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  1. rockhead101

    I just upgraded my computer to a 4770K OC to 46, 2 x GTX 760s OCed and 16M of RAM OCed to 2K. My computer beats everyone elses in my unit on every benchmark test we've run, but I still get lower frame rates. In a big battle I lose one on one to low levels even though I'm a heavy with lvl 4 nano and shields. I was running a decked SMG against a number of different low levels. It is sporadic. I can tell when it happens. Is there anything I can do to prevent it? Does it happen to everyone? I watch other people rez someone as a medic in WAY less time than it takes me. Will replaceing the cable modem help? I already dropped the wireless.....
  2. Pie Chasm

    Your processor is a beast, however, it is also quad core. PS2 has traditionally always had issues using more than 2 cores.

    Might want to check this out, if this is the issue:

    You might also want to disable one of the GTXs, since PS2 also has issues with that...

    Your hardware is actually too good to run the game, if that makes any sense and you're telling the truth.

    I would also drop the SMG and get a shotgun for CQC, NC6/TMG-50/Flare for range, but that is kind of my preference.

    Good luck.
  3. Metalsheep

    Disable SLI, that might make a difference. you could also disable PhysX if its on, and bump the game up to Ultra, for some reason FPS increases when you go into ultra.
  4. rockhead101

    It's not the FPS that I have a problem with. I'll be playing great, then all of a sudden I will just die, ALL the time. I just tried to play again. I ran around the corner and surprised an infiltrator from behind. I unloaded on him from behind with my SMG. I fired 19 rounds from 5 feet away, and he killed me with his stock pistol. No headshots, and he was level 2. I've got lvl 4 nano. It couldn't have happened without a glitch somewhere. I usually will win those, except when this kicks in. That kind of thing will just keep happening. I usually will die from headshots. I know that on their screen I'm just standing there, even though on mine I'm running and gunning. Comcast high speed cable internet..... Can I buy an aftermarket modem that works better? I'll throw money at it if I at least know what to buy. I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere, so could that be it?
  5. Vastly

    Possibly internet problems, but you can easily test for that. Maybe a desync problem between you and the server, which used to be caused by some forms of dynamic processor OCing, don't know whether it's still a problem but you could try removing the processor OC and making sure all forms of on-the-fly OCing or throttling are turned off in BIOS.
  6. Tommyp2006

    check out, and post results.
  7. NoctD

    Sounds like lag. Drop Comcast and get Verizon Fios if you can. Cable is a shared medium, it can degrade when a lot of people are online like in the evenings and such.