[Suggestion] Need to Advertise for more players

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zachery, Sep 8, 2014.

  1. Verviedi

    They need to work for it, like that BR100 did.
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  2. Risae

    BR100 don't care if new people are able to buy this stuff. If someone's willing to spend money on that, let em - if it keeps them in the game for a short time longer to understand the greatness of this game - even better.
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  3. Camycamera

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  4. Klypto

    Uh, no.

    They should be given something basic like a maxed advanced shield capacitor with options to replace it with the others later on. There are plenty of other things to waste certs on.
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  5. Ronin Oni

    BR100 won't care...

    but the new BR1 that doesn't want to feel like they're forced to pay won't like it.

    Looking at us, they can know we spent the time and grind for everything. But if they suddenly sold cert lines they'd see a BR5 with maxed everything and rightfully complain P2W.

    WE didn't P2W, but another new player would. That would drive away any potential new free players which is just as important for games lifeblood.

    Furthermore, it wouldn't even make SOE that much more money, and ultimately likely less. People ready and willing to pay, will pay.
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  6. Ronin Oni

    That's a better idea... Give them some options that are particularly not used as often (though IMO ASC is awesome and my #1 LA & infil choice)
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  7. Halo572

    It is a F2P title in a flooded market.

    I was reading on my other most favourite game eva - SMNC - yesterday that only 6.1% of players stuck around to get the level 20 TF2 hat.

    Being 4 hats that you got for level 5 (14.9%), 10 (11%), 15 (8%) and 20 (6.1%). Only 15% of players stuck around to even get to level 5.

    Level 20 was not a great stretch from memory, maybe a bit of effort and some input of minor time, but it shows that people picked SMNC up and then dropped it without even low level investment of time let alone money.

    Having started a new rank 1 character to test a playing theory to see if I can crack the reason for PS2 - I have to agree that versus anyone over about rank 30 it is horrendous to start, especially so rank 100s.

    I can work around it as the basic guns aren't bad to be fair and you cert up the things you know work without wasting them, but a new player wouldn't know how to work around with their playing style and there are so many pointless unlocks you can easily waste 1000 certs without even realising until it is too late.

    As said many times before - the higher rank players will drive starters away through their horrendously unfair farming methods as they have no counters.

    I had actually forgotten you have to buy a sunderer spawn module and how bad heavy rank 1 AT is with absolutely no AA at all.
  8. noidea

    The game was advertised a lot on release (aka 2012). It was everywhere and there was TV ads as well.
  9. Ronin Oni

    ugh, #1 SNMC sucks :p (I *HATE* lane moba crap lol ) Most people who like moba style games prefer LoL or DOTA style. Most FPS players don't. IMO it's a bad 2 genres to blend.

    Also, a Rank 1 can go toe to toe with any BR. All starter equipment is fine, and in a better place now then it was at release (remember how bad Bassies used to be? Now they're actually completely viable weapons). We had P2W at launch with Dalton, Rocket Pods, and tank HE spam.

    The game is LESS P2W now. (Not even bringing to point all those can be earned in a reasonable amount of time which breaks "P2W" anyways) A GOOD player can do just fine as BR1. Over a dozen forum members have set out to prove just that in the past.

    Hell, usually they roll another toon to "prove" that another faction is OP by quickly getting a higher K/D on a new account (these are people getting 5-6 K/D's with BR1)

    They're best bet is to either keep to the infantry game and play in big enough fights to be able to rely on others to handle AA at a minimum (hell, 90% of players do that anyways no matter BR) or to get in a gunners seat of someone who's invested a bare minimum into a vehicle.

    They can have fun just fine... the only real problem is that learning curve is a mofo.
  10. RadarX

    Most advertising is done through the Google Display Network. I know how it sounds but we get very specific metrics on clickthroughs all the way to first purchase. It's by far the most effective means.

