NC15 Phoenix fired from rumble seat

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  1. Waffle Fartsparkle

    Jesus Phoenix does exactly 1252.5 damage vs MBT's and Lightnings. That's more than the Shrike.

    The Phoenix is a deci in terms for vehicle damage. 750 is only infantry damage (I still kill infiltrators because of 2 hits (SCREW THE NERF)). Well at least it is meant to be.

    However the phoenix range is limited by 2 things.
    1. Distance.
    2. How many people (render distance).

    You can tell how far by just putting a way point down, then move 300m away on a flash (with a mate). Move closer does it go further??, move further does it not go as far??.

    Maybe make it AP and do health damage instead of armour resistances (honestly they could bring the OHK against infantry back, because FLAK Armour stops the kill).
  3. lyravega

    Jesus what?
  4. Waffle Fartsparkle

    It's actually not limited by distance. It's limited by lifespan. It either blows up at the end of the lifespan which is 7.02-7.14 seconds, or until it crashes, whichever comes first.

    I don't disagree with the OHK against infantry given the amount of disadvantages this weapon has, but it can't do 750 then. Minimum OHK against infantry is 1000. Making it into an AP Ordinance means that it will deal 1250 against Lightnings and 1200 against MBT's.

    As a counterpart to the Godsaw (Gauss SAW), I've taken to calling the NC15 Phoenix, The Jesus Phoenix.

    Sermons are hosted on Tuesdays.
  5. AssaultPig

    Dudes, I get that the phoenix has a different damage multipliers against infantry and vehicles.

    The phoenix' dps against vehicles is still very low; it has more flight time than anything else and a long reload cycle on top of that.
  6. Waffle Fartsparkle

    The upside is that so long as you're within the 295 meter range, you have a pretty good chance of hitting your target safely from cover, where as with any of the dumbfire rockets, you gotta really put yourself out there.
  7. Haquim

    Not propably... they can and will....
    I'm surprised at how few people seem to use it, and usually its only a single guy, which doesn't do much. But I have seen a bunch(around 4) use it to stop a TR tank column assaulting a tower. Pfsh. Stop it. Rather annihilate, vanquish, eliminate, wipe off the face of Auraxis. 5 to 10 Mins later the only tanks left were new ones that rolled in. And the NC ones ofc.
    Had a discussion about that yesterday - the guy told me to just stay away 300 metres and I would be safe :confused:.
    Worse, I think he was being serious :eek:.

    PS: Tank column means something around 20 MBTs + Lightnings and Sundys
    PSS: Can any NC tell me why there is so few of them?
    This weapon is so BS Op as soon as only a few people coordinate, and still I see maybe 4 of them a day - unless i got as lucky as described above....
  8. Waffle Fartsparkle

  9. AssaultPig

    I assume it's because they're sort of cumbersome and a little frustrating to use

    you definitely can do a lot of business if you get an elevated location with some cover to hide behind, like in a tower. But there's lots of times when it'd be more convenient to just have a dumbfire, too
  10. dragonwinds

    I thought it did decimator damage...
  11. Waffle Fartsparkle

    It deals 82.5 less than the Decimator and 117.5 more than the Shrike against MBT's and Lightnings.
  12. Deladin

    I will still give up my Phoenix and left arm for a lancer anyday.

    The range alone is what will make it useless from a Valk. You are in prime AA range if you are in Phoenix range, the cycle time means even if you score a direct hit, you have no chance of a follow up shot unless the Valk continues to sit in prime AA/Rocket range. Generally the tank will just repair in this time.

    People wonder why we don't use the Phoenix more, it is utterly situational. Against a large column where we can shoot from cover, ya it's great, but it's almost suicide if there is any infantry around, as you are completely blind to everything not in the camera for several seconds...oh and snipers. You may be in cover from the tanks, but I have seen people decimated by sniper crossfire using these things.

    No give me a Lancer. Give me the ability to negate ever having to lead my target, operating outside of render ranges and the SA that comes with not being locked into a small FOV camera for several seconds.

    the DPS of the Phoenix compared to the Lancer just does not compare. People flat out wrongly assume cause the Phoenix hits harder it must be higher in DPS and ignore that DPS is all about SUSTAINED damage. One guy with a Lancer will far more sustained damage than one guy with a Phoenix...Due to generally surviving far longer, being able to engage at far longer ranges etc.

    What I am saying I think Lancer Valks raining down pew pew lasers from above will be far more dangerous than Phoenix Valks. Already when fighting VS, I generally get more damage done to me from Lancers then AA fire at ranges greater than 200 meters.
  13. Waffle Fartsparkle

    The Dual Phoenix on the Valk I meant for being effective against AA, not AV. Sorry, I didn't clarify that. I've never used the Lancer so I don't know about it's useage in actual combat.

    The one thing that the Phoenix has over every other Rocket Launcher is that camera guidance. It allows you to hunt down armor that's otherwise unhittable with any other launcher by being able to curve around cover. That makes it perfect for hunting sunderers. It's like a vehicle that you're meant to crash.

    If you want to talk in terms of DPS, in the situation that armor is either in the 100+ or 200+m range, a dumbfire is probably not going to hit it unless it's stationary, and even then the person firing will need to judge their distance right.

    Not hitting it at all = 0 DPS. A phoenix will actually be able to hit it if the person firing it is in cover. I'd rather take low DPS over no DPS.

    The Phoenix is great for a lot of situations. Almost none of them offensive.
  14. Waffle Fartsparkle

    After testing the Lancers in VR, firing them from the back of a Flash, I am seriously frightened by how effective they will be in the Valk's seats.
  15. Evregade

    At the speed the valkyrie flies, its likely the phoenix missiles would just slam into the thing carrying them.

    Far more interesting uses would be Devastators, since you could fly up close to a lib and hammer it with one, flip, and hammer it with the second.

    Or the horrors of twin Strikers (what? how could the striker possibly be a problem, with crappy lock on mechanics and flare?). Simple. You may be able to flare the first striker off, but now all the valkyrie has to do is follow you, while swapping out which side is pointed towards you. With it tailing you, you can't use cover as reliably to break the lock. And its going to just be streaming missiles up your **** as it turns back and forth for each gunner to unload their mag.

    That said twin lancer valkyries will also probably be annoying. Lancers already excel when you have the high ground, and having a mobile high ground that can assure you have sight of the target; perfect.

    Phoenixes are very much a defensive / siege weapon in my opinion. They're good when you have two entrenched positions fighting, but not in many other circumstances.