[NC] What is the best all round NC Carbine for Eng?

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by ZaltCW, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. ZaltCW

    This is excluding the GD-7F, I don't like the gun (I've play with it on trail) Yes its a beast up close but the long reload time and the sum what of a disadvantage at Medium range. I'm looking for a gun that excels in Medium range but can hold its own at CQB.

    I have enough to buy any carbine so all options are on the table and any suggests are appreciated.

    Please make a valid argument
  2. Johnnyseven

    I haven't used the Carbine's recently but I always used to use the Gauss Compact S. It's got a wide range of attachments and seems to do well all round for me. Many people in my outfit swear by the GD-7F though I haven't used that.

    Though if you haven't tried it yet, give the SMG a go, I use that on every single class now and I only lose a straight up firefight at sniper ranges. (Extended Mag/Compensator) It has the best Iron sight I've seen so far in game.
  3. Rusky

    Try out the GD-23. I found it to be a great, versatile weapon, decent in CQC (not as good as the GD7F ofc) and quite good at range (highest bullet speed).
    It also has blazing fast short reload (at 1.55s, it's the fastest reloading carbine there is iirc).
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  4. CommodoreFrank

    I've found the Mercenary to be the most well-rounded weapon in our arsenal. Slap a foregrip on it, and you have a gun that performs reasonably well at all normal combat ranges.
  5. ZaltCW

    I took Johnny's advice, the SMG Is amazing
  6. JudgeDreddy

    I would say the GD-23 is one of the most versatile and that aforementioned reload time can be a real blessing. However I'll definitely through my deck in for the ACX11 for it's power at medium and long range. I've made due at close range but with its 20 round mag it definitely isn't the best choice for cqc. I do agree on the smg as I grabbed that and been having a great time with it. Grab extended mags quick those 10 extra rounds can really help
  7. Armchair

    The gauss compact S is essentially a weaker mercenary. The primary reason to use it is for the underbarrel attachments, and I'd reccomend waiting until they get around to fixing the bugged drop on the GL that was introduced in update 2. However, the smoke grenades can still fulfill their intended purpose, and the underbarrel shotgun will still put all your eggs in one basket in CQC.

    But yeah, until they fix the GL, don't use the fragmentation nades....unless you have a spotter. It is so broken that you can practically throw hand grenades further.
  8. JonboyX

    The Mercenary is the best all-rounder in my opinion. Although with grenades and ammo pack squatting you can create a fairly decent exclusion zone with the Gauss S I believe?
  9. Intruder313

    The default gun is the best all-rounder. I'd say upgrade to the Compact S version of this but I'm not convinced by the new grenade launcher since GU02.
  10. ManowarKills

    If you want a gun that excels at medium range and still be competitive at short range, the AC-X11 is definitely something you will want to investigate. The 200 damage at 10m, 143 damage at 85m, and 500 RPM rate-of-fire is very comparable to the NC HA's NC6 Gauss Saw LMG (200 damage at 10m , 167 damage at 85m, and 500 RPM). The high damage per bullet coupled with good accuracy allows the gun to pick off targets at medium range with semi-auto fire, then switch to full-auto if enemies get closer.

    The AC-X11's primary drawbacks are slightly reduced ROF, higher reload time, and a smaller clip size. Thankfully all these can be countered by using the gun's high accuracy to ensure that all the bullets count, thereby minimizing the need for combat reloads. If you need help keeping automatic fire on targets between short and medium range, it is also the only NC carbine that can get the advanced forward grip to even further reduce horizontal recoil. If you need help putting single shots or short bursts on targets at medium to long range, it also has access to high velocity ammunition and a compensator.

  11. iProtocol

    I use the GD7F, really like it. It's high rate of fire make it similar to TR guns.

    Edit: See now that you disliked it, sry.
  12. Blackoth

    I know this is kind of off topic, but i did not like the starter rifle so i changed over to a slug mauler when it was on sale, and i have been having fun with it since, the slug is great for medium and long range, but sucks close up. where as the pellet load is great up close.

    as an engineer you'll be spending most of your time in your vehicle, so just get the forward grip for the default af-19 merc. the merc gets the job done reasonably well in most situations and a forward grip only costs 100 certs.
  14. Bill Hicks

    If not G0D-7F then the mercenary is decent .
  15. IntergalacticYoghurt

    Easy. Gauss Compact S with underbarrel grenade launcher attachment. Swap between 1x reflex and IR/NV scope. Win.
  16. Dusty El Lion

    The SMG is all you need. Seriously it works at absolutely every range. Just get extended mags on it.
  17. TWPC920

    Gauss Compact S is easily my favorite carbine. UBGL+Compensator+HV Ammo+IR/NV Sight makes it an all around perfect weapon.

    The UBGL is perfect for pinning down a doorway with an ammo pack by your feet. I've gotten tons of kills this way.
  18. Badname0192

    GD-7 F - Cert Laser sight and your choice of optic, enjoy the head shot bonus.
  19. KodanBlack

    I absolutely love the GD-7F.

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