NC15 Phoenix

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  1. Peter Daniel

    Shooting Phoenix from inside a spawn room is pretty OP.
  2. Epic High Five

    Come to Mattherson. We field so many Phoenixes and Ravens that I've seen multiple /yell chat breakdowns caused by the incessant screaming :D
  3. daddy86

    yet another ******* like many others with no clue about the game complaining and its because of people like you this game has been dummed down so much that even my dog can play it!
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  4. Epic High Five

    Oh man, how much better would this game be if dogs COULD play it? Take a base and 5-6 players start wandering around the base, sniffing things and crouching near corners, the TR being endlessly ganged up on because they have all the cat-named weapons, "THE SUITS SHOULD CUT YOU A BEGGIN STRIP! WOOF WOOF!", "I NEED A VET!"

    But of course, /yell chat wouldn't have to change at all
  5. Chazt

    I'm on mattherson -_- in every large battle I see maybe two phoenixes in addition to my own, if we all used them the vanu would never win an alert when because we would just destroy every hope of a vehicle column or air raid they could ever hope for. If only.
  6. HadesR


    If only the rest of the NC realized how great the Nix is when used on mass .. To many people only judge it on it's solo ability, and fail to understand just how versatile and devastating it can be when used in teams ..

    Hell with over 2200 kills with it, it's also pretty good solo ;)
  7. Brewergamer

    Either: Obvious Troll Is Obvious Or: Cod player

    I believe that you should go play call of duty if you want all 3 of the factions to be the exact same. There is a reason we have 3 factions and that is diversity and uniqueness. I believe there should be much more faction-specific weapons than there is and I would honestly quit the game if they made all weapons exactly the same across all 3 factions.
  8. Epic High Five

    #1 thing I hear from people is that the listed damage is so low, they don't see the point so they never unlock or use it. I wish they'd make it clear that it does Decimator+ damage to vehicles and only hits infantry for 750 :(

    The Phoenix is pretty great
  9. JP_Russell

    It actually hits infantry for 850, doesn't it? Or does the splash damage not get added?
  10. Epic High Five

    Maybe? I've pegged more than a handful of friendlies with it as they walk in front of me and it seems like they're knocked down exactly 75%. Could very well be 85% though so who knows. Either way, the listed damage doesn't reflect what it does which is the main problem. I would think I'd nab more kills on wounded infantry with it if it did 85%, and I do go for them a lot. Some habits die hard, and it's worth it when you waste some guy who just got hit with two bullets or whatever.

    Nothing beats finding a nice spot during a big, pitched open field tank battle and playing a game of "follow the smoke to certs!"
  11. Gundem

    I've always found it funny that the same reasons the NC call the Phoenix UP could be applied to the Lancer equally, and the same reasons the people say the Lancer is good are the same ways the Phoenix needs to be used...

  12. Epic High Five

    I think the only reason people have a problem with the Lancer is the aspect of it that is fundamentally the opposite of the Phoenix, that being that it is a non-rendering, idiot-proof, near-hitscan pinpoint accurate AV laser that can create a no-go zone for vehicles 800m in radius. Also, it has the greatest trait anything can have as of late: it's great against Liberators, which are helpless against it.

    The Phoenix, on the other hand, has a man-sized hitbox and a bright projectile that isn't known for its subtlety or silence. It leaves a smoke trail so its origin is never a mystery. Its effective range is 300m max, usually a bit less. The user is entirely helpless while guiding the rocket, which can be a tricky process requiring use of unbound-by-default flight controls.

    "Being good in groups" is literally all the two have in common. Both fine weapons, but let's not try to force a "buff the Lancer" movement into this NC15 Phoenix thread.
  13. Gundem

    Hey, I think the Lancer is fine. I just find it ironic the way 90% of the NC shout "l2p nub" at those who complain about the Lancer, is the exact same way they complain about the Phoenix.
  14. Goretzu

    It's more people trying to exagerate the Pheonix's strenghts and downplay its weaknesses (like the person that claimed a Striker user was much more vulenrable than a Pheonix user o_O ).

    I love the Pheonix and it's a great weapon, it is however very situational and has it very specific and in many cases extreme vulenrabilities and limitations.