Negating Nanoweave, 250 health is a big deal

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  1. LynxFury

    Only true from the front. Snipers shooting from the front are already putting themselves out of position from where they should be. And sorry no--it won't snap your neck, this isn't Hollywood where bullets have 10 times the momentum of real bullets.
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  2. Drasilov

    One shot kills are just enjoyment killers. Where's the fun when you don't even stand a single chance of a bit of revenge because you are instantly dead. Having more HP lets you survive a small fraction of a second longer. You are dead in a third of a second within someone seeing you anyway - whats the problem?

    I get one shot killed just causes me to log out because the fun has vaporised. I see plenty of infils easily able to headshot players on the move at distance. I was even headshotted from down a hill and through some railings today. I've also been headshotted hiding behind a wall with no part of my body visible. I don't know how snipers get to OHK with a headshot within half a second of you clearing a ridge line but they do - regularly.

    So IMO any defence against this fun sapping negativity gets my vote.
  3. Balrogos

    For now to much cheaters with AB.
  4. rickampf

    I use flak and im pretty fine with it, imo, Nanowave just make diference in long range engagements... In close/mid combat u die just as fast.
  5. Vaphell

    plenty? pics or it didn't happen
    i suspect your problem is in big part caused by the fact that the camera is not actually aligned with the model and it's somewhere around the neck/chest or something. This mismatch is especially pronounced when crouching. There was a thread analyzing this and things shown in it were ridiculous. When you crouch your camera moves lower vertically but your model actually steps forward to kneel. On screenshots the crouching guy on elevation didn't see anything because of the ridge, but the guy below saw him from the navel up, i kid you not.
    In short, not only you look with your chest while the head hitbox is 0.5m higher, but also when kneeling and looking down you additionally move forward 0.5m without knowing.
    Another thing is that often lag makes the guy still has LoS on you when on your computer you are already behind cover. Nothing really can be done about it.
  6. FigM

    I think nanoweave should come with some disadvantage, similar to ZOE.
    Otherwise nanoweave offers too much good stuff compared to other alternatives.

    For example, nanoweave could come with a 10% running speed penalty. It's not too harsh, but enough to pause and consider using something else
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  7. Redshift

    Why should it? none of the others have disadvantages.

    I don't use NW btw, i'm flak and ammo belt, personally i find NW weaker than the others already...
  8. Balrogos

    Flak is only good for Engi/HA Anti-Vehicle.
    Advanced Shield Capacitor - i will no comment this is totaly crap
    Ammunition Belt - engies are everywhere
    Grenade Bandolier - never used that maybe good for granade spam i will consider this if characters will have more slots
    Munitions Pouch/Utility Pouch - More ammo for striker good choice(but only temporary) for mines/clay/c4 engie but only temporary.
  9. FigM

    because nanoweave advantage is much stronger than alternative suits. If nanoweave was equal to others, we wouldn't be having this discussion right now. So it's either a flat nerf to bonus nanoweave provides, or add a minor disadvantage
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  10. LowTechKiller

    Why? With ZOE you're talking about a faction specific ability. Nanoweave is available to EVERY player in ALL factions. Leave it alone.
    Of course we'd be having this discussion, but instead all you anit-nanoweavers would be crying for a nerf to ALL suits.

    Hey, here's an idea. Instead of crying for a nerf to something the majority of players use so it sux as bad as the rest of our choices, why not IMPROVE the other suits so there are practical and appealing reasons to choose them instead?
    The answer: Because it's not about making things equal. It's about making things easier for snipers. Period.
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  11. Nikushimi

    One problem players have 500 health, not 1000 (Shields and health are two separate entities). This means max NW is providing a 50% health bonus, not 25% (25% of 500 is 125).
  12. Stew360

    nope i do and i play mostly as a combat medic , unless iam forced by some situations to swtich to something else ...

    The NS smg damage but also many NC ar and overall weaponry balance are affected a whole lots by the Nanoweave and also by the ( stackable ) nanoweave and resist shield combo , it become beyong ridiculous especially whith weapons like the VS LMG that are more accurate than our own Ar and who have 50 shot + magazines ...

    so yeah it is a big deal , and it become even more game breaking when you had more and mopre and more peoples using it everyday with more and more and more maxs level Nw and resist shield ...

