need a list of the things you get from the quiz

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  1. ZeroErrorz

    soo curently im unable to play for a few month... (cause real life and stuff),and i heard the new quiz give you new stuff if you depend on the answer of the quiz, soo i am hoping someone to help me sort the list of item i can get once im back on the game and maybe not make some mistake as i heard some weapon isnt what the quiz offer,any help will be appreciated thx.
  2. VakarisJ

    Whatever you choose, you get a recommendation, not an actual decision. If you don't like the recommendation, you hit "I want to choose my self" and then just pick whatever.

    NOTE: The quiz is only available once per account. AKA you can't do it on multiple characters of the same account.

    Oh right, rewards -- for VS it gives:
    1-day 50% XP boost
    Cells Camo
    A single weapon of choice: ( Ghost / Pulsar C / Cosmos (left) / Corvus / Polaris LSW )
  3. dBMachine

    You get to choose your reward.

    I don't know where this 'you only get what you get' thing came from. I'm sure SOE doesn't want people manipulating their answers for the sake of getting the right gear. They probably want to use the survey data for something and they want it to be correct.
  4. Crackulous

    You can scroll through all the options after the game suggest you one, there really is no reason to find out beforehand, as the results are the same for all characters on the same faction.
  5. ZeroErrorz

    wait what about the thanatos,i heard you can get the shotgun
  6. Blarg20011

    Yeah, and you get a shotgun no matter what you choose.

    Rewards are LR carbine, low zoom BASR, controllable LMG (143/652), CQB AR, and extended mag max weapon (left arm?)
  7. VakarisJ

    Thanatos and other factions' equivalents are now given by default to everyone, in addition to numerous level1 certs. Apparently, it's to provide new players more varied gameplay or something.
  8. bPostal

  9. Ronin Oni

    No... all factions got a shotgun for free as well without being tied to the choice