Need some advice on recording and youtubes stuff

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by ZeroErrorz, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. ZeroErrorz

    so i kinda want to make some video soon my spec is
    : i7-3770
    gtx 680
    6 gb ram (its a wierd thing when i got my prebuilt pc)
    1tb hardisk (still have more thought,but im still not sure if it enought...)
    and a 1mb download and problably 0.7 mb upload speed (welcome to third world country)
    also shadowplay for recording (thats whats the cool kids been using these days anyway)

    is my pc spec is good enought ? my main concern is the internet speed so i need some help on that since i cant upload very quickly and i need some advice on best balance beetwen quality/size ratio
    any advice is appreciated :)
  2. ZeroErrorz

  3. BlockLike

    based on your spec, you should be fine using shadowplay

    if you don't have an editing program to render the video like Vegas or Premier, then just use windows movie maker.
    It has presets for youtube which will seriously reduce the finished video
  4. SerialNumber1221

    as you have limited rams i would recommend (if you can afford it) an Aver internal card...this will immensley reduce load on CPU/ram while recording

    if not, then use a software recording program but set its priority to low so you don't compromise gameplay

    as for uploading, you probably want to render recorded footage to youtube mobile size, not 1080 or even 720, but smaller, so the files are tiny...this will mean they cant be watched properly on big screens but they will be much easier to upload given your small upload pipe..
  5. ZeroErrorz

    well i can actualy upgrade the thing but the question is, does normal ram could work on my pc
    and second of all can you explain the whole compressing the video thing im not really experienced in this thing,also do that mean i can only upload 360p vid ?
  6. ZeroErrorz

    do u mean compressing it ?,and btw is the windows movie maker is a free software ?
  7. BlockLike

    yeah, compression. It has presets for youtube that will reduce the file size

    windows movie maker is free if I remember correctly
  8. gobbybobby

    I would aim for 720p. Would mean u need leave PC on overnight to upload to youtube, but well worth it for your viewers.

    I use Open broadcast software that will automatically downscale footage as its recorded, it streams to twitch too, but now with your slow upload (unless u downscale to 360p heh)

    unless you are going to do any Slow Motion capture set it to record at 30 frames, as this is the max youtube will display.
  9. SerialNumber1221

    hey Bob...yeah he could do that but his speed is very know when i was in Sydney it would take like 12-14 hours just toload short 5 minute videos..thats why i suggested a smaller resolution...

    and btw update your sig - Genudine has gone the way of the dinosaurs mate :p
  10. SerialNumber1221

    yeah man, ram will work as log as you get the right clock speed..check in your bios or better still, inspect the actual DIMMs physically...

    to have 6 you must have a 4 and a 2...unusual for sure

    if you can afford it, replace with 4 * 8mb DIMMs that run at the highest clockspeed supported by your motherboard.....if you can afford that much ram then you can run PS2 in a ramdisk which makes it perform a lot better...
  11. ZeroErrorz

    what a dimm (sorry not too tech savy, i know what things are but not all the bell and whistle)
    and last i remembered i got 2gb*3 ram
    also lastly do people will watch 720p video ? idk if first world people accept to watch at that quality
    if the upload time is about one night i could live with it, just wondering thought how big is a 15 minute 720p video with some compression to it.
  12. SerialNumber1221

    yeah ok 3 * 2gb dimms yep....

    yeah ppl will watch 720p for for file size, 15 mins might be approx 700mb to 1.5gb depending on the format..are you encoding in mp4, or mpeg2 etc

    gobbybobby who posted above does 720p

  13. ZeroErrorz
    just found my pc spec
    i only change the power suppply from 300w to 750w so i can add a gtx-680 (for ultra master race)
    anyway i havent record anything yet and idk what shadowplay format is but if it configurable, which format take the smallest ammount of size ?
  14. SerialNumber1221

    from what i know of shadowplay it does h.264 via the onboard hardware in certain nvidia cards

    i'm not sure you can switch format...suggest you do a 15 minute capture and see how big the file is....