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  1. Scr1nRusher

    You guys all fell for a Troll thread.

    I would think you guys would have noticed it by the OP.
  2. Chowley

    Its ok its crap. Only 300m range and awful controls :p
  3. Odin

    hahahhaa just had to respond to this.
    This why the game will never be awesome we have clueless dumdumbs making comments like this. The phoenix time to kill a tank is over a minute and a half at 250 plus metres. You heard that right dumbdumbs in the time it takes to fire, follow the missile to target, reload and fire another target you could go get a coffee read the paper and also laugh at the standing still infantry trying to kill you.
    What a dolt. so tired of comments that have no basis in reality.
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  4. Armchair

    These are the changes I would like to see to the phoenix.

    1: When the round runs out of fuel, the warhead should continue traveling on a ballistic course instead of vanishing into the aether.
    2: When a pilot exits guided mode, the missile should continue on a straight line path until it runs out of fuel. Once the fuel is exhausted, the warhead should continue on a ballistic trajectory.

    ^Those two are things that I think it needs. This last one is a thing I'd like it to have.

    3: The weapon should either reload while the pilot is guiding the missile, or the ammo should be contained in one large magazine with an extremely slow refire rate comparable or longer than the reload of most launchers. This would fix the whole "dps is so low at range that the enemy soldier redeployed, respawned, and has now fully repaired the vehicle that you never stopped attacking" problem without increasing its DPS at close range.
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  5. beeflamb

    You can't be serious, right? How many times have you gotten killed by the Phoenix? Ok, sure the striker is not that great compared to the Lancer, but at least you can hit moving targets with it! Every vehicle except sunderers and prowlers can outrun the Phoenix (40m/s). The phoenix is only useful for chasing down a retreating target that's already in the red, but even then the Lancer can do a better job. An engineer with level 2 repair tool can repair faster than the Phoenix DPS. Idk what those nuts at SOE were thinking when they designed a ESL that operates like a sniper. I played around with my Phoenix for ONE day after I bought it (on sale) before realizing it was a complete useless piece of **** and returning to my NS launcher.
  6. \m/SLAYER\m/

    but i see a lot of Phoenix users after sale. the best part of this gun - very fun to use it :)
    the worst part - when you set on fire an vehicle or hit infantry, the rockets won't fly over spawn shield anymore :mad: it must be fixed
  7. Epic High Five

    The whole exploding 2 feet in front of your face happens quite often on the spawn shields, you'll be happy to know.

    Also you got the range wrong because it's both less than that @300m and is based on time (ergo, pathing) and not distance from launcher, and failed to mention how the launcher cannot be used if it's laggy (the projectile will hit the ground in front of you before you switch to it - it's really just the saddest thing to see)

    Phoenix is great and a lot of fun, but to say it's OP is pretty funny.

    The only group of people who have any right to think the Phoenix is unfair are vehicles that are smoking, because as soon as you start billowing smoke you've just become target#1 to every Phoenix on the field
  8. Chewy102

    Minor necro, but still posting anyway.

    If any vehicle wants to be safe from Phoenix fire, just use proper cover and not some divot or tree that's just enough to break locks.

    I like the Phoenix and try to put it to use in as many abusive ways I can. The thing just can't work if you try and use it around bends without some very good positioning that doesn't exist in most bases. It turns so damn slow that it makes it's own dead zones as well on top of the range hard cap. Use behind any cover? Instant 50m+ deadzone you can't touch. The only way I got a Phoenix to work behind cover in the first place was by firing in mid jump over said cover. With the removal of ADS in air, that is now impossible and I assume this is a reason for that change. I now have to be a good distance from my cover in order to shoot around it taking my out of cover and reducing the range cap even more from both being further back and needing to bend around a lot eating my flight path.

    Then you have the pure **** DPS. It may hit like a Decimator to vehicles but you can NOT land hits in anything of a timely fashion. Reload only happens after guide time. Making it have an effective reload time of at least 10 seconds (up to around 20 if not more) where everything else is around or less than half that with popping in and out of cover to dumbfire OR take the time to lock/charge. You also tend to miss if the target moves at all just like any other non lock-on rockets. But missing with a 10+ second reload isn't close to missing with a 5ish second reload.

    There's also 2 facts that make the missile worthless. 1- It can be shot down. 2- You can die in mid flight. Either of them are out of your control and can happen at any moment lowering the DPS even more.

