Nerf ADAD into the ground

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by UberNoob1337101, Jun 24, 2017.

  1. UberNoob1337101

    "Oh wait, someone out-played and flanked me! I'll just break-dance like a brainless monkey and pop a medkit or two and return fire so he either dies or does the same!"

    This is total ********. It's an easy bail-out mechanic that hard counters flanking and good positioning. Not only that, but you've also got pretty good chances to kill people that did get the drop on you. You're also nigh impossible to hit consistently unless the guy shooting you is so good at leading that MLG looks like **** in comparison. It can only really be countered by big AoE hitting nearby or being in CQC, and there are still like 80% flanks from range. This is easily the greatest crutch almost every good player uses.

    I would counter this by massively increasing CoF on all weapons depending on how sharply you're turning and how much you've jumped which can only start resetting when you're walking and when you're standing still, so you can't instantly return fire when you're done running away. Now you can't just instantly fight back or defeat flankers, so this tactic now has a big down-side of leaving the user completely helpless if he didn't run away from all threats.

    I know there are ways to play around this, but all of the ways rely on doing nothing or setting up for another flank, so your opponent is still safe and can easily recover to 100% health until then.
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  2. OldMaster80

    I don't like ADADA stuff, I consider it just 1992 Castle Wolfenstein ********.

    But imo medikits spam is far worse.
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  3. Eternaloptimist

    ADAD is currently a legitimate fighting tactic and I am generally against the idea of removing the ability to uses legitimate tactics.

    I do however, think that the instant, full health regeneration of med kits is too much of an advantage, especially when you can carry up to four of them.
  4. Liewec123

    you forgot to add crouch/stand spam to the ADAD spam!

    i think with the way hitboxes work in planetside 2 causes them to become buggy when you're aiming at an ADADer if they spam it fast enough (i highly suspect many BR120s are using macros.)
    you're shooting where you see the guy but not hitting him.

    i had this happen recently, i was fighting an ADAD spammer (BR120 ofcourse)
    i lined up my underbarrel shotgun perfectly, fired...nothing.
    switched to my main shotgun, fired...nothing, died to the full health ADADspammer.
    i recorded it so i can watch it back to confirm my aim was dead center for both shots,
    you could say it was the random nature of the pellets,
    but for both shots my circle crosshair was perfectly aimed at his chest mass,
    at a range were no amount of pellet randomness could miss.
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  5. Sazukata

    I remember when they reduced strafe speed to 70% of base walking speed back in DUST... It became a much better game.

    Adding inertia to movement similar to MAXes and adding momentary CoF increases for crouching/standing up would make this game much less cheesy. It wouldn't fix HA spam, but it would alleviate some of the problems with the players that use it for infantry 1v1 superiority.
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  6. OldMaster80

    100% agree.
    But that would be too smart, devs will never do it. Just look at the amazing tanks driveability changes.
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  7. guerrillaman

    Heat lightnings are becoming my best friend.
  8. Demigan

    As already mentioned, adding some inertia to your movement, including crouching/standing up, would solve most things.

    The problem isnt that people can ADAD, the problem is that the server and client cant handle these kinds of movement and desync the hitbox from the rendered body. This effect is readily visible when using jumppads for example where players seem to be rubberbanding even though its actually just your cliënt and server constantly trying to keep the player's position updated but not keeping up due to the latency system.

    By introducing some inertia you instantly stop this. The inertia can be tailored to be a little higher than the average latency system, so that if the server/cliënt experiences a little lag or high ping it still isnt a problem.
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  9. Towie

    Great idea ! When you surprise someone, they shouldn't be able to win by finger gymnastics (or macro) that sends the hitbox into the ground or pulls Matrix moves. I don't consider that to be 'skill', more like an exploit.

    Seems like such a simple thing to improve the overall quality of life for the average PS2 player...
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  10. Daigons

    Let the fools dance, but at the same time the game should prevent them from reloading or swapping gear while spamming their ADAD.
  11. Azarga

    ADAD spam, exploiting hitboxes desync etc all are the legacy of the times when Higby tried to push planetside to be some kind esports MLG 1337 doritos garbage.
    Thus it is considered a valid mechanic that represents "skill" and ain't goin' nowhere.

    Some people love it too.
  12. Zorok

    Sorry for the necro post...I wanted to mention that the ADAD spam has gotten a lot worse. I've seen HAs appear to run faster than me (without glitching) and one HA took on like 4 people at once doing his ADAD move. One guy actually threw in an insult into the mix right before he killed me. He was moving left, right, and ducking up and down like I have never seen someone move before. I could almost swear he was using some kind of macro. Either that or he drinks several gallons of coffee before he logs in lol. At any rate my shots wouldn't register as they seemed to go right through him and it was maddening.

    It seems these sort of players will log into the servers after hours when there is less population overall. It's odd that when the server is most used, you tend to see less of this BS. I'm guessing that they do this to keep from getting reported maybe?? I wish there was a way the devs could put some kind of key press analysis into the netcode to just "highlight" those suspected players and then they could watch them more closely to see if they should get a permanent ban.
  13. VeryCoolMiller

    You cannot be serious... your target is supposed to move if someone is shooting at him.
    Pro tip: aim better and kill him with the first burst.
  14. Pacster3

    We could slow the up/down thing a bit tho(just a little got a huge impact there). Not just annoying but as well looking odd when people do that nonstop.
  15. FateJH

    OP technically covers that.
    The gerneral impression is that instead of standing in the open and shifting back and forth, the would-be victim should try to properly break line of sight to disrupt the flanking enemy's advantage and reset control of the encounter (the "who sees whose past actions" of latency). It favors paying attention to positioning and a general environmental awareness by reducing twitch potential.
  16. MonnyMoony

    but skipping from side to side........seriously?

    It's a cheesy BS tactic - especially when you consider people can (and do) have macros performing the ADAD and crouch spam nonsense.

    Games have had movement interia for years. I used to play Lost Planet on the PS3 many years back and that didn't have the 8 bit game movement mechanics that PS2 has.
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  17. MonnyMoony

    This is the thing. People like the poster above like to claim "git gud" and "aim better" - but ADAD and crouch spam actually glitch the game hit registration - so even if you do "git gud" and your aim is perfect, your hits still may not register.

    ADAD and crouch spam should be treated as an exploit.
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  18. JibbaJabba

    I know what you guys are talking about I think. It's ADAD/Crouch faster than a fast human could do it. Some folks out there script it. In a lot of cases it's just a normal human key presses but there is latency causing some odd results.

    It sucks for sure, but it's just not common enough to warrant any change that would affect non-exploiting players.

    Mole hill for sure, not saying it doesn't happen. No need to make a mountain out of it though.
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  19. Towie

    I totally agree (to stop the ADADCrouch spam) - as i've agreed on many previous threads suggesting the same thing - and - tumbleweed from DBG :(
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  20. NXR1

    If they would fix their potato animations ADAD wouldnt be a problem,the characters model basically teleports into a different position making it nearly impossible to hit.

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