Near misses cause tilt

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Vaphell, Dec 13, 2013.

  1. Vaphell

    posted in the gameplay discussion forum but i will post it here too so my brethren don't miss it and are in the know.
    if you ever wondered how after starting to shoot stationary target with a semi-auto weapon first and the target shooting back not so accurately you managed to not kill even after sending 5 bullets downrange when 3 should be enough or how that ambushed HA owned you because your dead center aim magically didn't put enough dmg on target once he started spraying all over the place, look no further because the anwer is here.

    Supposedly this game has no suppression mechanics because it's a lame bullshiat from battlefield, right? People in the gameplay forum seemed to think exactly that when i asked if i am seeing things.
    Newsflash: you don't flinch only on hits, near misses work too - they bump your crosshair approx 0.5cm off center of the screen, to the side the bullet passed by, thus ruining your aim. For whatever reason it happens only beyond 20m and it's not about near miss of the head, shooting between the legs is enough.

    No idea if it's a builtin function or some glitch but that does happen. Tested it on PTS today.
  2. bulletchaser666

    i really wanna call BS on this cause i can eat lead and still keep my aim on
  3. Vaphell

    i went to pts to test it, did you? Your aim will be right back where it should be but the short bump to the side is there, at least visually.
  4. cyb_

    Sadly it is not BS. I was on PTS with Vaphell yesterdays and near misses of enemy bullets mess up your aim / let your screen shake a bit. I am not saying that it annoys very much, but it was the first I noticed / heard about it.
  5. SnipersUnion

    Probably worth a look too!
  6. m44v

    eh, it happens all the time when I'm with the SAS-R, I thought it was normal? while I don't like it either I think it would be fair to bring forth a real argument as for what this is not a good thing for the game, not just "it's a lame bullshiat from battlefield".
  7. cruczi

    I'm not bothered about it, in fact I find it strangely realistic. If you hear a bullet whiff a few centimeters by your ear, you would be a distracted, wouldn't you?
  8. Vaphell

    no idea how it's to be a soldier from the future, probably drugged with fear suppressants to never lose cool in the heat of battle.
    Also once the threat of permadeath is not there, funny things could happen to psyche.
  9. DeathSparx

    I actually found this on live and noticed it when I was sniping. It's pretty annoying when I'm getting shot by someone with an automatic rifle and I'm trying to line up a headshot on them.
  10. Scudmungus

    Aye - I thought this was one of the things that makes pointman/running with the team using a SOAS-20 worth while. Throw in some Inquisitor bullet spam and you can really mess folks aim.

    However, as it stands, those LMGs and a fair few of the AR seem to be able to spew a stream of bullets onto a point, meaning if you're on your own, you really need a large head start in the damage-done. Else, they'll just return fire and, even with misses, land enough to take you down.

    Hopefully, with the nerfs to Laser Sights and the LMG recoil boosts in general, this will change.

    Still, I've found flanking a target and 'pinning' it as it shot at squad member resulted in, apart from a dead enemy, significantly less bullets hitting the squad member.

    The problem is, it's very hard to test something like this - who knows? Perhaps the same thing would have happened with a semi-auto scout or some smg spam.

    Still, with the RAMS buff and the the indirect buff to SOAS-20 - looking forward to next update.
  11. Vaphell

    what is annoying is that is a blanket nerf on marksman weapons that require precision over RoF, as if spray-n-prayers didn't have it easy enough, especially when these weapons are often associated with sway with limited windows of stability.
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  12. Scudmungus

    This is why I favour the RAMS - even in mid ranges - when playing a marksman role. Simply for the OHK (or 2 on missing a head shot). I find it allows us to be aggressive and take on targets, even under fire. Having to fire more bullets results in the exact problem you've outlined.

    The 'solution', as it were, would seem to hit them in the head more/land those 2 of those three bullets before they can even find you. If they're looking in your direction *and* you're using a weapon that requires more bullets to drop them *when* we factor the flinch mechanic, things are - as you've experienced - going to be difficult.

    Things might get better with the recoil additions to many popular weapon.


  13. ZillFattak

    THIS. Has been bothering me for months even without knowing about the fact it also works on misses. Automatic vs Semi weapons, the guy with less accuracy but more bullets can easily kill you. Thanks a lot flinch mechanism.
  14. MajiinBuu

    I don't know how this makes a difference at all.
    If someone is consistently landing hits on you your aim won't matter, you're dead in a split second.
  15. Vaphell

    the problem is that even if he is not consistently landing hits on you, you are crippled either way. Spraying asap in general direction with enough near misses will ruin the aim even without a single scratch. It's possible to stop landing shots way before you get hit for the first time but when you start receiving damage the deck is stacked hard against you already, despite the initial advantage.
    Let's say he starts spraying all over the place with 10 rounds/sec bullethose without hitting you even once and in the first second he near misses you 5 times. Your crosshair will be bumped 5 times which probably means your aim is affected for more time than it's not, depending on the time the distortion lasts. It's not like sprayer cares, he can afford it and has enough rounds to mow you down once he corrects his aim, it's you with a semi-auto weapon that need to be accurate with each consecutive shot being harder than the previous one.
  16. IIXianderII

    Flinch has gotten me killed numerous times. I don't notice it much when I am using an automatic weapon, but with a BASR its enough to throw my aim off right as I line up a headshot.
  17. Scudmungus

    If you can resist the urge to return fire (assuming your on a second shot) straight away -- assuming your not close-mid range, a fair few shots *will* miss* and there is often a break in the flinch, allowing you to get a shot off. That being said, there are obviously times when we gotta bug out for a few seconds and set up at a different angle.**

    You can also practice sniping without holding your breath. It creates a similar pattern of movement for the cross-hair.

    *..enough of a miss so that the flinch is less
    **Disclaimer: RAMS (Suppressor, x12 scope)