NC weapons are a little bit too good...

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  1. DQCraze

    There are so many stat padding techniques in this game and many factors involving faction population and playstyle that you couldnt possibly get an accurate k/d. Anyone thats taken a statistics class understands this.

    If i play with accuracy and k/d in mind of course it will effect my playstyle but i find this to be extremely boring. For me fun is running around stabbing people or rumning over people in my harasser just creating reckless mayhem.
  2. stalkish

    Lol ye it was a joke.
    A take the piss out of all the Vanu guys who respond with the same stuff in many threads around here.
    I wasnt taking the piss out of you personally.
    Hope you got that :).
  3. stalkish

    Just do what i do and take the piss out of the threads
  4. SamReye

    As far as I can tell, you haven't shown any statistics to prove that NC is better. I checked your killboard on Universe, PS2 website, and looked you up on, and your KD and killboard don't seem to prove any correlation with NC and higher performance. If anything, it doesn't seem to be as good, since, at the time of posting this, your VS KD is higher. Not to mention the fact that you have less experience in play-time than many of the other players who don't see NC as a problem (as a whole). I'd say for your argument to be credible, you'd need to have a dramatically different KD on NC compared to the other factions, with a more valid argument than, "They feel better." As for your TR KD being lower, I'm assuming it is your main because it's your highest level, and since you started that character as a newcomer to PS2, you died a lot learning what to do, thus lowering the cumulative KD we see. Personally, I think your view to faction balance may still be limited, since from what I can see your characters are low levels.

    All in all I'm pretty sure most people have different opinions about which faction is the "best," but know that whatever that "best" is, it is usually relative to you. :D
  5. UberNoob1337101

    Time to reopen the argument and reply to all these people. To all the people who say that my K/D is really low and i don't have much experience to judge the game's balance, i am more than glad to prove you wrong because BR and K/D never meant anything and will (Hopefully) never mean anything. In fact, i killed tons of people who spent MORE time in the game so easily it's just silly, mostly because i use cover, terrain, close the gap, time my attack, and most importantly, HEADHUNT. If you headhunt, your TTK is cut in half and is so low your opponent's health just melts away like ice-cream in a microwave. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And this is the part that boggles me about NC guns, if you headhunt with TR and VS, you got advantages and disadvantages, with the VS your TTK overall is really long, so you have to headhunt to have decent TTK but doing so is pretty easy. With the TR you must cope with the insane CoF and recoil to remain spot-on accurate, but it is so rewarding and your TTK skyrockets so fast it is more than satisfying to watch your enemy's health evaporate. My issue here is that the NC's headhunting is a mere point and click adventure game where you almost always just point and shoot, i only compensated for my recoil when there were multiple targets. And you don't have to do it for long either, because the very high bullet damage seals the deal, only 3-round bursts are required to instakill a target, which is suprisingly easy to do because of the very low CoF and decently easy to compensate recoil. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, in general, there are two issues IMO with the NC arsenal in general : 1. The before-mentioned headhunting and 2. The "I-am-similar-to-all-other-guns-in-my-class syndrome (Which, btw, isn't as bad as the One-gun-faction syndrome in the VS arsenal) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Except for the sidearms and LMGs, most of the NC arsenal is divided into two categories: Close range guns and Long range guns. 50% of the guns are literally copy-pasted default weapons with few significant changes, but no change in playstyle. The other 50% are the guns that are completely different than the default and are really unique and interesting. The examples are AC-X11, GD-7F, GR-22, EM6, LA1 Anchor, NC-9 A-Tross. Those are the good ones, and the NC arsenal could overall use these sort of completely different guns, instead, there is : AF-4A Bandit, Razor GD-23, and other guns that are too similar to the before mentioned guns (Carnage AR and Reaper DMR) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Are the guns good? Yes. Do they all offer a different play-style? No, they don't, almost all of them play the same (Headhunting) and are so good at it it is kind of game-breaking for me. If they were a little less precise and offered different roles, it would be great. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On a side note, i believe the NC and VS arsenal could learn from the TR arsenal. In the carbine category, you have the T5 AMC, which is incredibly versatile while trading killing potential, you have the LC3 Jaguar, which has AMAZING hip-fire accuracy, but trades it's ADS accuracy, then you have the Lynx with it's insane fire rate of 909 RPM and great ADS accuracy but horrid CoF, and then you have the Cougar, which is a spin-off and a breath of fresh air with it's 167 DMG and it's suprisingly low 550 RPM. So what do you have on the NC? A Mercenary that fires faster, a mercenary that moves 75% ADS and fires slightly faster. The other two are amazingly good and offer an unique strength and weakness. Same goes for the VS, the only worthwhile ARs are the Terminus and HV-45, the others are outpreformed by NS-11A and do the same thing as NS-11A. VS' LMGs are also split into only two categories in comparison to the NC's variety of LMGs and different playstyle options for HA, because you just got the Orion variants and the Long range LMGs that all do the same task. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also, i wanted to post my video footage of some NC gameplay, but it ended up being extremely long so ill sum it up. I got into my LA and C4ed a Sunderer. Then i got into a room with 3 medics and one HA. My team-nate shot down the HA and the medics were blocking the door. I casually walked in and 3-shot headshotted the 2 medics which were slowly glancing away from the doors, and the other one revived the HA, and i was about to shoot him but my team-nate decided to kill him and me with a grenade NC-style. The rest of the video is me basically switching to HA and farming VS the same way i just told you and me getting farmed by proximity mines. Overall no exciting and interesting content :( ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I sincerely apologize if you got offended by this reply or you found my reply more like a rant, but if you made it this far and understood what i wrote i must say a big thank you to you.
  6. Pokebreaker