    A little known fact though, you can't buy advertising from Steam.
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  11. Tito

    large scale for 1 cap point 96+ vs 96+ its a this
  12. Champagon

    I agree with most of this but i disagree with the whole "poor performance on low quality/ancient PC's" you can't really expect to blame SOE on this. That's like saying you are upset your car can't go 70MPH but its a 1970 pinto or something you know?
  13. Nexus545

    Surely you have control of special sales for SOE products though? Sales on Steam are pretty much the same as advertising.
  14. Colonelveers12

    I found out about this game from the video of the devs explaining the forgelight engine, although that was a year ago now, they do advertising on youtube, but they could probably do more of it
  15. Jeslis

    How is that .. controlled.. like, is there a *request advertising*.. or is it fully inhouse on valve's end and no outside influence allowed?
    ((Hell if you have/know of an email that we can send feedback to valve on what they advertise on the frontpage..I'd love to use it.
  16. DorianOmega

    The thing I find with people who don't play PS2 isn't so much that they are unaware of the games existence but more so unwilling to try the game once you state to them its an open world MMOFPS and not some instance based stat tracking game like combat arms that claims to be an MMOFPS, the response you get is on lines of disbelief with the game sounds like its very laggy/full of desync issues and technical issues or requires a top of the line PC with a very decent internet connection just to barely handle 60 FPS, to which both are legit points that are hard to convince people otherwise beyond getting them try the game, which is where the whole problem arises.

    Even worse is that people who have played PS2 but quit thereafter usually point to a lacking new player experience that feels like an uphill battle in the rain on roller skates or that its just not fun to play by themselves or within a small group of people and joining an outfit doesn't seem quite necessary at the point they are at (even though IT IS necessary) and that battles feel pointless which after this last resource revamp, they really are.

    If these things could properly be tackled by SOE (and not youtuber's) and convincingly showcased or proved to people to be the opposite then I guarantee you that this game would see a huuuuge player increase, I'm hoping the PS4 release has plenty of marketing that goes with it to show people how awesome this game is and that the technical limitations aren't anywhere near as limiting as people might think, hopefully with that we get a revamped nooby experience that will make us all want to start new characters just to experience it, one can hope at least.
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  17. DorianOmega

    Valve/steam controls all the sales on steam from the prices to the days they go on sale without any or very little say from the devs affecting said sales, its part of the whole deal with getting your game on steam, basically the devs make a product and Steam digitally retails however they see fit.
  18. iller

    Adding to this^
    This was actually noted by a few popular YouTubers when the mini-controversy of "Payed to Play" came up and some of them were being accused of taking payola by people who don't understand that payola actually means payed to WRITE A PHONY POSITIVE REVIEW..... not payed to setup events and get more players into some random game on a weekend like AngryJoe & Criken routinely do anyway. Journalists were talking about it too and most giving it a free pass, up until the bigger story about what's-her-name practicing the oldest profession in the world for positive reviews broke....which we should continue to completely ignore b/c it has nothing to do with gaming and vlogtards need to stop bringing it up. Point is: they tried something different that directed some money right to "the little guys" in the gaming media instead of just shoveling more at the deep pockets of mainstream media & retailers.
  19. iller

    I think the only argument that can be made for being able to "pay" to buy that specific upgrade, comes from All Access b/c you reportedly get... what. ... 40 extra certs everytime you log in? That's still more than a month of logging in to buy just one NW 5 though, right? I don't think 1440 buys it outright, or does it?? It gets pretty close though I guess but what if you wanna play more than 1 class? It's a tricky Carrot that a lot of more experienced players will tell us doesn't doesn't even decide half the 1v1's you get into. I've beaten a couple "leaderboard" players while wearing nothing but an emp bandolier o_O ...it's "anyone's game"
  20. Oddhermit

    Yeah, except they're not working for it against players who have a ~2 year experience and cert advantage against them. When most BR 100s started at BR 1, most players were BR 1. Now, a new player has to play against many players with experience and cert advantages.

    The cert system has made the game increasingly unfriendly to new players as they're farther and farther behind in gear as older players continue to progress, in a game with a steep learning curve to begin with.

    Game is overdue for boost to the starting gear and early BR experience, I know they added the little questionnaire thing, but it doesn't give them that much and they're still starting with no attachments on any of the weapons. They also don't get to choose the weapon they get, they're stuck with some options of debatable value.

    Also, many of the bundles and such that were supposed to be low-cost for entry level players are just crap for similar reasons - very little choice in what you get.

    Perhaps the 2 year anniversary will add something to close the gap.