Need new NC LMG

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Jackplays17, Dec 27, 2014.

  1. Jackplays17

    Can anyone help me pick out an LMG For my NC Heavy?
  2. Leivve

    You need to tell us what you got. Honestly you only need the gaussaw. I would gladly trade all my LMGs for a chance to get some of that action. It's such a great gun.
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  3. Jackplays17

    I have No other LMG's, I ussually dont run HA Because I dont like the Gauss saw much, Because I prefer short-med range weapons.
  4. Veolfen

    If you're a short/mid range player, trust me, try the Anchor ;)
    It's actually the most popular NC LMG for short/mid range.
    Or maybe try the EM1 (less damages, more accurate at longer ranges and more ammunitions, and it's a cheap weapon)
  5. LibertyRevolution

    Just use the Cyclone SMG.
    Cyclone heavy is OP.
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  6. Jackplays17

    Nah. SMG's need to be highly mobile.
  7. Jackplays17

    What I guess im gonna do then, Is pick up the anchor now with SC, And pick up the EM1 with certs later
  8. Pikachu

  9. _itg

    It might be worth waiting a few days to see if it comes up in the Christmas sales. There's a small chance it'll be 99SC and a bigger chance it'll be half off as part of a category sale.
  10. NCstandsforNukaCola

    Gd22s is for you
    Cheap, controllable, well rounded gun
    Which should have been starter weapon

    Actually there isn't short to mid range lmg for nc
    even the anchor is much better at mid range
    So as LibertyRevolution suggested, Cyclone is also recommended
  11. TriumphantJelly

    Anchor: That weapon is my wet dream (and for 30 minutes of trialling it was a wet reality but w/e/).
  12. LibertyRevolution

    I don't understand, I am being serious when I said use the Cyclone SMG.
    I use the cyclone on my NC heavy, it is strait OP at anything under 20m, and 30-50m it is no worse than an EM6.

    It is 167 damage (at 15m with softpoint), at 652 RPM, and holds 35rounds (with extended mag), and reloads in 1.85sec.
    So it holds 5845 damage per extended mag, that is 5 kills in a mag...

    What more exactly are you looking for in a close-med range gun??

    So this is me at an amp station, outnumbered 80%/20%, getting 4 or 5 kills per life and even a 14 killstreak:

    Keep in mind, LibertyRevolution is a bad ....Cyclone Heavy is OP.
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  13. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Since when is 0.75 ADS not highly mobile?

    Also, the Cyclone has the following:

    1. Better DPS than every LMG in the game
    2. 0.75 ADS that only the Orion, SVA-88, and NS-15m have
    3. Better damage per magazine than every TR AR & Carbine except for the Cougar which is what it's tied with if you use ex-mags (and you absolutely should)
    4. A faster reload time than any faction specific LMG
    5. Access to SPA which is a huge benefit in short-med range fights.
    That gun is arguably the best gun in the game, and as an added bonus every single NC class can use it.
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  14. johnway

    I suppose the guns you want are the gd22 and the anchor. The latter if you can afford it but the GD22 is surprisingly effective for its price and i don't believe its ever received a direct nerf to the weapon. If anything, its been buffed multiple times.

    But yeah, get the anchor.
  15. Saool

    I can highly recommend the EM6.
  16. Maxor

    DONT USE SC ON GUNS!! you can buy em with certs so why waste moneys? (Sry SOE but i cant support you every time I talk)
  17. Jackplays17

  18. vanu123

    You really can't go wrong with any of them. Anchor is the best IMO but the Godsaw is really good as well.
  19. Schwak

    Since this was necro'd I guess I'll post on in. Anchor and GD22s are great choice. Anchor you get a bit higher DPS for better recoil while the GD22s you get a 1 second faster reload while still holding a 3 shot headshot under 10m. Gauss and GD22s still my favorite NC LMGs.
  20. Nalothisal

    SMG Heavy is just bad manners, and you should feel bad when you do it.
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