NC weapon that fits this description

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Alexlightning7, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. Lucidius134

    "Gauss SAW a sh*t"

    There's some exceptions to your rules, but the AC-X11 is not one of them.
  2. Iridar51

    Oooh, you're about the first living underbarrel shotgun user I've seen. Care to share your impressions/experiences?
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  3. CompletelyDeadCoyote

    Sure. =)
    Shotgun is VERY situational. It sucks at more than 10 meters and if you do not kill your target with one shot (which it can do), you are dead because of reload time. So i use it only when low on health and in cq as my very last chance. It saved me a lot of times when i was being chased by someone, managed to get in to a building with 10-50hp and then kill my opponent with one shot when he steps in to the door. People just don't expect this thing to happen and think they have a lot of hp, so they run in my trap pretty bravely.
    Also, it's awesome for guarding exits from spawn in towers (or how those things with 4 landing pads are called).
    Though i mostly play as engineer, so have an AV-turret for mid-long range bombardings and Gauss Compact S for close-mid range shooting. Only thing that was missing for me - something for extremely close range, so ubs got in handy. For anyone without AV turret, or with medic in their squad (i play solo) i would recomend ubgl: i played with it for a long time and it's realy aweome.
  4. Iridar51

    Thanks, that was very helpful!
  5. Noppa

    Like i have said before.. if ur playstyle isnt pray and spray and u can hit with ur bullets AC-X11 is the way to go(i prefer it over every weapon on every situtations and i allways go for the head).
    The damage on it is indeed great :)

    And even if it has 20bullets in 1 clip,the reload time compensates it since it is one of the fastest reloading weapon what NC has to offer.
  6. Lakora

    And thankfully the LA can't use the Gauss SAW. :p

    Mmh... It does? Now I will admit I didn't look at the reload time, but makes sense tho. Oh, well gonna have to Aurax it at some point or another.
  7. Goretzu

    Yeah it's best range is sort of mid/long, but there's basically never any reason to take it over a Merc or Razor (other than you are medalling it).

    As to the OP, I don't think the NC has what you are looking for, your best bet might be the GD-7F or Blitz/Cyclone, if you don't like the Merc (because the Merc is closest I guess).
  8. Grimtou

    I'd have to echo the opinion of many here... GD-7F is probably closer to TR guns in feel (high ROF), but the reload time on it is pretty brutal, and the relatively low damage make it unreliable for chaining kills with the bullets you have in a magazine.

    Otherwise, the merc and the razor are both well rounded guns - merc more so for short-med range and razor for med-long range. The quick short reload on these two weapons really drive that flexibility.
  9. Lucidius134

    Doesn't really debunk my point.

    Got to play around with the Reaper DMR on PTS, was much more enjoyable and usable than the AC-X11 that's for sure.
  10. RX530SS

    NC carbines are just bad in general. But, for 0-20 meters your best off with the gd-7f. If you go past that just use the mercenary. The GCS and the Razor are basically just lower rof versions of the mercenary but the GCS has the ubgl. Honestly, I would just recommend ditching all the NC carbines and going straight for the NS-7 PDW.
  11. Corezer

    and soft points, and a comp.

    makes it better than the merc anywhere but from 0-10m, and if that's your priority, grab a cyclone or a shotgun.
  12. Noppa

    Well yeah i might be wrong too, it has reload time some where between 2-2.5 sek .. there is attleast 1 that reload faster, but no idea about other ones TBH.. i dont rly use em like i said before.
  13. Takoita

    I'm not entirely sure what people think when they put "ACX" and "long range" in one sentence. Dat bullet speed :(

    I'd try to gank enemies with the 200 dmg to the face with that gun if I were you.
  14. Noppa

    AC-X11 with HVB,Compensator,advanced grip and single shot fire i can snipe snipers from 300m with headshots faster than they do it to me, so it aint a bad long range weapon :)

    But yeah all depends on the shooter skills..
  15. Blitzer

    Video or didn't happen.
  16. Erendil

    Here's two short threads that discuss the viability of the AC-X11 as a long range weapon:

    In short, skill/experience will let you overcome the high vertical recoil per shot and get used to its lead time so you can adjust for its low muzzle velocity, and it has several traits that also make it good for long range: 0 ADS CoF, low horizontal recoil, high damage per shot, good attachments (adv foregrip, comp, 4x/6x scopes), and low vertical recoil and bloom over time.
  17. Metal Insomniac

    Well, I used to feel the same as you do. As soon as I bought my first weapon, I dropped the Merc in a heartbeat. After getting around BR60, I finally started using the Merc again for the hell of it. The gun is amazing. Recoil is manageable, and is very powerful especially when landing headshots. I'd highly suggest you give it another try.

    For attachments, I'd recommend:
    2x reflex