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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Parasitic, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Parasitic

    This sniper needs balancing, tried out all 3 factions rifles already, and it is by far the most op thing, they need to tone up other sniper rifles for other factions, or tone that one in particular down, because at this point, there's no reason to not be a NC infiltrator, even if you hate nc.
    I just oneshot a Heavy Assault who was at full hp and shields, even overshields up, wasn't even a headshot lol
  2. Bubblewrap2

    All factions have bolt drivers. It is just NC start with one unlocked. That is all (there are other slight differences between the bolt drivers, but none relevant to your post).

    If you're going to choose a faction for one default weapon of one class, then you really really don't get Planetside (let alone PS2). But, whatever, to each their own.
  3. Parasitic

    yeah, the op factor is they have higher base damage, for being nc, like vanu has lower bullet drop, and TR has RoF, the way it scales out is outragous
  4. iller

    Just b/c every NC starts with it, doesn't mean every NC starts off a 'pro' with it.
    ...anyone who does, only did so b/c they've got 1000's of hours of bolt-action practice in other games.

    It's actually a pretty niche skill set that leaves you extremely vulnerable to being overrun in what is inarguably a total "ZERG" game. The only real advantage comes from playing it Tactically, instead of "Twitchy".
  5. Bigperm

    Let's see the vid of you doing that again
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  6. Scan

    This... spent hours and hours playing Recon/Sniper in another game, and it really pays of being used to needing the headshot for an instant kill. I'd prolly say the only thing that's overpowered about this sniperrifle, is the bulletdrop, or rather, the lack there of. To get alot of kills with this rifle, you'll need good aim. The reload animation is quite long, long enough for your target to run behind cover, if you didn't nail the head.

    Played the semi-auto Terran rifle as well. In certain situation, that one was better, because I could stay zoomed in, and lead the target easier after the initial shot.
  7. Soylent

    I actually hate the bolt-action rifles. If you don't nail the headshot chances of getting the 2nd shot off before the target hides are pretty slim.
  8. Atreyu1989

    No, you haven't.
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  9. Scorponok

    i found that one funny as well..ive yet to see any sniper rifles kill on 1 shot without it being a headshot..if they have full armor and shields etc..
  10. Dcrd

    I don't see the problem. Infact, Vanu's stock rifle allows you to be effective in medium and long ranges, allows you to shoot without losing a sight of your target, and it's just 1 less bullet for death when it's so handy to aim with this gun and it have like double the ammo of a bolt action if I'm not mistaken. Bolt actions are "op" only against stationary targets which will die just as easily and fast with any other rifle.
  11. Ghostfox

    All factions get access to bolt drivers. NC just starts with them.

    The Semi autos, however, are much more effective at closer range and are easier to handle when dealing with running enemies. I'm just now getting zoned in with the bolt driver to be able to reliably hit moving enemies.

    This isn't to mention that often times, when you can pull off two to three accurate shots with the semi autos before the first shot even lands. Also, you can pull off a two hit with a body shot and head shot.
  12. Sento

    I agree. I like the Bolt Driver because I only used bolt action sniper rifles in BF3. They take a long time to get used to but I enjoy the precision that is required for their use. You have to think of having 1 bullet per target cause if you dont get a kill shot the first time, 80% of the time you wont even be able to get a second shot and who says your gonna land that one. I almost always wait for my targets to stand still before taking a shot so I know that that 1 shot will be a killshot.
  13. Bags

    No you didn't.

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