NC Weapons are unappealing

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MichaelMoen, Aug 4, 2020.

  1. MichaelMoen

    Am I the only one who constantly has trouble deciding on a weapon to use because of one reason or another? Either because it has too much recoil or not enough rounds in a magazine, or doesn't have a fast enough RoF, or just simply looks off. The Razor is a great looking Carbine with a good dmg model but has difficult recoil and a low ammunition count. The A-Tross has high power and forgiving recoil but the model is literally two completely separate pieces stuck together. The GD-7F has the most amazing RoF + Dmg model of any NC weapon available, but it doesn't have a stock so it looks so odd to hold.

    I'm pretty jealous of TR weapons, but I'm a blueberry for life.
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  2. Campagne

    Some guns are a bit weird, I think.

    Just yesterday I was thinking to myself about how ugly the Magscatter looks. Not only is it just completely garbage, it looks the part too.

    Stuff like the Promise as well, not quite enough RoF to want to use, also a bit ugly. Or the SAW-S, with just rather bad stats and recoil. The Rebel is very odd as well, I think I actually preferred it when it shared the Magshot's model.
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  3. csvfr

    Razor with it's 550 RPM has a quite controllable recoil making it more accurate for long bursts at range than most other carbines. The in-game description summarizes it

    "Genudine Dynamics unveiled the Razor GD-23 in the early 29th century. The Razor quickly became popular due to its high accuracy and controllable recoil, allowing it to outperform other carbines at long distances."

    But for NC carbines the Charger is very good for those who know how to use it. The first 6-7 rounds have 167 DMG and the RPM is 652, which is higher than any other 167 DMG carbine and the same DPS as the Cyclone. Good players should be able to put down a target with these shots at close range. At medium ranges it functions much like a regular carbine "with a boost" that can be exploited quite easily using hit and cover tactics. While superficially it is possible to dismiss it as a gimmick gun, the key to this weapon is it's accuracy. It has 0.5 bloom value, the same as 143 DMG weapons, and ALL other 167 DMG weapons in the game have 0.6 bloom per shot. This means that the first 6-7 high damage rounds are more accurate than on ALL other 167 DMG carbines, in addition to coming out faster.
  4. Liewec123

    promise is sexy, i love its look!
    and also probably my favourite LMG to use across all 3 factions, the ttk may seem long for a PS2 weapon,
    but the smart recoil reduction makes it handle like butter, its so smooth,
    making it much easier to land headshots.
  5. The Shady Engineer

    Carbines not having buttstocks is a strange artistic design choice. It makes sense from a lore standpoint, what with drop troopers and vehicle crewmen wanting to make their weapons as compact as possible but damn do they look ugly compared to ARs or other carbines that do have a stock on them.

    Aesthetics is the reason I stopped using carbines ever since I unlocked ARs via ASP. Well, aesthetics and the fact that Terran assault rifles are crazy good while carbines are "eh" at best.
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  6. Brewergamer

    I main NC and I feel forced to play NC because I recently purchased a pack with a 12 month boost for NC though.. I like TRs weapons alot more, but I've progressed way farther on NC. It's a crappy predicament lol
  7. Campagne

    Nah mang. Now Vanquisher, that's sexy!

    The recoil mechanic only kicks in around the time when the player should start to let go of the trigger, and thanks to the hilarious horizontal tolerance it can shake like mad up until that point. :eek:

    Vanq. has so little recoil too. Best 200/~500 and best MGR gun for sure!
  8. OneShadowWarrior

    It’s amazing how much they can do with just sound and cosmetics.

    The NS-11 which is a great assault rifle when cosmetically improved to Diamondback feels like a new weapon and performs better.

    These small changes are what they need to do to bring outdated weapons up to speed. Many of the weapons on the NC feel blocky or clunky.

    Several of the TR and VS need touch ups as well, get Doku back in here!
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  9. The Shady Engineer

    I like Doku's work, all my classes on TR, even infiltrator which I don't play but hey, it was in the bundle, are wearing AVA armor and I think it's the best looking armor set in the game. The Doku weapons for TR though I think are goofy looking. There's a reason we stopped using side fed magazines after WW2. I know TR isn't exactly a bastion of progress and innovation but come on...
  10. That_One_Kane_Guy

    Considering this setting canonically deals with three factions possessing implicitly post-scarcity levels of nanotechnology choosing to fight each other in a Forever War using the pathetic caricatures of weapon systems hundreds of years old in a manner that would impress even Orwell...I think we can forgive side-loading magazines.

    Also, I still think NC weapons have more uniqueness to them than the TR, at least in first person. I wouldn't be surprised if half of the first-person models the TR use came from the same base template.
  11. MichaelMoen

    I just went and spent the cash to get the Diamondback and Hammerhead, and I actually enjoyed using them. The cosmetic and sound design really makes a difference in gameplay, even if the stats are carbon copies of others. Just wish I could equip the Diamondback on other classes now. Still, I main Engineer so it works out most of the time.
  12. The Shady Engineer

    I stopped taking art design in this game seriously a while ago. Really hard to when you have people in neon pink camo sporting Samurai helmets with swords on their backs.

    Point I was making was I don't want existing TR weapons to get the side-loading magazine- rotating "gatling" barrel treatment. Leave my sexy cyclers alone.
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  13. That_One_Kane_Guy

    Don't worry, I think it's stated somewhere that the Doku weapons we got for each faction were a series based on a parent platform which is why the visual themes carry through multiple weapons. In the unlikely event we get model updates there's no reason for them to follow the same pattern since they would be completely different weapons.
  14. Demigan

    But where is my Doku shotgun?!?
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  15. That_One_Kane_Guy

    Clearly they can't be encouraging the use of "no-skill", "noob" weapons, that's why there are also no snipers. Or pistols, but since only OP Stalkers use those, no love for them either.
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  16. Liewec123

    there is a Doku pistol though, from Planetside: Arena Abortion no doubt it'll make its way into PS2 at some point!
  17. Raidashi

    Funny, I was thinking the same thing last night about Vanu weaponry. A lot of them like to stick gimmicks on them to set them apart as being all "techy", which ultimately doesnt work or is a bigger detriment than it is beneficial. If they dont, then they have some other issue, like low velocity, strange recoil patterns ect.

    I think it's more a matter of that you'll find the things that set each factions arsenals apart to have it's perks and detractors. I know a lot of people really like NC weaponry, and there are some extremely good ones in there as well. Ultimately though, if you try out a bunch of them and cant find one you like, then it's likely a better idea to move on and try another factions kit and see if you find something that clicks better for you.

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