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  1. Alexlightning7

    I guess I havent actually tried it in awhile, but I really want a NC gun comparable to the TRs starting gun. I just hate our starter gun and can't use it in any real combat senario. On the other hand, 5 minutes on my TR light assault, and I am swimming in kills(granted, this was a few months ago last I tried so I am unaware of any major nerfs or buffs to any of these guns).

    Assuming that theres no gun that closely resembles it, what is a good all round gun. Im looking for mostly close and mid range, but I would like the ability to land a few shots on someone at long range, even if there is hardly any chance of me doing any real damage at that range.

    Basically, Im looking for a gun that can do all, but is probably outclassed in different areas by specific guns.
    Or in other words, Im trying to get an analog to my heavy assault weapon, the GD22S, with appropriate balances for being a LA gun. Im not expecting the exact experience, just want to be effective in about the same combat range as it.

    Im hoping this is actually possible.
    P.S. yeah I know there are weapon trials, but they take to long to get through all the guns and you also cant add attachments, and I know from experience that things like a sight or grip can really change the feel of a gun.
  2. Erendil

    What is it about the default Merc that you don't like? Without that it's hard to give a good recommendation.

    NC don't have an equivalent to the TR's Trac-5. But if I had to choose the closest thing to that and the GD22S in an NC carbine, I would say the Gauss Compact S. Lots of attachments, fairly easy to control, not a CQC beast like the GD-7F nor a long range aficionado like the Razor or AC-X11, but it can hold its own in either situation. My only concern is that it feels a lot like the Merc, only more controllable from the lower RoF (577 vs 600).
  3. Iridar51

    I also thought about Gauss Compact S, check the "premiere NC carbine" thread by Corezor, he goes at length why he thinks it's one of the better NC carbines. I believe GCS also fits your description.
  4. Alexlightning7

    What about a GDF7? It seems fairly good, but then I haven't used it much.

    Now as for what I don't like about the Mercenary...... I honestly can't put my finger on it. I think the handling is ok, so thats not the issue.
    It just seems like I can shoot people with way more bullets and they dont die compared to nearly every other gun ive used.

    Might be rate of fire, might be bullet damage. I don't know.
  5. Iridar51

    Pretty sure it's placebo effect =)
  6. Corezer

    No, it's client side + ping.

    basically, you can shoot someone until you see them die, even if you have hit them enough to kill them. I can pump 12-13 bullets into the back of someone's head that I sneak up on before I update and they fall down. This is with a GD7f, with the slower firing weapons you will know after like 9-10.

    obviously if you sneak up behind someone, you can put the requisite 5 bullets in their brain and call it a day (I always use 5 cause nw3-5 will stop a 4 shot with the 143 damage weapons)

    That being said, in most real combat scenarios you wont be counting hit markers and will just shoot till you get the little swoosh noise for a kill.
  7. Sandpants

    NC weapons are mostly very similar. Until I learned to appreciate the Merc, I always thought they ALL sucked. So I got the blitz instead.

    Now I wish I never got the blitz. The merc is friggin awesome. I personally use the razor. Judging by the stats the ACX-11 is not worth it. 143 min dmg is unfortunately very unattractive, and with a 20 round mag even more so.

    The GCS seems nice on paper, but you'd have try it out in the VR.

    IMO the choice for NC is default merc, razor or GD-7F.

    I stuck with the Razor, but both it and the merc can pretty much do everything, just not very well. With the latter probably being better in CQC, I still prefer the Razor. I have both the Laser Sight and the forward grip and I simply switch between the 2 based whether I feel like ADSing or Hipfiring more. The velocity is still very respectable with a suppressor due to HV ammo. Crouching it can hipfire well, and standing can still hipfire well if absolutely needed. ADS with FGrip is really nice - almost not hor. recoil. Reload speed is great - fastest in the NC arsenal if I'm not wrong?

    So my biased vote goes towards the Razor. It is truly a versatile gun. GCS is technically more versatile, but you have to switch attachments. Razor can still ADS well with LS and can hipfire with some luck if you pick the grip.
  8. Alexlightning7

    I tried out the GCS with a 30 minute trial. It IS better then the mecenary, Ill give it that. Still not really ideal. I will try out the razor and see what its like then.

    what it seems like to me, is that these guns are super focused on good aim and headshots, more so then most other guns I use.
    Ill try out the Razor and GDF7 over the next 2 days then.
  9. Iridar51

    You can always try the Blitz SMG, also seems close to what you describe - superb hip-fire, high capacity mag, very controllable ADS, so you can land shot at range, and they will do hardly any damage - just like you want :p
  10. Lakora

