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  1. Chubzdoomer

    The Phoenix is a hell of a lot of fun to use, but it doesn't take long to figure out that it's only useful in very specific situations (particularly base defense). Since you can't dumbfire it, you're left completely vulnerable (and standing up) the entire time you're in control of it. That's the biggest downside, but there are others as well like its short range and slow projectile speed. I use the Shrike/Devastator most of the time and only equip the Phoenix when I'm inside a base that's under siege by a tank zerg so that I can shell them from within the safety of the base's walls.
  2. slawo

    most people in this topic who say "Phoenix is not that good" play nc nation;p
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  3. Flashtirade

    I do. It's not that good.
  4. BadAsElite

    Rofl how the **** is the Pheonix OP.
    It's the worst DPS out of All Yes All ESL's it's also far the most situational weapon going.
  5. HadesR

    It's good ..... When used en masse

    Solo .. It's let down by it's DPS ( flight time + reload ) and is only a real threat to Engie turrets, wounded Infantry , Half dead vehicles and careless ESF's

    It's a great last hit killer though , perfect for hitting that burning MBT as it scuttles behind a hill.

    It's far from OP but IMO it is the most fun and enjoyable launcher in the game to use ..
  6. Pikachu

    True. The thing its good for is killing engineers at their mana turrets. Its so frustrating to see all these great opportunities to use phoenix in a group but no one wants to use it.
  7. Eyeklops

    No way they were hitting tanks outside of render range. That's what makes the Lancer OP in coordination.

    Phoenix: Very audible missile, can be shot down with small arms fire, short range (within render distance), can be "juked"
    Striker: Audible lock-on indicator, break locks with smoke/flares, break lock using another vehicle (fun to do), fairly limited lock-on range, missiles show on mini-map,
    Lancer: ??....break line-of-sight.

    See the difference.

    I have personally lost Vanguards and Prowlers to Lancer squads were I got a damage indicator and was dead less than 3 seconds later. That has never happened versus the Phoenix or Striker.
  8. Bape

    What I noticed in this thread is everyone that is saying the phoenix is good most likely ..... no never tried the phoenix. I have the phoenix guess what .... I use the AV lock on now best 250 cert investment I ever done and I see more NC using this then the horrible phoenix. I've been saying this since the buff to tank hp the phoenix need a overhaul camera guiding is fun but very bad to coordinate with squad.
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  9. Eyeklops

    I don't really feel the Phoenix is UP, of all the ESAV I think it's actually balanced. The problem is the Lancer is OP beyond render range, and the Striker is just straight up garbage. If SOE limits the Lancer to render range and somehow fixes the Striker ESAV will be fairly balanced IMO.
  10. AnnPerkins

    no one is saying the phoenix is great. It's just better than the other ES AV. No one can ever park a sundy within 300m of a NC spawn and AI turrets are a joke.

    The lancer doesn't have great damage by itself but it can damage without warning indicators and without using any skill in leading targets. A perfect VS weapon. It's also ridiculously good against MANA turrets.

    The striker depending on the devs mood and time of day can either be a better version or worse version of the annihilator. And lets admit, lock-ons are hilariously easy to flare or just dodge. It's also funny to note that TR which has the worst shield coverage from their turrets also has the least effective weapon for dealing with them.
  11. iller

    It's only ~255m according to its in-game Camera

    Just curious.... have you ever tried hitting ESF's with the Pheonix?

    I ask b/c everytime I've tried it, they hear me coming a mile away. The only guy I ever hit consistently with it, I PM'd and asked what his speaker setup was. He said he had to play without sound *(people close by sleeping I'm guesing).

    A single stock Max (the AV Arm with almost no drop) will kill it a lot faster. And a single HA with 200 certs into C4 who manages to drive a Flash up to it, and then get 3 shirkes off will kill one even faster than that (I do it fairly often). The only real use of the Phoenix is when you're so far outnumbered that firing from Spawn is the only way to deal damage to anything -- which can be "fun" obviously, but it's also already a lost cause at that point.
  12. Bape

    Phoenix has horrible DPS 1 round per reload and you have to guide it and actually hit the target which makes the DPS very bad even compared to the striker. When you actually look at all 3 ESL the phoenix has so many cons compared to the striker and lancer but don't get me wrong the striker needs a buff but im sorry I refuse to use the phoenix it literally is not for team play I even tried using it with a squad we couldn't even coordinate for the life of us.

    Im pretty sure you tried the phoenix so you are entitled to an opinion and I respect it. The only thing I wish the phoenix had is a dumbfire mode and I don't mean shoot and quickly press E that no where near dumbfire. If it had a dumbfire mode I would use it all the time but until then ill stick with my lock on.
  13. Tbone

    Without any hard feelings really, do you agree that you and the VS don't deserve the high ROF guns ,we and the VS don't deserve the 167dmg guns?Just asking cause this too is a thing that ruins faction spec in my opinion.
  14. Tbone

    Well said.
  15. slawo

    Ok today i buy Lancer and use in battle, this weapons is not good is fu@!# terrible! only usefull is only when 6 player got this and coordinate, i dont know what SOE thinging make this crap!
  16. noobindo

    They thinking you not alone on the battlefield.
  17. minhalexus

    So the Phoenix is OP and the Lancer is UP?

    Keep it coming....................

    How many medals/kills do you have?
  18. Tonberry76

    the phoenix is only good to kill ENG with there turret
    also good weapon to damage maxes as long they don't see you

    but to blow up suns and tanks i recommend a better launcher
    but then again if allot of NC have it but as far i see the NC not many have that weapon

    it can be deadly because all can hide and shoot everything with out the enemy see them
  19. BadAsElite

    Agree, I made a thread about this but alot of people seem to think that you should just cancel as soon as you fire for the "dumb-fire effect" which would again be awful.

    A secondary fire mode would be warmly welcome. A dumb-fire switch with the same damage values and ballistics to that of the Crow / Hawk. would be fine and balanced.
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  20. PlatoonLeaderG

    Sorry but if NS weapons dont exist what i could use on my TR character???
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