    These kind of crap as no place in a game like this

    The heavy in ps2 isnt slugish , it isnt slow by any mean its a truely agiles class , this kind of crap as no place in this game , the HA classes shield should be working only agains explosive and maybe minimal firearms damage resistance

    the current heavy states is beyong ridiculous and make the 1 vs 1 enconter silly and not skills bases but more loadout bases ,

    The ttk in the game feel perfect agains a vanilla armor players , it because truely anoying with NW and NW+ resist shield BS ,

    Snipers are one thing and the whole balance of the game is really hurt by nanoweaves
  13. Yasa

    the way to negate nanoweave: get nanoweave.
  14. Stew360


    Nanoweave is bad for the game and should be remoove , its a noob friendly features used mostly by experienced players to get an even bigger edge over the competition Mixed with resistshield etc.. it become truely game breaking ..

    Saying that nanoweave is perfectly ok because everyones as acess to it , Is the SAME as saying that a new NS weapons introduced in the game in a OVER POWERED states , should remain as it is since everyones as acess to it ,So folowing this logic it lead to «

    «« Hey everyones use this OP weapons available for everyones or die , you have acess to it so stop crying about been able to choose something else to remain competitive »»»»

    So basically with your way of thinking , as long as everyones as acess to the OP stuff that broke almost anything else if you dont use it is perfectly balance since everyones should and have to use it so what is the purpose of having a suits slots if everyones have to equip it ?

    this logic is far to be flawless ... it is more ridiculous than anything
  15. Balrogos

    Its makes difference :) i have many situations when i got 1-2 bars of hp and without NV i will die also NV protect from prox mines, and have good synenergy with RS.
  16. faykid

    while at it, they should remove armor from WoW and all other games. let's run around naked
  17. Bastid721

    WTB an AWP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. ghnurbles

    The problem with Nanoweave is that it punishes some weapon classes a lot more than others. Given the standard accuracy of about 30%, Nanoweave increases the TTK of most automatic weapons by a fraction of a second, semi-automatic weapons by a second or two, and bolt actions by a LOT more. Low RoF weapons simply aren't viable against players using Nanoweave, when they should be.

    Nerfing the health Nanoweave provides it doesn't fix this, because even small amounts of health are really bad for different weapons. Removing it is one solution, but a poor one - reducing suit slot options is boring, and unnecessary if the problem can be fixed by changing Nanoweave in some other way. One approach that I think would work quite well (and would be more interesting than the current form) is to change Nanoweave so that it doesn't affect TTK, and instead focuses more on the positive interaction with medics and healing items that having extra health provides. For example:
    • Rank 1: +100HP/-100 shield, +30% heal/revive speed
    • Rank 2: +200HP/-200 shield, +30% heal/revive speed
    • Rank 3: +300HP/-300 shield, +30% heal/revive speed
    • Rank 4: +400HP/-400 shield, +30% heal/revive speed
    • Rank 5: +500HP/-500 shield, +30% heal/revive speed
    Nanoweave's current benefits of being revived or healed straight back into combat at a higher health value would be buffed with this change, but instead of increasing your TTK the new Nanoweave would increase the speed you receive heals and revives. This would maintain its current place as a high-value suit slot option for heavy fights, and for players that like to be the first one through the door.
  19. Stew360

    i would agree with a solution like this as long as the raw ttk isnt changes and does not hurt the weapons balance

    i would not like to see a = 30 % heal speed ut maybe a 15 % or 20 % could be more acceptable sicne it could be exploits by the medic classes with self healing , if it does not work with self healing or healing while underfire it will be ok with me
  20. Voiidd

    wow.... another thread about NW. Yea keep at it guys. One of the few thing's that's ok in the game but hey, who cares. Its supposed to be an extra defence and it does it well, yea perhaps thats the problem. Same mechanism as the flak armor which being specific to explosions offers double the protection one gets from NW.