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  1. Wobberjockey

    i'm told by various NC sources that the analog throttle keys, as well at the regular throttle keys work for the phoenix, drasticallyincreasing maneuverability. i am inclind to believe them having seen some crazy bananna shots in my day

    how is it rich? where did i say that i didn't think the lancer should be effected by the change? as far as i am concerned it counts as a 'rocket' besides... are you SERIOUSLY trying to paint the lancer as OP here? because it's not. base design has seen to that

    and i also reject your premise that because small group wants to sit in a base and hunt sunderers means that i either need to hoof it 300m on foot, or accept the base as lost. the phoenix was built with a drawback. the user being vulnerable. the fact that they can circumvent that on every base on every continent, and still effectively hamsting an assault force otherwise behind cover seems quite a bit more powerful than being able to do AT MOST, 970 damage to the rear of your precious vanguard... which has 4k hp so at most i need to reload 2 in there at least. plus the obligatory requirement of line of sight. something the phoenix does not need.
  2. AssaultPig

    I would encourage anyone who thinks the phoenix is overpowered to make an NC alt and give it a trial run. I think you will discover that it's far less 'OP' than you think.

    1) considering the flight/reload time, its dps is low
    2) its range is quite short, especially if it has to turn at all
    3) the missile is very slow, enough so that it can be difficult to hit anything moving at even moderate speed.
    4) the missile's limited yaw makes it harder to hit those 'banana' shots than you imagine
  3. Nehlis

    Admittedly, It is the most fun es launcher. It's highly situational though, and outside that the lack of versatility kills it. Strikers are more effective at area denial and lancers have a better accuracy. NC get the fun, hard to use weapons.
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  4. maudibe

    I dont know what your talking about. The thing that kills me and my AV turret more than anything else ia a phoenix shot. The fact that all lock ons were nerfed and cant hit crap most of the time is true and the fact that the phoenix was uneffected in anyway shows bias. The phoenix is a much better tool than other launchers now. Of course i might be wrong as i dont play NC , and have only TR and VANU experience but..... i dont think so. I dont complain about the imbalance however and dont care about changing the way it is, say you cant kill infantry, i am one shot killed by phoenixs over and over as turret opperator.
  5. Epic High Five

    What I'm saying is that if you can't take a base wherein all of the primary assault classes are spawn camping themselves for you you weren't going to take that base no matter what. Get better at sundy positioning I guess, or learn the terrible secret that haunts the dreams of all Phoenix users.

    Also, the Phoenix's official drawbacks are BY FAR the most obvious ones - game-worst DPS for a launcher and extremely limited range.

    Yeah flight controls work on the Phoenix rockets, but it's a deal with the devil as the rockets are time limited and not distance limited. This means that if you slow it down for even a second to maneuver, you've shaved off at least 75m from your effective range. Much better is to try to use pitch up/down as often as possible instead

    All three ESRLs require groups to be effective. I'm almost top-100 in kills with the Phoenix and I can do some crazy tricks with it, but in actual combat it's tough to work in because the launcher is so unforgiving of misses.
  6. Tentakewls

    Ummm...sure you didn't confuse the phoenix with the lancer?
  7. Jalek

    Why are you using an AV turret within 300m to attack infantry?
    I shoot infantry in the face with a blueberry and it never kills them, it must be the splash of the turret explosion.
  8. Waffle Fartsparkle

    Let me explain this to you, as it is a rule with all manned objects whether it's a vehicle, phalanx, or MANA turret.

    No matter what, if whatever you are manning is destroyed as you are manning it, you will be killed with it. Think of it more or less as the explosion from the destruction of your vehicle/phalanx/MANA Turret killing you, and not the weapon itself. It's like a chain reaction. Rocket destroys whatever you're manning, and whatever you're manning literally blows up in your face.

    Again, this is a rule for ALL mannable objects. It doesn't matter if it was destroyed by bullets or tank shells. You will still die along with object you were manning.
  9. Eyeklops

    LOL, can't tell you how many times I have switched targets in flight to go after Mr Smokey.
  10. JP_Russell

    I love the ones that think they're making things better for themselves by turning around to get away faster.
  11. Krayus_Korianis

    I honestly shoot the crap out of the rockets. WHEN I see them or they actually appear for me. Otherwise, I keep my head down and pray it's not coming onto my head.
  12. Epic High Five

    Oh god yes, these are my favorites, espeically if the main turret or gunner is facing you, watching helplessly as a Decimator+ round comes barreling toward their exposed backside and there is nothing they can do about it, because they've made a terrible mistake/their driver is a moron.

