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Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Kingofthesky, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Kingofthesky

    Curious what NC HA weapon every think is the best anyone want to share their opinions and their loadouts?
  2. Dreadnaught Wrex

    I havent put as much time into the NC HA's weapons. But I have to say they have the best starter in my opinion.
  3. Sile


    You're a funny guy!

    While the Gauss Saw is very good, you have to be good at FPSs to be great with it. It pales in comparison as a starter weapon to the bunny hop and hipfire TR guns or the point and click VS ones. It's a solid weapon, and great in it's ideal situation, but it definitely isn't the best starter.

    The Gauss Saw is perfect for medium range, basically anything over 15m it will dominate, as long as you get those headshots in. 2x Grip + Compensator + NC or 2x Reflex & click on heads for kills.

    For CQC I personally use the Jackhammer because the tighter spread and slower damage drop off give it more effective range wherever the SAW is useless.
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  4. KnightCole

    I have only mainly played NC HA, but having used the GD22S kitted out, as well as the NC6 kitted out, I favor the NC6 over the GD soley on the NC6s 100 rounds vs the GD's 50. Plus, the NC6 is just brutal with 200 dmg per shot.

    Another good gun, that I have yet to kit out, but have trialed it, is the EM6, its largely the same as the GD except it has 100 rounds instead of 50.

    As for the other guns, the AF19 Merc is a very, very good gun that I know as my 26 BRs in the TR I died to more then any other NC gun.

    The 2 I died to the most as TR were the AF19 Merc and the NC6 Gauss SAW. That and the Bolt Driver. The EM1 occasionally got me as did occasionally a shotgun, but otherwise, I was able to take the NC on fairly well.
  5. Frosty The Pyro

    While you are welcome to your opinion, very few will agree with you. The SAW is an excelent weapon, but thats because it works well at long and medium long ranges. however to work at those ranges it NEEDS a scope, and the adv. forgrip is often considered a requirement as well. It is distinctly inferior right out the gate, it has very poor hipfire acuracy and it has a poor fire rate and gigantic reload time (one of if not the highest for any gun), which are the sort of things a newbie will most likely be trying to do with it. The VS and TR starter LMGs however ARE good to start with. Again the guass saw is a great weapon once its certed and you have a feal for it, but it was a poor choice for a starter weapon.
  6. Dreadnaught Wrex

    Strange.... I have no issues with any of those. Maybe its just me, I dont know. But I found the TR starter's high fire rate and massive muzzle flash to hinder my ability to kill at close range. Rather hard to shoot an enemy you cant see. I found it easier with the gauss SAW. But then again, I originally made that post including any and all mods.
  7. Plague Rat

    My HA rolls with either the Anchor or the Jackhammer.

    Particularly I like the Anchor, firstly because I'm a compulsive reloader and refill my clip at every possible lul, but also because it has directional recoil to the right, which means it's predictable, and with practice a user can maintain a remarkably tight spray at even longer ranges, making this one of the most versitile guns in the NC arsenal for me. The initial recoil hits hard, but it can be dealt with, and is well worth the half second faster recoil over the GD-22s, as well as the 23 extra rounds per minute. Usually run with a forward grip as I do on most NC guns because NC=recoil.

    And the jackhammer... because shotfun (not a typo) Seriously, if this is any indication TR and VS should love the impending tweaks to the Lasher and MCG.
  8. riker

    since when did computer games become not point and click?
    dont you use a mouse?
    vanu weapons are not as easy to use as they seem
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  9. KnightCole

    Yeah, the TR muzzle flash was in my way right from the start. Its what prompted me to get a Suppressor right away. However, I learned eventually the Flash Suppressor does the same thing as the suppressor without the slaughtering of the velocity.

    The SAW stock does suck, its hard to use, I dont do that well with it stock either. Certed its amazing though, im using a Laser and x2 scope. I use it in pretty much all ranges, CQC and med, sometimes I pot shot at long, but mainly CQC, Short and Med range. 3.4x scope I cant hit **** with hte NC6. The NC6 might not be the ideal CQC gun, but im at like 3.0KD using it as I do.
  10. KnightCole

    Well, when compared to the other nations, yes, yes they are. They have noticeably more left and right recoil then the other nations, but as for other features like vertical recoil and bullet drop and spread, they are easy. THey have good CoF and amazing RoF. I played a VS for like 3 BRs, was like 8-1 during an assault on Esamir. I think the guns are good, thye are just ugly.
  11. Tom the Gun

    Personally I roll with the EM6 (compensator, forward grip, 2x reflex). Apart from brutal CQC it is murderous everywhere and the 100 round mag will let you tear though 3 or 4 guys before you run dry (never run dry, NC reload times are long enough already without having to rack the slide).
    The important thing though is that you pick a gun and learn it.
    NC LMGs kind of need attachments to bring them up to par and you need to burst fire, even up close, because the cone of fire extends rapidly. You can compete, but you have to learn technique.
  12. riker

    yeah but the TR have better ROF than us and more ammo and some of your weapons have good COF too
    but i do agree our guns arnt very pretty, save the new smg, and our medics gun, they look geat
  13. KnightCole

    Yeah, I dont deny the NC guns are pretty amazing. Im just saying, VS weapons are the easiest to use overall. They might not be the best, they are just the easiest to control, and imo, have the best iron sights.

