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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by slawo, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. slawo

    Today i discovered NC got rocket luncher with camera guided, tell me pls why only NC! i thing this is really unfair and SOE should make the same guns for every nation
  2. DashRendar

    I think you should play NC if you like the NCs things. The idea of everyone having the same things goes against the fundaments of the game.
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  3. Akeita

    You should go back to COD/BF4, we have faction specific stuff in this game.
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  4. Robes

    Says an NC defending his brokenly OP toys!

    (dont kill me)
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  5. NinjaTurtle

    It is because of players like you why SOE play it really safe and release boring 90% copy and paste weapon

    As soon as one faction has something even slightly unique people cry unfair.

    The empires should be even more unique than they currently are, I'd go as far as saying NS weapons should not even exist
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  6. Akeita

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  7. Pikachu

    No unfair they others get lancer and stuff. And phoenix is the least useful because it only works in groups and there are no groups using it and it can not kill infantry.
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  8. AssaultPig

    none of the ES launchers kill infantry really, although sniping dudes with the lancer is somewhat amusing

    also the phoenix is fun to shoot, but it's pretty limited. Low DPS and pretty short effective range considering that it's only good for shooting vehicles
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  9. TheBlindFreak

    Low DPS due to long reload and flight time.
    Poor maneuverability.
    Pathetically short 300m range.
    The shooter is immobile and uncrouches while controlling the missile.
    Slow projectiles that are outrun by all vehicles.

    Or are you talking about the time when it could 1-hit infantry? Because that was nerfed within a week. Compare that response time to ZOE and the multitude of TR toys.
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  10. MykeMichail

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  11. Robes

    You guys hear the whoosh on that one?
  12. TheBlindFreak

    Maybe you need to practice on conveying sarcasm over text.
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  13. Robes

    Maybe you need to learn how to read the whole post ^^
  14. TheBlindFreak

    Mhhmmm, I don't make a habit of highlighting whitespace blackspace in everyone's post.
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  15. Jogido

    ya that's a pickle....join the NC!
  16. slawo

    yes maybe lancer is good but tank see shoter, when shoting nc15 noone see you and camp like boss hide behind bulding
  17. Levtech

    Do we get a bolt action sniper rifle with infinite ammo & no bullet drop? No. Do we get ranged max AI weapons? No. Do we get a tank that can strafe and use afterburner? No. Do we get an esf with a small hitbox? No. I mean seriously, whats the point in having factions if the only difference is lore and cosmetics?
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  18. Paperlamp

    Uh there are groups using it. And it shuts vehicles down hard at certain bases. I still consider it broken, just too situational for it to get complained about enough to fix at this point.

    resisting urge to whine about striker in ESL topic
  19. TheBlindFreak

    I'd like to see you make a 90 degree turn from "behind a building". It's balanced.

    1/10 troll harder.
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  20. Eyeklops


    Really? The COD/BF stuff is getting old. Use Dash's post as an example if your having difficulty in figuring out what is an appropriate response.
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