    Ok, so my take is that over time, and with proper guidance, experienced players get better. NC weapons are NOTORIOUS for being the worst NEW PLAYER weapons, which is where the discussion of "hard mode' mode comes into play. Recoil is one of the most difficult obstacles for new players to tackle in any new FPS. Some figure it out, while others remain lost forever. Then there is game knowledge, which often comes over time as well. Some games are small enough where one can learn the game mechanics pretty quickly, so atleast they are moving in the right direction most of the time. However, Planetside 2 is so large, that new players barely have time to learn the map, as they spend most of their time looking at the deathscreen. On top of that, they get very little practice/guidance in recoil control (their fault), so they are largely disadvantaged. I don't know why folks don't use VR Training...

    So you take the recoil management and game/map knowledge of the average new player, then throw him/her on NC, and now you have a faction whose weapons appear to be out of whack. Usually the only folks you'll see stating the NC weapons are balanced/OP, are ones who have faced off against a few good players. So yes, I will agree that with an increased skill player, NC weapons are fine. However, the vast majority of the NC population are far from skilled. There is a reason you probably only know of MAYBE a handful of notable NC outfits across the entire game, meanwhile you can find notable VS outfits like trying to find a Haystack in a Needle (yes, that was intended hyperbole). It's not because VS Lore magically attracts the best and most organized players in the world...

    Last note. When I watched the early closed-beta streams of new PS4 players, I had to try my hardest to keep them from jumping ship from NC to VS. The streamer was being told by his new player friends, and was experiencing the notion that VS is more new player friendly. There is NOTHING wrong with factions being "friendlier" in use to new players, but to try to convince anyone that a NEW PLAYER, without any prior FPS training, can just pick up NC and wreck face, is just silly.
  7. Campagne

    Forgive me, but I couldn't help but notice some discrepancies, and some points of argument.

    First off, a few questions, if you don't mind. You claim to have been aiming largely at the head while NC. Did you aim at the head while playing TR, or VS? Why did you start with VS? Why did you change factions, even while you were doing well? Which weapons did you use? Was this all exclusively non-MAX infantry play? How long did you play for each faction? Was this all in the same twenty-four Hours?

    You say "...long story short what happens if you aim the gun at the head and compensate for the recoil...," yet when referring to your playtime as NC you say "...I just pointed my gun at the general direction, and I won 1v3 engagements as a LA against 3 HAs..."

    And yet, "...You see, if you just hold the right mouse button on a TR gun..." this is for some reason a negative statement, whereas it is describing the same general experience as your previous statement on NC weapons.

    "...(And on some weapons stupidly ridiculous) damage can make people into headshot wizards really quick..."

    This I don't think is fair to use as an advantage. Take for example, the Commissioner and the Underboss. Both take two headshots to kill a non-infiltrator even in close range. The Commissioner does more damage, but is out DPS'd by the higher rate of fire, allowing for the two consecutive headshots in a shorter amount of time.

    In this example, the higher damage weapon loses to the higher rate of fire weapon. This is often the case with many other weapons. An additional note on high rate of fire weapons is that if one were to miss a shot or two, it would be much less penalizing to them than a high damage, low rate of fire weapon.

    In most scenarios, running into a room with six people by yourself is assisted-suicide. I find your statement to be rather unrealistic.

    Notes: The [*] is used to link related quotes. This is not a personal attack or criticism. I simply to do not find your claims accurate/justifiable.
  8. libbmaster

    Purely anecdotal AND filled with crazy formatting and large grammatical errors.

    It's a triple whammy!
  9. orangejedi829

    Your TR K/D: 1.49
    Your NC K/D: 1.75
    Your VS K/D: 1.82

    You were saying..?
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  10. Taemien

    Anyone can get kills. But what do kills do when they respawn 10s later? How many alerts did you win in the time you played all those characters?

    Don't get me wrong, NC is the best class for organized play. But you didn't talk about that. You were derping around cert farming. Not winning. If you had a 240 KDR, you still lost. How do you feel now?

