lightning it makes no sense because at max rank you all they have to do is to throw 2 bricks instead of one. And even if you survive the Rocklet will deliver the final blow. Awesome: you invest certs on a specific anti-c4 slot and you still die to C4 ambushers...

    This new setup vehicle vs infantry is the worst thing I have seen since beta and believe I am a hardcore infantry player. Tanks are still able to OHK infantry even more easily than before, but as a soldier gets closer they flee full speed like elephants do in those old cartoons when they see a rat.
  13. Drsexxytime

    I said this before, I'll say it again. C-4 should be a "shaped charge" meaning it has to land on a target to do it's massive damage. Not just some Skill-4 fairies flying across a room throwing it on the ground wiping out rooms of people, including maxes.

    If you think about it, due to C-4, Rocklet launcher, SMG/Shotgun, LA is the best class in the game, 2nd being HA for their AA and dumb launchers. But a LA will wreck a room or sundy faster than anything in the game.
  14. Demigan

    Absolutely not. Can you imagine it? You land on a tank, are about to deploy, but the tank drives a little and the deployment is canceled. You follow it, try again, the tank turns a bit and the deployment is canceled... This would punish any C4 use too much.

    Why not instead of deploying it, have it fall straight down. You can't throw it anymore only drop it, except when standing still then you can still throw it to deploy it on walls and such.
    That removes the ease-of-use while flying for example, it also removes the ability to toss one at a moving vehicle making them even more immune but apparently such immunity is required for the dumb nuts that drive in this game. It shouldn't have to happen, C4 is easily countered in multiple ways and people should have been on the lookout for it since day 1. But for some reason people just can't get around the fact that if they tunnelvision and get flanked by a slower, more vulnerable and much much shorter-range enemy that it's their own fault.
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  15. INSANEcyborg

    If I had my way, C4 would have some of lose some of its splash damage and gain some direct hit damage. Either have the direct hit damage be caused when the the c4 is attached to something, or fake it by giving it a second, 0.1 meter explosion. Also, if at all possible, have it use directional damage for vehicles.

    This way, those that sneak up on something can still kill it, those that rush a target can cripple it if they hit it, and those that just throw c4 in the direction of the enemy wont do much of anything.