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  1. Nehlis

    I've really seen nothing but hate for it on the forums, yet for some reason I'm still interested in getting it. Anyone with auraxium on it or should I just go for the Carnage?
  2. Neo3602

    I've heard vastly different opinions on the gun some people think that it is utter crap and others swear by it, I suggest that you trial it before you buy it or you could just buy the Carnage and then by the A-Tross after you have 1000 certs again.
  3. MrWolf3

    I have used it (dont have aurax yet tho) Ill do my best to explain it. It is basically a Razor/Reaper love child. IT has the Damage model and slower fire rate of the reaper and the extreme range controllablity of the Razor. It has one of the slowest Fire rates fore an assault rifle in the game, While it can be used with difficulty in cqc it is not recommended, keep your enemies to mid to long ranges and you will dominate them easily.
    Recommended load out:1 or 2x reflex(the reflex sights offer easier handling when firing), forward grip, compensator, your choice of HV ammo or not.
  4. DatVanuMan

    BRO. It sounds like a WW1 machine gun. That's all you need to knowXD
  5. Bape

    For someone who loves the reaper I can tell you the Tross by far to me is way better then the reaper and will be my go to gun for now on.

    This gun dominate in medium-long range and it already has high velocity which to me makes a world of a difference.

    recommended attachments

    x2 reflex
    Advance forwardgrip
    Do not put HVA it literally does nothing to the tross and makes it harder to handle
  6. ruhtraeel

    I wouldn't be able to give as accurate of an answer, as I strictly play the infiltrator class, but I personally like the DMR more. The Tross seems to have some horizontal recoil to it, which makes the DMR easier to use, for me at least.

    The Tross seems to be better at very long ranges (100m+) when burst/single fire is used, but then I am biased since most non-SMG infiltrator rifles outperform it at that range.
  7. InoxGecko

    I bought it with SC when i started playing my NC alt more, honestly I think I could've made a better decision on my end. It's a decent weapon and does pretty well at medium range, but something about the recoil pattern just throws me off, I can't run anything else but the iron sights on it (at least they are decent). As far as attachments go, compensator and Adv. forward grip.

    Also, aim for the head.
  8. Epic High Five

    Tross is incredible. Absolutely minimal recoil when kitted out - slap a 3.4x crosshair sight on that badboy and just chain headshots like it ain't no thing.
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  9. TheKhopesh

    Having Auraxiumed every AR that the NC are physically capable of getting (Including the Gauss Prime, variants like the Gauss Rifle S/Gauss Rifle Burst, as well as reskins like the NS-11A and NS-11P)...

    I find that the Tross lives up to it's forumside hate.

    There are a few players who enjoy it (Of those that I know and speak to regularly, the only ones who enjoy it are low accuracy players who profit more from the extra rounds per mag), but by and large the Reaper DMR is more effective at all ranges.

    One thing is for certain, DON'T use it for range over the Reaper.
    (The accuracy on the Tross limits it's range use past ~40m to single shot in order to avoid missing a fair portion of your rounds, where as the Reaper can accurately land 2-3 round bursts at similar ranges.)

    A good person to pay attention to for Assault Rifle opinions is SirCerealBox, who does some amazing videos.
    Here's his video post along with his opinion on the A-Tross.
    (He's also the first person in the game to have Auraxiumed the weapon, and has the 3rd most kills with it -as of today, October 6, 2014 that is- in the world.)

    Hope this helps!
  10. Kociboss

    I prefer Reaper DMR over Tross...

    Though Tross sounds more interestingly.
  11. pnkdth

    The main draw for me is more kills per magazine(over the DMR).

    The ROF and feel of the weapon is just right for me. I'm comfortable able to hang back and dish out the hurt, while supporting my team members. Mostly run with the 4xTrueshot(love it after the change) with adv grip/comp, and HVA. Again, the ROF allows for fairly easy recoil compensation which makes the extra velocity worth it.

    One reason it works for me is probably because it feels very much like the full auto scout rifles. Sure, different damage model but the way it behaves feels very similiar. Not sure why this weapon would be enjoyed by low accuracy players though, as the DMR and A-Tross are so similiar I'd say it comes down to what you value in a weapon, indeed, both reward the high aim player.
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