[Suggestion] Need Gore!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by kungflu, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Vedo

    I used to love blowing people's legs off with a shotgun in Soldier of Fortune when they'd bunny hop. Far more entertaining than head shots =D
  2. biterwylie


    It's is a game, not a gun shot wound simulator.
  3. TheArchetype


    No seriously, this seems like an oversight. (Blood in the trailer)
  4. TheArchetype

    That bullsh*t and you know it. There is no proof to suggest that violent video games make people violent in real life except in the case of a mentally disabled person. Now get the f*ck out you NRA propagator, and stop trying to draw the attention away from the real problem - REAL GUNS.
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  5. SzeronTzur

    Eh, it's not really needed.

    Raspberry jam and gibbs everywhere isn't going to make some massive improvement to gameplay.

    I'd rather have rain, lightning, and snow before getting red pixels splashed on my screen when I put a round into someone.
  6. xpsyclosarinx


    Would love some gore in this game. No body chunks or anything that's just going to chug performance but a pink mist would be nice.

    (going through the thread..... wow, there are a lot of sheltered people who play this game)
  7. xpsyclosarinx

    Blood spray when you hit someone is a simple sprite... that's not even slightly taxing.

    Also nanites? The soldiers are people dude... not nanites..
  8. Nikolai_Grosnii

    Don't know if this has been mentioned, but we're all made of super high-tech nanites. So... .
  9. oOCKYOo

    This is how you locate the insane on the internets...:confused:
  10. ThangJames

  11. Cougarbrit

    This thread just creeps me out. Gore has its place in games but Planetside 2 does not feel like a game where I'd expect to find gore. Leave that **** for Soldier of Fortune and Dead Space.
  12. Monnor

    Im just mature enough, to not need loads of blood on everything, to have fun with a game. Be sure my mentality is not poisoned by imbecility.
  13. alecholman

    Sure, anyone can say that; however it doesn't change the fact that you have no true reason for why it should not be implemented whether you see yourself as mature or not. Yes, my first post was a bit of an exaggeration about 'loving to see it' and how it would make it 'better than a useless update'. But, nonetheless, I see no real downfall to it other than the fact that some people may not have the computer power to handle the new graphical update (this could be turned off in settings though) and the fact that it is "pointless".

    But I wouldn't hate to see some graphical player updates other than the ones that you are required to buy with SC.
  14. SinerAthin



    Wait... wut? :O
  15. Zorro

    No, one of the many reasons I like PS2 is because it is a Teen rated game and I intend to keep it that way.
  16. Twigifire

    What about all the little 10 year olds I hear talking in proximity cat, where will they go and play?

    And planetside 2 is not a gory based game to quench the thirst of CoD, Deadspace, etc gamers. It's more about strategy and organisation, rather than blood and gore which would put people off of playing the game from how stupid it would look.
  17. kungflu

    There used to be blood, the removed feature has nothing to do that mess with your strategic gameplay and teen gamers in any way.
    Puzzles me to see why videos like this seems to be an exception to people.
  18. Twigifire


    but that was probably an M rated family guy episode anyway XD
  19. Accuser