    The Phoenix is a strong weapon. But it is nowhere near powerful. To many weaknesses and to many downsides just like the Striker. Lancers though. They are a ***** to deal with. Lower overall damage helps, but DAMN do they pose a threat to anything that renders.
  9. Robes

    That was a sarcastic answer made some time ago. As to answer your question how many times? Lots actually, i played right after it got released^^

    But no in its current state its a solid launcher, even as little as two people (which i do when i get bored) can easily kill a tank, get 3 or 4 people working together and theres no chance for a tank to stay alive if he isn't right beside a rock already. You just cant try to ranbo with it like you said you did, you have to have a couple people that actually know how to say "everybody shoot x hes next to x" and the group do that, pretty hard for most ps2 players I've noticed.

    Its far from overpowered, but its also nowhere near underpowered aswell, its does what its meant to do well.
  10. TheBlazing

    Well, I have good news for you:

    While only the NC may have the Phoenix...

    If you're VS, you get a laser launcher with the same bullet speed as your fighter jet's nosegun (800 m/s on full charge).

    If you're TR, you get a multipurpose lock-on launcher similar to the Annihilator but with up to 1600 potential damage.
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  11. Krayus_Korianis

    Remove the Phoenix's ability to launch from a spawn room. Hiding in there with a remote controlled launcher is OP'd.
  12. oherror

    Simply it was the faction only launcher in PS1. Also if you like it play on the NC for a bit. It works ok but like everything in this game it got nerfed after release.
  13. TheBlindFreak

    How so? In the event where you actually profit from firing from the spawn room (note: circumstances where you can't leave the spawn room without dying), the enemy has probably already overwhelmed you and the phoenix isn't helping at all.

    Otherwise, there isn't really any difference from firing it just outside the spawn room. And honsetly, you're at a disadvantage firing it from the spawn room because the missile can't turn worth a damn. You're better off finding a good spot to launch from.

    But while we are at it, how about we make it so all rockets cannot shoot from the spawn room. Those f*****g scrubs should come out and let me farm them. And MAX's too! If my tank is shelling with HE or Python rounds, those guys shouldn't be able to fire AV weapons at me. Why not bursters while we're at it? If I'm being awesome and tearing up infantry with the airhammer, banshee, or lolpods, those guys shouldn't get to sit in the comfort of the spawn room and deter me without me being able to shower them with explosions.
  14. Krayus_Korianis

    Uh oh, someone's angered because they can't farm. I guess I've hurt a Smurf's feelings.
  15. TheBlindFreak

    Hahahaha, no. I was making a point by going to the other end of the extreme. Note that I'm on the Phoenix side of the argument, not the spawn camper side.

  16. Krayus_Korianis

    I honestly have perfect reading comprehension. Your post and your latest post tell me you want to continue farming from safety; from either a liberator/galaxy and MBT or from the spawn room with your oh so wonderful, Phoenix.

    But hey, whatever you want to tell yourself so you can play all happy slappy with whatever it is you call yourselves.
  17. TheBlindFreak

    Clearly not. I mostly play infantry, primarily LA and Infil getting into the thick of things. But I dabble in nearly every aspect of the game except libs and gals. But please, continue to make assumptions.

    Now, all I was doing in my post was defending the Phoenix. If you want to nerf the phoenix (and a fairly pointless nerf since firing a phoenix out of the spawn is not much more effective than firing a Dumbfire), then all rockets should behave that way. The max bit was just for shiggles.

    Also, snarky comments get snarky responses. Just FYI
  18. Wobberjockey

    ok. striping the hyperbole aside... how does one counter 2-3 heavies shooting phoenixes from spawn as a means of area denial for sundies?

    because i can't just shoot them. and shooting down the phoenix is rather pointless when they have infinite ammo because: spawn room.


    if a small force is attacking a slightly smaller force (under 1 squad attacking, 3-4 defending)
    the phoenix users can simply destroy the sunder the squad is using to attack, and then mop up due to a low distance to spawn

    the attacking force really can't do much here because , lol, guided missle with user in an invincible box

    it's the exact reason more games don't have or allow player controlled remote vehicles.

    so yes, all rockets should simply detonate when they hit those shields.
  19. TheBlindFreak

    I'm going to have to disagree with you here. I can't think of any base that lacks cover for sundy placement. Believe me, the Phoenix missiles are not very maneuverable at all. If you place a sundy where it can be Phoenix'd, then you did a poor job on placing the sundy.

    Now, if there are some bases where the spawn has ample firing angles on any effective sundy placement, then I'll halfway agree with you. But that's more of a base fault.

    This comes from my own experience with the Phoenix. The 300m flight time combined with the poor maneuverability don't allow for much leeway on hitting vehicles that are decently placed.
  20. Epic High Five

    It's very easy to spot Phoenix proof cover, though this is not a secret I intend to share here.

    Also, this is pretty rich coming from the faction with the near-hitscan, perfectly accurate ESRL that is effective out to 800m but only renders for 300

    If the Phoenix users are firing from the spawn room, that base is already lost or you have no hope of taking it