Need help for improve my PC

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  1. Ximaster

    Actually i have an i3,with 4GB of RAM and the CPU's GC.

    Im thinking to put an i5 to the motherboard,2 more GB of RAM and a 710 GTX GC. This,calculated,cost me around 320 euros,i dont have money for more.

    So do u think that with that mix i will play "decently" to PS2????

    I can put a 900 line GTX instead of the 710...but it cost me more.
  2. MorganM

    The i5 will be the biggest improvement and is the most necessary. GPU would be a big improvement too.
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  3. Daigons

    I would always suggest doing yourself upgrades, but you really need to make sure that your power supply is big enough to handle all the upgrades and that your RAM will work with the new motherboard. If money is a major issue, you may want to wait for some major deals to appear closer to the holidays. You can also keep an eye for off-lease i7 & i5 desktops.
  4. Towie

    - i3 isn't bad, i5 will be better (and Planetside loves CPU power) but is quite an expensive upgrade. Make sure you get a compatible CPU for motherboard - apologies if you know this already but it could be an expensive mistake

    - 4GB is OK. More memory is always good but 4GB is enough

    - Intergated graphics is AWFUL - although Planetside isn't too taxing on graphics, you really need to start here

    If it were me - i'd upgrade the graphics card (only) first, and check the difference. Your integrated graphics is also taking some RAM so find the bios setting to free that up too, it'll be a 'free' 256MB / 512MB. I'd go for something like a GTX 750ti, that's plenty fast enough. 950 is better still but more cash.
  5. OldCuban

    Never get an Nvidia card that ends in any number under 50 ( examples: 710, 840, 900 ). They're garbage for gaming.

    4GB of RAM doesn't cut it for most PC titles nowadays.

    The i3 is poop for gaming, i5 is a little better. If you really want a gaming cpu go with an i7, but since you're on a budget you may want to look into an AMD 8 core FX CPU instead. Almost the same processing power of an i7 but at a fraction of the price.

    I'd suggest getting a new rig altogether, there's far too much to consider when upgrading your PC.

    Try checking . You'd be surprised what you can find on there for cheap.
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  6. DefendYourBase

    The i5-2500 processor is a very good one. It is a older architecture though but It runs ps2 perfect. Never is there a bottleneck in CPU power. It's GPU that you want a pretty good one.
    You can get a gtx 580 off evay used for 80$... The gtx 960 is really good for 200$ new...

    You will need a 600 watt power supply for the gtx 580 and 550 watt for gtx 960.

    I just built a new rig with 4gb ram. I5-2500 @ 3.3ghz quad core. Gtx 570. And the game runs pretty decent on medium settings. I like having a constant 60fps. So I set settings to do that.

    The i7 processor is overkill... You really don't need a i7. I have the i7-4770k and I don't really ever use the power it can dish out. Mostly use power when doing ingame recording. Or video edits. Big waste of money if you're just into gaming....

    And stay away from AMD.... There are a lot of AMD fan boys out there that will urge you to get one... Don't... Stick with Intel...
    AMD requires overclocking to be any good... Runs too hot. Dies too fast... And most AMD boards have no further AMD processor upgrades once you get the best one....
  7. DefendYourBase

    Just built the new rig for 400$... Medium settings planetside.
    Alienware charges 700$ for a rig that can't even run planetside 2 on low barely...

    You should look into getting a Intel processor off EBay. You do NOT want a Intel processor that has a K behind it used.
    The "K" processors are meant to be overclocked. You don't want someone else's overclocked processor....

    Most Intel processors though come locked so you can't overclocking them and so you know they aren't burnt out... They last decades...

    I seen some guy selling a i5-4460 for 60$ on craigslist... What a STEAL.

    You need to make sure your motherboard socket fits whatever processor you're getting....

    I personally see the socket 1155 as the "sweet spot".... It's older architecture so its cheaper but its still super powerful...
    You can pick up a i7 for 1155 for 200$... While the i5 for socket 1150 cost 200$....

