Negating Nanoweave, 250 health is a big deal

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  1. LT_Latency

    Nanoweave 5??? I put that **** on everything
  2. LahLahSr

    • NW's been in the game since the beginning.
    • It's available to everyone.
    • TTK is low as it is.
    • Not every weapon is intended to be equally effective against every loadout combination

    There is no reason to make any changes.
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  3. Jkar

    - NW has been in the game since the beginning, while true most people thought of it as inferior to other options and never used it.... until now
    - it's available to everyone which makes it even worse because a lot of people are running around with it
    - it messes up TTK for weapons that are suppose to reward accurate shooting while it changes nearly nothing for weapons most people run around with
    - while not every weapon is suppose to be equally effective against every loadout so is every suit slot not suppose to be effective against every weapon, yet NW is because flat out HP work against everything

    Bottom line, NW doesn't change much for people that run around with auto weapons, shotguns, UGBL or rocket launchers. It does mess with people that trade spam weapons for accurate semi auto weaponry and those weapons should have a place in this game. It's not just sniper rifles but also things like battle rifles that are already rather bad.
  4. Mustarde

    Nanoweave originally gave a 125hp increase (true to the 25% of total health description - 25% of 500 = 125). This was altered in february to be 250hp while the description remained unchanged (undocumented change). In GU11 they corrected the description to read the raw number of hp increase instead of the vague and inaccurate % of health description. Some people believe NW was never changed, others believe it was buffed in GU11, but the reality is that it was altered around January/February.

    How do I know this? As an infiltrator, I (along with several others) tested ranges that our BASR's would get head shots with nanoweave. Around Jan/Feb, we saw a big change in behavior with nanoweave and realized nanoweave rank 2 was enough to survive a headshot beyond 110m with a RAMS.50 (previously only achievable with NW5). At the time it was hard to know all the factors because damage falloff values were not published for the BASR's. Remember there was no VR either, it was all testing with alts on the live server. There was a definite change and I am 95% sure that it wasn't a nerf to bolt actions, but the increase of NW across the board.

    Now as an infiltrator I have a rather narrow view on nanoweave - it severely disrupts the balance of bolt action rifles, effectively adding 2 seconds to the TTK, often times causing you to lose the kill entirely, and sometimes causing your death. I understand the logic for the argument that it disproportionately hurts high damage low ROF weapons compared to their higher ROF cousins. However, I have no problem with a suit option that increases survivability with small arms fire. The recent buff to prox mines reduces the wide application of NW's benefits (appropriately so). Perhaps I'm being a bit selfish but my only real problem with nanoweave is that it can negate the entire bolt action lineup for infiltrators, which are arguably one of our signature weapon classes. I won't derail the thread going into it - there have been pages and pages of discussion on BASR's and NW on the main boards for weeks now, and on the infil boards for MONTHS. I'd rather adjust the headshot multiplier for BASR's from 2x to 2.3x, which effectively makes all headshots at any range a OHK (controversial for all the sniper haters out there, I know). I otherwise don't think NW needs to be nerfed or touched.

    I feel like these new threads discussing the affects on NW on semi auto weapons (high damage low ROF) are just trying to make the nanoweave nerf calls appeal to a broader audience including people who hate snipers - it's the same calls for game balance, but they conveniently leave out the weapons and class most hurt by nanoweave - the sniper infiltrators - because some players just hate us. They don't want us to be able to OHK, with weapons that scope sway, have bullet drop, fire 1 round every 1.5 seconds with a 4s/6s reload speed.

    I use flak armor, advance shield capacitor, ammo belt, and nanoweave - each suit has benefits that are appropriate for various circumstances and I'm swapping loadouts often to accommodate this. I think while NW is the most popular, there are definitely players using the other suits too.

    TLDR: buff the HS multiplier on BASR's, leave nanoweave as is, and move on to the next "crisis".
  5. LowTechKiller

    Really? Getting frustrated that the majority of people disagree with your argument, so you're throwing in cheap insults as well?
  6. LowTechKiller

    You DO have a suit slot that makes you just as likely or unlikely to die in close quarters as my HA. It's called NANOWEAVE, and it works the same as the NW I use on my heavy when you're sniping at me.
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  7. footjam

    The majority of people in this thread, not in the community.
  8. Stew360

    compleatly wrong ,

    peoples who use it and have skills have the edje , garbage players remain garbages nanoweave or not , Nanoweave do not make garbage players sundenly a beast in fps , the problem is you cant balance thing with garbage players in mind no matters NW or not these peoples get wreck , but still take more shot to kills mean more magazine counts goes into killing them so your overall efficiency drop per magazines and as the numbers grow the problems grow as well ...

    But decent and good players with nanoweave will survive agains another good players normally with 10 to 20 % health left , whiout nanoweave this players migth have end up been dead , with nanoweave it give just the extra edge you need to remain on top of your opponent in most situations combine with self healing medical and restoration kit , it make the survavibility goes up , iam all ok with self healing tool wich it does not influence the direct TTK

    Nanoweave is awefull because it grant you a plain and simple raw abilitys to NERF YES NERF weapons damage at no cost , because loosing a amunition pouch when you have engi and terminal all around isnt a big part conter deal ;)

    Nanoweave is certainly the most used suits slots for one reason garbage players want to keep it on in order to have maybe a 0.5 kdr instead of 0.3 , and competitive players use it because they fear that the others migths use it as well and get all the advantages they can get ;)
  9. Mustarde

    I don't generally look down on players just because they have less kills with a given weapon... but not having auraxium on any of these weapons by BR79 doesn't really make you an authority on these weapons or how nanoweave adversely affects them.