    200 Max @10m and 143 min at 85m for the ACX-11
    167 Max @10m and 125 min at 75m for the Merc

    So dunno what's so unattractive about the min damage. Now the 20 round mag I will agree on, the ACX-11 Rewards well aimed shots due to it's max-min damage being higher then the Merc in the same area. Now on the other hand the ACX-11 is very... Niche as a long distance "Sniping carbine"

    Anyway I'd say stick to the merc spend those first certs on it and you might enjoy it more. Could be what's your problem...
    Else I'd say the Gauss Compact S, it basically got every single attachment you could want for a carbine minus the advanced Foregrip/Lasersight.
  11. Corezer

    it will definitely be even better once you own it and put a comp on it.
  12. JesNC


    Please take a look at the projectile velocity for the ACX-11.

    Coupled with the high recoil it makes a really shoddy 'long distance sniping carbine'.
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  13. Kalocin

    This probably isn't the answer you'd want to hear but really: Go with either the merc or the razor. For a long time I used the gd-7f but I found after some time that it was: a) A bullet hose. b) Unreliable with more than one enemy. c) Crappy in any form of long range (which means you might as well use an smg or a shotgun). I switched to the razor and after awhile I've come to really appreciate it as a mid-ranged weapon. If I want to be up close I'll switch to my shotgun, otherwise I'll stick the the razor.
  14. Kalocin

    Replying to my post since edit isn't working for me for some odd reason.
  15. Lakora

    Ooh, I did I was just commenting on that the Min damage was unattractive along with the 20 round magazine. :p
    While it is very stuck in that role as a long range carbine... It's not good at it... Now I haven't tried it with HVA+Comp+Adv. Foregrip but if the gun isn't good enough without certs it's not worth putting certs into imo... I'm just glad I got it with the Alpha squad package.

    Personally for any kind of distance I do prefer the Razor over my suggestion of the Gauss Compact S not by any stats just because of how the gun feels to me.
  16. Pie Chasm

    NC and VS are shafted for carbines.

    Nothing in the NC arsenal compares with the Jaguar.

    Really, save up for an SMG (Cyclone CQC vs.Blitz ranged).

    You will get double the utility from it, since it benefits your infiltrator as well.
  17. Noppa

    Some how i only got 3 favorite gun on NC and i don´t use any other than those .. AC-X11, Piston and Blitz ... AC-X11 i use the most by far, from close--->med-->bigger range, when u master it u get my point :)

    Lately been playing on VS and TR too and i hate how the weapons are missing all the punch, even thought they shoot higher RPM..
  18. Paperlamp

    Merc and Solstice are both great carbines for all purpose use, Solstice is easier to handle and better for running and gunning, but the Merc is more accurate and beats the only comparable weapon VS has(Pulsar C which is decent) for RoF - TR has no comparable weapon however.

    TR might arguably have the best CQC carbines since size 40 clip can be a big deal, but with SMGs sort of taking over that role I'd say TR is the one getting shafted because they have the least diversity in their carbine selection.

    .75 ADS and size 40 clip are great but the Jaguar has painfully low bullet velocity and loses effectiveness noticeably against moving targets past close ranges. It's also....just funky with it's recoil pattern which goes both directions but more toward one side than the other. I ended up using the TRAC-5 over it on my TR just because it's easier to keep on target for me since you can adjust for its recoil more effectively(+ it has better velocity).

    The GD7-F is a great choice for NC who want a CQC carbine too - high RoF while retaining the typical higher bullet velocity in general that NC weapons have so it's still a solid mid range weapon.

    I've played a fair amount on each faction I'd say most "grass is greener" arguments I had ended up being wrong. I'd say the biggest imbalances - disregarding air which I don't play - are Magrider mobility, MAXes, and TR's lack of good LMGs. The Magrider is still the #1 reason I play VS, the other tanks just feel hilariously awkward by comparison - the Mag can dodge so much easier in tight spots as well as get in more devastating flanking positions.
  19. MavCooL

    GD-7F if you like to CQC and mid range
    Razor if u like to engage in longer range than GD-7F :D

    IMO GD-7F is better, becoz LA shooting at very long range target in the tree is asking to be snipe
  20. CompletelyDeadCoyote

    I play with Gauss Compact S with underbarrel shotgun - it is a truily allarounder. But it's completely equal to Merc in stats (30 less velosity; the main difference: it has a lot more attachments), so...
    May be your ineffectiveness with merc was a result of unfamiliarity with the weapon?

    If not, trial GD-7 or Razor. Also you can watch Wrell's videos on youtube. The guy gives a rely good analysis of guns of all fractions and classes.