    There is a webpage..... I use this to check specs. (you want a card of at least 3500 points for ps2) (a CPU of 6000 or better is plenty for ps2) a i5 or i7

    If you get a gtx 570 or gtx 580 used.. You should take it apart and reapply the thermal glue and remove all dust with air can...
    After applying thermal glue they run much cooler. Stock glue is crap and its usually rotting dusty after couple years. Very easy task. I've redone 3 and they run flawless... I check temps and performance to see if they are good too.
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  8. Ximaster

    Before post this,i have the idea of build the Ps4 and play PS2 on it. For the same price i have a potent and easy thing to play games,but i have some weapons on the PC version of PS2 and is a waste of money if i left those weapons forever,and ive build a lot.
  9. Ghosty11

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  10. toast2250

    Wth? Fallout 4 minimum requirement will be 8 GB's besides the fact that 32 bit OS's became almost obsolete.
    Unfortunate for them because of the PC protection, bastards.
  11. customer548

    PS2 is not AMD friendly. Get an Intel Processsor.

    I5 are nice.But it requires 1150 socket motherboards. Problem is that 1150 socket motherboards are now outmoded. They are now a pain to find in most of the cases (depending on the seller stocks), and Micro ATX versions are not built for gaming.
    For the same price (if you want to buy new hardware components, i'd personally not buy secondhand stuff) better go for an i7+ 1155 motherboard. But it'll cost you 300-350.

    And you'll stay with no GPU. Gtx 560 (150 bucks) is a reliable card for low-med (mostly low) settings . GTX 750ti (175 bucks) is a good one as far as i understood it, for med settings. Better go for a GTX 960 (200+ bucks) if you want ultra settings.
  12. Ximaster

    I dont want ultra settings,medium will be ok,but more important than that,are the FPS.
  13. Megalegs

    That's $109.

    It's what is often recommended to partner the Pentium anniversary chip, a current low cost, but very overclockable processor, and good on single core as a result. Do not get this chip for planetside.

    The card will do a pretty good job on medium settings I reckon, judging from the 545 (don't ask), 570, and 970 I've used.

    The 545 did medium okay with 8Gb RAM, 750 should massively improve on it.

    It's got some graphics RAM, might free up a bit of your limited system RAM and improve things generally I think, but I'm no expert.

    Most of these cards run on normal desktop power units, and don't need anything fancy to plug in.

    Designed to turn a student "gift" into somesort of gaming machine.
  14. Gundem

    True for the first two, but the part about the processers is not really true.

    You see, the only real benefits the i7 gives over the i5 are more processor cores. This means improved speed when running multiple different applications, and better FPS in the rare gem that supports multi-core CPUs, but otherwise the only benefit the i7 is to gaming is the slightly higher clock speed. But for the massive price hike, it's not worth.

    As for AMD, they get no where near the performance then Intel CPU's, even with vastly higher clock speed. The architecture they use is simply inferior. Plus, they overheat like crazy, which is not something you want to deal with in a budget PC.

    AS for OP, get a better CPU *pronto*. If you are primarily interested in PS2, then CPU is key, as PS2 is a major CPU hog as the posters above have said.

    I personally use a GTX660. You can find them on Ebay sometimes for 100 dollars, and with my 3.4gh'z i5 I get around 80 FPS on average with my modified ultra graphics, which only excludes the most taxing processes like Shadows. If you can find the GTX 660 TI, it's an improvement, but only slight and if your budged just doesn't allow it the 660 will do you good for now.

    The best part is in the future, if you can afford it, you can SLI two 660's together for a huge performance boost. Not the most elegant solution but it would mean a pretty mean GPU for around 200$.

    Also, I couldn't find a GPU called the GTX 710. They have the GT 710m, but that's a Laptop GPU.

    Unless you mean the GT 710, which is massively inferior to any GTX series GPU. The 660 is at least 3x as fast as the GT 710.
  15. Megalegs

    Yup, OP would benefit from a better processor, but he is running the game with the on board graphics at present.

    To be honest the specific upgrades are going to depend on the OPs motherboard, we're all a bit shooting in the dark.

    I'm not sure on the PCI compatibility for example, or the processor slot.

    With a budget of $300 nest to stick with what he's got as much as possible.

    Get best i5 for the mobo, see if a 750Ti will go in, and spend any change on RAM.

    Cost of new power supply and motherboard averted.

    I'd do the graphics card first if staggering it, though RAM is obviously simplest upgrade.