NC15 Phoenix fired from rumble seat

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  1. Waffle Fartsparkle

    Considering you can control it while still on the back of a moving vehicle, and it's range only counts from where you fired it and not distance from player to rocket, how powerful do you think 2 HA's with NC15 Phoenixs' will be in the rumble seats of a Valkyrie?
  2. Deschain

    not really, the range is only 294m and the control is flunky so the pilot would have to fly at 200m and slow enough for you to navigate the missile, mostly resulting in death of the valkyrie.
  3. AssaultPig

    probably not that powerful; phoenix's DPS is low

    they'd be better off just using G2G lockons and being able to stay a bit farther away
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  4. Frosty The Pyro

    probably not that impresive, the rumble seets are on oposite sides of the craft so its not like they can realy concentrate fire, nix doesnt turn that tight. ground targets will generally be to far away from the air (or the valk will be dangerously close to the ground), against air you will be closer, but air his hard to hit due to low nix manuverability and slow rocket speed. Still when it does hit air it hits like a freaking truck. It might get a burst of usefullness while pilots adjust to listening for the screaching freedom rocket so they can start drifting lazily to the side and avoid it.
  5. dstock

    Wont matter, shooting it will blow up the Valkyrie, just like it currently is for the Harasser if you're speed is too great.

    imagine lancers in a Valkyrie

    Aruaxis disco balls. :D
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  7. KnightCole

    Valks will be annoying to hit.....cockpit, wings, biiiig *** blank spot where the 2 gunners are sitting, tail section......

    its gunna be like trying to hit that Sikorsky Skycrane helicopter....
  8. Pikachu

    Nobody is using phoenix anyway. Not even those surprisingly many people who bought the anniversery pack. Yestrzay I witnessed an extremely rare event where we had 4 phoenix users in a battle.
  9. Wobulator

    I'm imagining this as a Lib hunter.
  10. Waffle Fartsparkle

    That 750 damage only counts against infantry. One hit from a phoenix to an ESF will put it in burning state and low enough health to where small-arms can finish it off.

    Have you tested this?

    More NC need to PRAY to the Jesus Phoenix! For in it's de-vine blue lights and holy camera will it guide your soul to saaalvation!

    Also having a bunch of Jesus Phoenix users at once could possibly decimate an entire armor column from a safe area, but that's another thread. Praise the Jesus Phoenix!!
  11. FishMcCool

    Was it the Vanu Archive farm last night? I got 30 Phoenix kills during that time. :D
  12. Pikachu

    No it was us defending CoraMed Labs from TR coming from Dahaka west.
  13. NoctD

    The Phoenix is SO SLOW - good luck trying to chase down a Lib with one.
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  14. FishMcCool

    Well, you'll be glad to know there was a little crowd at Vanu Archives using them too so maybe it's picking up.. Not sure for the other servers but on Cobalt at least, i find people do tend to dust off their Phoenix if someone leads the way and starts spamming one.
  15. Lucidius134

    Honestly I could see the following scenario:

    1 Pilot and 2 Phoenix HA's.

    They sneak up behind a tank (290m away)

    They both fire around the same time and then bend the rocket to fly at the tank.

    Both hit the rocket tank around the same time and instagib it.

    ^If the above doesn't happen it will be the valkrie turning so one has an angle, that HA firing, and then rotating so the other HA can fire. I honestly don't see it being abused much though considering I was expecting Phoenix + Wraith cloak to be a thing.
  16. Waffle Fartsparkle

    I've hit plenty of libs and ESF's with my Phoenix. :3

    It takes 3 butt hits from a phoenix to take out an MBT.
  17. Waffle Fartsparkle


    Not allowed to bump threads pointlessly.
    However, I shall share info with you guys.

    Distance is as everyone knows is from where your body is.

    A. Move away and the range increases how far you move.

    B. Move closer and the range decreases how far you move.

    C. Yes if the flash (Racer 3 Harasser may work, however no cloak) was fast enough you could fly the missile next to it (attempted was a fail, but could/would most likely be able to do so).

    D. Yes you can cloak while the missile is in the air.

    E. Shoot at 90deg and then drivers cloak and move a little (can protect the phoenix user in flight).

    F. Phoenix projectile is not invisible while in flight.

    These are the results of me testing the Phoenix and well... I liked it back when you could 2 shot libs out of the sky (now a 3 shot (it should be reverted back to 2)).

    2 Hits behind a MBT puts it into the red if they don't bail they lose the tank (also don't forget the Valk will have a gun that can do damage to tanks, even if only light it could become (near) insta kill).
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  19. Waffle Fartsparkle

    Says who? I see people do it all the time without any sort of repercussion.

    The Phoenix actually doesn't explode on a certain distance. The projectile fired from the phoenix has a set, "lifetime". If you were to have the Phoenix missile midflight and pressed the throttle analog button (aircraft keybinds. Unbound by default), the missile will slow to a crawl, and then explode shortly after.

    The missiles are actually timed to explode, much like the now-balanced AV MANA turret.
  20. lyravega

    Vehicles have wildly varying resistances against Phoenix.