NC08 Mag-Scatter first sidearm to reach 100K kills <3

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  1. Hegeteus


    So, I've finally completed this pointless goal. I couldn't have done it without the unique community of PS2, so thanks everyone. I met many nice people in the game and received a lot of support there and here as well, while I did make a lot of mortal enemies (who provided me with another kind of motivation).

    I unwittedly started this back in 2014, with the release mag-scatter that most of you probably scarcely remember. It had only 4 rounds, and an even slower firerate than it does now. Back then, even auraxiuming it felt like a huge deal and I wouldn't have believed that it could one day be the first sidearm to arrive at 100K.

    I did around 65-70% of the work as a stalker and the rest as LA/HA since my tools for using an uncloaked sidearm primary had vastly improved. I'm not an exceptionally good player, but I was resilient to a fault and kept fighting through fire and brimstone. One thing that made this task particularly daunting, is that all the tools I used in concert with Mag-Scatter hogged a lot of kills.

    Here Are some additional stats from the journey:

    * I reached 17400 kills with the release Mag-Scatter
    * Auraxium Mag-Cutter has 9427 kills
    * Mag-Cutter has 2433 kills
    * Raijin has 7054 kills
    * Fujin has 2087 kills
    * At least 500 juicy ragetells on my estimate, I didn't bother to save them all though
    * Just a handful of teamkills...

    This is not to say that I will never use Mag-Scatter again, but I will no longer be gathering kills at a maddening pace (hopefully, for everyone's sake). Thanks again everyone, and live free in the NC!
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  2. TRspy007

    Would've been more impressed if that was done without the work of stalker infil, but gg I guess lol. Surprised that an NC found a way to use weapons against the enemy instead of friendlies.

    You unlock the directive pistol yet? I forget what the nc one is called
  3. Campagne

    Wow! A sight one sees very seldom, something of such magnitude!

    Congrats! :D Persistence has finally paid off in the end. Must have been just unbearable at the worst of it.
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  4. Badman76

    But why!?!?!?
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  5. Liewec123

    You total madman!
    I'd ask the devs to give you something as a reward,
    but it's nc so wrel would give you something, a nerf. :D

    The funniest part of 100.000 kills with a sidearm is the sidearm of choice,
    You did this maddening feat with one of the worst weapons in the game. XD

    Seriously though, DEVS, give this masochist a gold weapon camo to slap onto his magscatter!
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  6. Hegeteus

    Fully fledged sidearm build on a HA is honestly far less difficult to use than stalker cloak.

    I didn't see point in getting The Executive, since it's so vastly different. If I ever bother with the directive, it will be a week's work since I can equip two sidearms anyway.
  7. pnkdth

    You deserve a bonus check from DBG.
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  8. TRspy007

    Sneaky infil. Lol the directive is just a shiny mag shot. You do it to enlarge your e-dick and also get a free banner. Though the banner isn't as much of a flex now with the death cam:(