    TR vs VS guns, VS have better recoil and alot better CoF

    NC vs VS guns, alot less recoil and higher RoF.

    I tend to beat VS guns with my NC, but I think thats mostly due to the NC high *** dmg.
  14. riker

    yeah the NC have the damage advantage, i get killed in half a second when i go up against the NC, the only time i get to kill NC is when they are turned away from me, when i do run into them i almost always die, so while our guns have low recoil they have lower damage than yours, unless you grab an lmg, but even then your lmgs do alot more damage than our heaviets hitting one, im not saying nerf NC btw, i hate people that go around screaming nerf nerf nerf, im just saying that people need to remember that we have bullet drop on our bolt action sniper rifles
  15. Bill Hicks

    gauss saw is the best non vehicle weapon in the game. I own people in cqc with it. No reason to every play TR or VS
  16. Cookiepiledriver

    Yeah, unless you want an LMG with an ADS speed of .75, higher DPS, or an advanced laser sight option without sacrificing any of the aforementioned and the same TTK.

    In CQC, you move and exploit the ****** hit detection of this game, or you die to the laggy ****** with the Orion.

    Oh yeah, shotguns.

    On topic: .. I actually have to agree with Bill, that the NC6 Gauss Saw is the best in the NC HA arsenal, since it is one of the best ranged automatic weapons in the game.

    If you are stationary, it is essentially 100% accurate depending only on your aim and it shares the same TTK with the other faction LMGs.

    All of the other LMGs in the NC arsenal sacrifice DPS and/or TTK for only marginally more effectiveness in CQC, so they simply aren't worth it.
  17. Armchair

    If the jackhammer is ever buffed to the point where it is worth using it over the other shotguns (TRIPLE SHOT!), then Gauss SAW at range and jackhammer in CQC will be the best NC HA weapons.
  18. FilthWizard

    Here is my thinking on the subject.

    NC got a bolt action rifle off the start for the Infiltrator. The TR/VS starting guns are crap, but they have a 100 cert upgrade that is a decent bolt action.

    The NC got a crap starting weapon for the heavy, but they have a 100 cert upgrade that is a pretty good gun.

    (Here is the part where I start a flame war.)

    Lots of people will say stick with the Gauss SAW. It's a hipster gun. It's crap, but there's a psychological effect called "sunken cost" that makes people overvalue stuff that they have invested a lot of time and energy into. They will continue to invest in it until they think it's good. I've gotten past that by this point. You can throw as many certs as you want into the thing and it's still a terrible gun. Save yourself.

    Take your first 100 certs and buy the GD22S. It's not an amazing gun on any level, but it's a effective gun on EVERY level. It works. It's not sexy, but it works. It's the M16a3 of Planetside 2. Good at every range, quick reload, and if you decide you hate it then you only lost 100 certs instead of 7 dollars.

    Later, if you decide that you really want to invest in the Heavy, buy the Anchor.

    If you need more data go here

    Don't be fooled by his Gauss hipster bs. Watch how well he actually does while shooting it. (badly)
  19. hermes konrad

    EM6 with 4x trueshot, compensator, foregrip. Probably not the best gun stat-wise but its the one I get the best HA KDR with. I prefer it at medium to long range and fire 2-shot bursts.

    I feel like it has decent enough damage and the accuracy is good enough on burst fire that I can reliably take down moving targets. 4x Trueshot also gives a surprisingly good sight picture for long range.
  20. Cookiepiledriver

    It's not psychological. I have the numbers to back it up, unlike you.

    It has a TTK to match the best among the LMGs and pinpoint accuracy while stationary.

    If you are in a position where you have to be stationary at range, it is one of the best LMGS. THAT IS FACT.

    Actually, it's the worst gun in the NC arsenal. It has a higher TTK than the Gauss SAW by a large margin (and higher than the EM6/Anchor) and LESS DPS. The only marginal benefit is the initial COF while HIPFIRING (it's inferior at range, due to a larger CoF), but it can't be upgraded by an advanced laser sight, so that very marginal benefit becomes trivialized.

    It loses to all other faction CQC-specific LMGs at any range provided your opponent isn't AFK, unlike the SAW. Another "arguable benefit" is the recoil, which is significantly less for sustained fire, but skill can overcome recoil, nothing you can do can make it kill any faster, or make it more accurate at range.

    Don't. It has a higher TTK than the Gauss SAW and still loses to the other faction LMGs in close range. It's only there for flavor, but it fails at efficacy. Once again, refer to the link. Numbers are infinitely more valuable than anecdotal evidence.

    Don't be fooled by the quantitatively inept spewing anecdotal nonsense. Read the spreadsheets, demo the guns and decide for yourself.
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