NC Weapons for close combat.

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by lokuaz, May 22, 2016.

  1. lokuaz

    Cyclone or Blitz?
    What do you think of these two weapons?
    Is there a better alternative for close combat?
    Thanks all, have a nice day;)
  2. Invictorum

    Depends on what you define as "Close combat". Within 15 to 20m, Jackhammer reigns supreme. It also has the bonus of being able to "one" shot a shielded heavy when in its burst mode.
    If you can be consistent with headshots in CQC, the SAW is shockingly effective.
    The GD-22 (I think thats the name) is a good close area LMG, the large magazine basically giving at least two or three kills per reload.
  3. EPIC389

    That would be the anchor your thinking about as a CQC lmg

    I suggest:

    Heavy: Jackhammer, Anchor

    Light/Engi: GD7-F

    Medic- No idea, i think its the GR-22(correct me if im wrong)

    Infil: Smgs

    For smgs, it primarily depends on personal preference

    Cyclone has slightly higher TTK but a lower mag

    Blitz has a slower TTK but a much much larger mag

    Finally, i wouldn't really recommend shotguns in general considering how limited they are in range and versatility
  4. Eternaloptimist

    Well, this is going to get some criticism but I go for faster RoF weapons in CQC, which means the EM1 for me on the relatively few occasions that I play NC nowadays. I go GD7F or GR22 for other classes (don't play CQC infil so limited experience with SMGs but I gather their damage drops off more quickly than carbines at more than a few metres).

    My reason? I'm not so good at tracking moving targets in CQC and I find harder hitting but slower firing weapons punish my misses.

    I played around with shotguns for a while and I have found the Baron is the only one that is any good for the range differences that you will encounter even in what people generally call CQC. I usually equip Emissary as my sidearm when running shotty. Long TTK but insanely accurate and stable to use at ranges where even the Baron will struggle.
  5. LaughingDead

    If you go with SMGs or jackhammer, you trade long range and more frequent reloads and less kills between reloads. Go with an anchor you get better hipfire and slightly better killing potential than the EM6 instead of range. Go EM1 and you have a decent LMG that holds constant firing lanes well instead of the anchors more mobile approach for combat.

    In biolab fights, you go with SMGs here and there and to some extent the jackhammer. In bases like crux headquarters, you'd want more range like the EM1 so you can move out. In tower fights, the anchor is good for getting out and moving to the next objectives for when you do.
  6. Moz

    The Cyclone has the best TTK of any NC weapon bar OHK snipers if i'm not mistaken.

    The Blitz is only slightly behind and is much more forgiving.

    The NS7-PDW is a really versatile gun.

    Your close range in other classes are:

    LMG: Anchor
    Assault Rifles: GR-22 or Carnage AR
    Carbine: GD-7F or Bandit (good rate of fire and only .75 ADS Carbine for NC)
    Pistol: Emissary or Magscatter
    Scout Rifle: Stalker (can be quite effective in close quaters)

    Then ofc you have shotguns, kind of them being the Jackhammer.

    Cyclone the Thompson of the NC
  8. MrMinistry30

    You ask as an NC... Do you know the discussion of scientists and leaders that lead to the development of "the brawler"?

    "Sir, we have some spare Shotguns. What shall we do with them?"

    "You honestly ask that?"
    "Yes, Sir"
    "Do we have SHOTGUNS for MAXes?"
    "Of course, Sir"
    "Do we have SHOTGUNS for ESF?"
    "Do we have SHOTGUNS for Harassers?"
    "Do we have SHOTGUNS for Flashes?"
    "Do we have SHOTGUNS for Tanks?"
    "Then go and mount them to other SHOTGUNS so i can SHOTGUN while i SHOTGUN and when my SHOTGUN magazine runs dry make sure i can switch to my SHOTGUN pistol!"

    So i guess SHOTGUNS might be an alternative... :)
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  9. LaughingDead

    Shotguns are just bad though. Relying on RNG and point blank range is just bad for heavies, with the jackhammers tight spread and burst that kills heavies, it can at least be used more like an SMG
  10. Who Garou

    I like Cyclone better than the Blitz.

    I say go to VR and check them out.
  11. Lord_Avatar

    - Anchor
    - Cyclone
    - Jackhammer

    Those would be my top three picks for an NC Heavy.
  12. Valthis78

    At 15-20m any decent HA will eat your Jackhammer for breakfast with an lmg.
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  13. DRCUNT

    ******* nubs with nub advice

    for CQC get auto shotgun **** the empire specific shotgun , outside of burst mode its basically a ****tier baron
  14. MuNrOe

  15. Mirta00

    Another vote for Cyclone :D
  16. Helaton

    Cyclone and Jackhammer. How i pick for my engagement:

    < 5m Bruiser/Jackhammer (strictly biolabs)
    < 10m Jackhammer (Biolabs, guarding 2nd story around point defenses)
    > 10m Cyclone, Honorable mention: NS Baron

    That glorious overkill feeling of a jackhammer burst in cqc, there is no weapon like it. (What... I like shotguns. Don't judge me!)
  17. Helaton

    Don't forget underbarrel shotguns...just saying.
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  18. Ximaster

    Best one,Jackhammer,later Piston and later Cyclone...enjoy shotguns on NC,the best faction for those weapons...
  19. strikebrch

    Bruiser ...... just ******* allmigthy BRUISER
  20. Corezer