    Why is the NC the best class? Because the TTK on 5 NC firing on the same target with 200 dmg weapons is instant. It takes 7 to 8 TR to do the same thing. Or 6-7 VS. But organized play is rarely spoken of except by a few devs.
  11. AlterEgo

    You know what else is a little too good?
    Deez NUTZ!
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    Lul you thought this would be serious scrub please im mature...
  12. MasterDemoman

    Those K/Ds look real nice...
    I mean they would, if they existed.
  13. UberNoob1337101

    So if a new/average player can't do it, it doesn't mean that a remotely decent player that can't pull off such feats with a said weapon so in general doesn't mean it is a little overpreforming? IMO, never wanted this to be took as a OMFG NC OP PLZ NERF! thread. The only thing that could maybe get a nerf is the Cyclone, Ravens and maybe the headshot multiplier on AC-X11 and Gauss SAW (Just the default one). That's it. Also about the K/D part, i just don't care about it. My overall K/D is crap and i acknowledge it, because i keep getting farmed by all sorts of stuff and i find stat-padding unethical and boring in order to justify my claim.
  14. MasterDemoman

    Your average performance judging by your killboard puts your TR and VS above your NC, this point is moot imo, but let me just go on.
    You seem to be saying that headshots with NC weapons is OP, but, even though this is my first character, I have a better headshot % than you.
    I wont argue with you when you say the Cyclone and Ravens are overpowered, because they are definitely very strong, especially Ravens, but the way you structured this thread made it seem as though it was one of those "600 RPM 167 damage weapon's are overpowered" threads. (and, IMHO, the versatility that 577 RPM 167 damage weps bring to the table make them far better weapons overall)
    I think you might want to rethink the message that this thread is putting out, lol.

    Sidenote: I cannot agree with your opinions on the 200 damage weapons (ACX & SAW.) They are very versatile and bring a lot to the table but, honestly, they never seem to have a very "niche" roll were they can excel very well above, or on par with other weapons. I love them, don't get me wrong, but I don't see them performing to the same degree as, say, the GD-22S or LA1 Anchor do, even in their own specific environments.
  15. orangejedi829

    "I didn't want to make an OMG NC OP PLZ NERF thread; I just wanted to maybe suggest crippling nerfs to all of NC's staple weapons."
    And I don't care what your K/D is; my point was that, of your three accounts, the highest K/D by a significant margin was on your VS account, not NC. And yet you come here asking for sweeping nerfs of NC weapons? Sounds pretty fishy to me...
  16. Second_kilo

    Their pistols almost do more damage than VS LMGs
  17. JohnGalt36

    You being better (arguably) with one faction over another proves nothing. It is anecdotal evidence at best.

    Provide the stats that show NC statistically outperforming the other factions on alerts and other stats, show that NC weapons consistently outperform their TR and VS counterparts, or GTFFO. I'll wait here for your cherry-picked stats.

  18. RedArmy

    i think the scythe PPA should be nerfed. 1.0m area is too much. maby increase the clip and RoF to compensate, but still...
  19. Gammit

    Everything you wrote, from my perspective, was complete garbage. From a high-level perspective of how the NC weapons are not accurate but pack a large punch to my personal favorite statement:

    " I just pointed my gun at the general direction, and i won 1v3 engagements as a LA against 3 HAs , just by pointing the gun at the head and compensating for the recoil (Which, isn't that big in comparison how some make it out to be)."

    So which is it? You pointed the gun at the general direction, or at the head? Big difference.

    If you had comments about a specific NC weapon, I'd entertain your thoughts. But this is just tripe.
  20. RykerStruvian

    I can't believe people are talking about the Cyclone being overpowered. That gun is ******* stupid, lol. Blitz is way so much better with a laser sight. Go ahead and nerf the Cyclone, zero ***** will be given by a lot of NC players. Gauss SAW is already one of the most difficult guns in the game to use and is pretty much garbage without dumping certs into, let alone the fact it's the starter LMG. AC-X11 is a fantastic weapon, but shares the Guass SAW issue, but not so much in terms of stats but once again usage. You can't just buy/pick up the AC-X11 and be good with it, it takes a lot of time to get use to it.

    One of my old outfit members on Connery, Temple, for instance is absolutely scary with the X11. But he's been playing the game practically since release. If you put that gun in someone else's hands whois newer, they would probably hate it.

    Do NC have a lot of good guns? Sure. But I think NC is probably the most difficult of the three factions to get in to and actually like. I've played a lot of TR/VS and I always feel VS is basically the 'i win' vacation...if I feel like being absolutely lazy, I just play VS. TR isn't as easy as VS, but it still feels a lot easier than NC.

    NC is just a massive pain in the *** for new players. The guns jump around everywhere, everyone else seems to have better toys. But once you spend time learning the faction, its guns, its strengths/weaknesses, and realize what it has to offer, it will definitely reward you for your effort. But thats the keyword: effort. It takes effort to make use of a lot of what the NC has.