    Or as I like to call it, "HHHNNGGGGG JUST...TURN...A...LITTLE...FASTERRRRRR" *boom* MBT+2xExtreme menace kills+probably a hate tell. My favorite thing about getting people into the Phoenix is just how quickly they catch on to this best practice without even being told. It's almost as good as the joy a Phoenixer feels when they first realize the extent to which they can annihilate otherwise nigh-invincible AI MANA turrets.

    It's not a weapon without its flaws to be sure, but all it ever needed was a reload speed buff (considering how dependent it is on spamming fire), then it got it and now it's great. Anybody else looking forward to doing high speed nose cannon+two Phoenix flybys with the Valkyrie? Get semi-close (like, 200-250m), magdump with the nose and then fire off two Phoenixes, and then let the HAs guide them in while the Valkyrie runs off to safety. Repeat 20 seconds later :eek:
  13. Chewy102

    Not viable depending on how fast the Val moves.

    LONG ago when the Phoenix came out I was playing around the warpgate testing it out by weaving around stuff. Learned the greatness about jumping and firing the Phoenix while in air, that will be forever missed. I used that to test a few things on its ranges by jumping on a jump pad just before shooting. It did one of 3 things every time out of around 15-20 tests.

    1- Rocket ends before it's flight path is done once you get 300m or so from it.
    2- The rocket DRAGS you with it once you get that 300m from it (only happened 2-3 times)
    3- You get put in a loading screen once you get over 300m from the rocket.

    Also with using the Phoenix in the back of a Harasser I tend to the game things happening but with no dragging as of yet. It's safe to assume it will be the same or worse once you're in the air moving faster and adding more distance from adding height into account.

    That 300m isn't a hard cap for balance reasons. It's a hard limit on the game itself from needing to have a loading screen past it. On the ground you'll have hard times hitting the hard cap while moving. In the air it will much easier and I don't see it being that great to begin with if the view angles aren't kind to looking down. Might even have a problem with hitting the Val itself. I'll never know till getting my hands on the aircraft.
  14. Epic High Five

    I'll have to test it again, but the last round my buddies and I did resulted in being able to fire it from the back of a harasser, turbo in the opposite direction, and we weren't able to get any odd performance out of it. Just get maybe 700m away from it and then it returns just like normal.

    The projectile itself is rendered by the engine as an aircraft, which is why flight controls work and why you're able to shoot it down, so it's not tethered to your location in any meaningful sense. The projectile has a set time limit, and once that's hit it returns to your HA

    Even if this turns out to be the case, it'd still be viable like a peekaboo lolpodder is, except instead of lolpods it's two Decimators :D
  15. Chewy102

    Well I did those tests back a good while ago. But Im certain that the game still can't do a point to point jump bigger than 300m-400m without putting you in a loading screen. Like how it happens in some bio-lab portals and not others. That was a HUGE reason for setting the Phoenix as it is and almost the number one dev excuse as to why NC gets a 300m hard cap while the other 2 factions can go to 500m+.

    A simple way to test this is to get 2 players and have a harasser/flash sitting on a way point. They drive as the rocket is fired and stop when it is done. You should still be able to see way point distances while flying the rocket to get it's flight distance then just add that to how far the harasser/flash is. If you're right then the vehicle should go around 400m to the rockets 300m. If Im right it will be closer to 300m-400m combined.

    That is still on the ground though. To see what would happen in an aircraft needs you need to turbo off a cliff so that you are getting movement on all 3 axises from the starting point. 300m is not that bad on flat ground but near nothing when going A2G. Less when dealing with flak.

    To be honest. Id think Engies would be better as side gunners. Fly-by mines on one side and a grenade launcher on the other. It would finally be the bomber we wanted with added effect of being able to swap loadouts without pulling a new vehicle! AI mines for infantry clusters, AT mines for convoys, or go boom boom with C4.
  16. Deschain

    i use it for sniping snipers :), its a 2 shot kill they have no clue..Makes for some interesting /t lol
  17. Chazt

    Good for shooting around shallow curves from relative safety and taking out turrets. Thats about it from a solo standpoint. In a group though that thing can be deadly as all hell and really gives the NC a good way of picking off peices of a tank zerg, no if only we could get people to use it in groups...
  18. \m/SLAYER\m/

    it's not OP, it doesn't OHK infantry, and it has bug with shields, dont call it OP if you never used it.
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  19. Dregan

    Don't use toggle-crouch. Instead keep the crouch button pressed and you will remain crouched throughout the flight. SOE should really fix this but alas.
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  20. TheFamilyGhost

    Unfair posts are sad. I really feel sorry for people that live in that kind of world.