    The KSR-35 was one of the worst weapons I have auraxiumed - worse than the SOAS-20 (pre "buff"). It requires 3-5 rounds to kill (unless you are tapping the head on an afk player who would still die faster to a bolt action), forces you into the optimal range of your opponents who are using superior weapons and have 100 more HP than you by default. It has scope sway, even with iron sights. The only thing I liked about it was the sound of the suppressor. I put it down as soon as I got the medal and have gladly let it collect dust ever since. There's a reason your one of only a few who actively use it.

    430 kills with the SR-7 is about a weekend worth of gameplay for me. And yes, volume does matter, because that is how you start to realize how many headshots get blocked by nanoweave. I've probably lost more kills to nanoweave than you have kills, across all your sniper rifles. At that point, you begin to realize the severity of the imbalance.

  10. BigIronRanger

    I don't see why you guys think we are only infiltrators QQing about OneHitKilling its really not its about SOE unknowingly affecting a whole weapon role by implementing nanoweave but the majority of Planetside 2 players wouldn't know about the problems we semi auto users face as most just play HA with nanoweave.

  11. LT_Latency

    How come all the snipers that complain about not getting a head shot every time don't use highest damage sniper rifle??

    It's like you want the problem to be worse just so you can complain about it more.
  12. LowTechKiller

    What community? Do you have some poll numbers we're not familiar with?
  13. Jkar

    All bolt action sniper rifles have a minimum damage of 550 and if you're using a silencer you have to be rather close for them to still kill anything that's wearing nanoweave. Maybe you should do some research next time. This also punishes new snipers more because they have to be closer to their target to have a chance of killing them if they wear nanoweave.
  14. LT_Latency

    What does that have to do with anything??

    The higher powered one still lets you OSHK at a farther range. So why are they not using that one if they are having a major problem with head shots not killing???

    I always see people complaining about this then they are using the weakest sniper rifle they can find with a silencer on it.
  15. Vyss

    I highly doubt the majority of people think the game should be balanced based on how the unit compares to it's counterparts in other empires. Otherwise we would get so many nerf harasser/esf/lib/tank threads. According to your logic it would be balanced if maxes had 100k hp and did 10k a shot as long as the other empire maxes did the same thing. You're right through, terrible ideas annoy me.
  16. LowTechKiller

    Uh...have you ever read these threads? That's exactly what we have.
    But really I was just challenging your blanket statement that you know what the "community" prefers.

    Wow, you're on a roll. I don't really pay that much attention to the specific numbers, but that's pretty much exactly what balance in the game refers to. That similar (like) weapons, vehicles and class traits across all three empires are even and closely matched. MAX to MAX, ESF to ESF, sniper rifle to sniper rifle, etc. No one's trying to balance the Flash's armor and firepower with that of the MBT. That's just silly.

    So, to answer your next question, I'd be unopposed to buffing whatever you feel needs buffing in order to enable the average Sniper rifle to head-shot kill ANY soldier, as long as it's balanced across all three empires. That certainly seems more reasonable than calling for the blanket elimination of a class-defining trait. However, if you want to encourage other classes to wear something other than the evil Nanoweave, ask that they be improved so each one offers something worthwhile and appealing to different situations. Do that and I guarantee players will use them, myself included.
  17. Jkar

    Like I said, educate yourself or do you want to imply that everyone that doesn't have at least 1k certs to drop on a high class sniper rifle shouldn't even play one? And the difference from a free or 100 cert bolt action to the 1000 cert bolt actions is only about 25 meters without silencer.

    50 meters for your average sniper rifle for a one hit kill head shot is well within range where you can comfortably retaliate if the sniper misses his shot and you notice him. Not to mention that you show up to everyone within 40 meters on the mini map if you don't use a silencer so going this close is bound to get you noticed by someone around you that can get the jump on you. Using a silencer can drop your effective kill range down to about 30 meters or just about outside of spitting distance.

  18. KAHR-Alpha

    So what if I don't have Auraxium? The point is that I still have some experience with non-automatic weapons (seriously, altogether that's 1700 kills), yet nanoweave doesn't bother me the slightest. All your nifty stats tell me is that your playstyle is highly unbalanced, which might make you a little bit biased when it comes to nanoweave discussions.

    And your comment on the KSR-35... I just think you don't get how great this weapon is, it's like a scout rifle on steroids. I use it for close to medium range with a 4x scope, and seriously the sway is not an issue at all and compensating is easy.

    In any case, your number of heatshots, and your focus on them, just means we have completely opposite views on what sniper rifles and infiltrators are for in this game.
  19. anaxim

    Before the shield regeneration was buffed nobody complained about nanoweave , now that shield regeneration is fixed people complain about nanoweave. It doesn't make sense ,something tells me that people certed in shield regeneration and they try no nerf the other ones that are using nanoweave.

    The sniper headshots that dont 1 hit has to be fixed asap of course. But it is the weapons that have to be tuned not the nanoweave.I believe nanoweave is 100% balanced with the shield regeneration cert line (for example if you have a medic to support you then you are 110% wrong if you use nanowave and not shield regen)
  20. LT_Latency

    Nano is also 1000 certs,

    And that is a very effective range to be fighting in with a bolt action. Do you think that heavy is going to kill you at that range???? He shouldn't you should own him.

    You stealth, Line up your head shot, And then blow them away. Really at around that range and closer you don't even need the stealth you should be winning the gun fight.

    You just pop out a fire, You may take some damage but never enough to kill you. While you can instantly kill them. The rifles are very good at the range and closer if you can score head shot quickly.

    If you see them take damage then it's just a body shot.