NC Weapon Recommendations?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Flashtirade, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. Flashtirade

    So I'm looking to buy my first non-stock weapon for my MAX, and I'd like to know what works for others. I'm doing this with certs, so I won't be able to buy a second weapon unless there's a convenient sale sometime soon.

    Things I'm considering buying:
    - A second scattercannon
    - A second Falcon
    - A non-stock AI weapon for the left arm (I can get by without dual AI, I often go AI/AV and find myself doing just fine)

    I don't really feel like getting the second burster, as I mostly use my MAX for ground duties.
  2. RedRory

    I would switch to TR if I was you NC max got ruined.
  3. Bankrotas

    Scat cannon is always fine, but you need extended mags for it, now people are choosing dual mattocks or dual grinders as far as I now, but if you're going certs, go scat.
    Falcons are interesting beast, if you learn to aim them, they become quite good high ground weapon AV and 2 direct shot AI (1 from each arm).
  4. Flashtirade

    Yeah, I've been trying out Falcon + Mattock in VR, so I don't know exactly how that works out in real combat, but if you score a direct hit with the grenade or whatever it is the Falcon shoots, the Mattock can follow it up easily, even out to mid-range. Also going this way means I don't sacrifice too specialized in one and then lose to convergence (with dual Falcons) or just being outranged (dual AI).

    What is considered to be the best AI option for NC right now? I'm pretty sure it's between the Grinder and Mattock ever since the nerf, the Hacksaw is nowhere near as good as it was before.
  5. Purg

    I still think the Scattercannons have a lot to offer and they're cheaper having to buy one arm.

    I toyed with the Falcon/Scatter set up when I first stated playing. While it probably works well in VR, you'll quickly find it's going to leave you very vulnerable when 2+ infantry come strolling through the door.
  6. CrazyMike

    Scat cannon is garbage. Don't waste your SC on NC max period. Go with a shot gun... oh wait...
  7. CrazyMike

    Scat cannon is garbage. Don't waste your SC on NC max period. Go with a shot gun... oh wait...
  8. Goretzu

    Honestly I'd wait till the MAX balance pass in the next GU.

    Supposed Flame Throwers coming and other weapons may be nerfed/buff (even the NC ones that were nerfed).

    I'd hold off until after that to see what is what myself.
  9. ThreePi

    The question is, what do you want to do? If all you're interested in is camping a corner and picking off enemies one-by-one then go ahead and get a second ScatterCannon. If you want to lead a charge and run into rooms guns a'blazin then go find a different class. Frankly, you can't play a ScatterMax offensively. By the time you close distance with your target you will be at half health, by the time you turn to a second target you'll be dead.

    If you're good at shooters you can find some success with dual Falcons. You have to play conservatively, run anytime some gets near, and only shoot stationary targets, but there's some success to be had there.
  10. Alarox

    Use Scat on one arm, AA on the other.

    You can more effectively fight an enemy MAX. Even if you run dual Scat with extended mags, you can still go completely out of ammo and not kill the enemy MAX, meaning he gets a free kill on you.

    You can more reliably fight infantry past point blank range. The AA is surprisingly accurate, so you can mix Scat/AA to fight at pretty much anywhere from close to almost medium range. Getting the Slugs for the Scat means you can fight reliably at medium range.

    You don't become as helpless as a baby when you have to reload. Instead, you've got sustained damage on one arm with burst on the other. You can keep infantry back or finish off weakened enemies even if you fire all pellets/slugs in your shotgun.

    You can be effective at both AI and AV.

    Less burst damage, so you'll have more trouble fighting large groups of enemies at once.


    Works pretty damn well for me.
  11. Pikachu

    If you're really good at sniping you might like dual falcons. I myself could never do it. I struggle with slugs.
  12. irishroy

    falcon all the way. you won't regret it.
    you can kill vehics easily.
    you can instagibb every type of infantry.
    these things have nearly no bulletdrop.
    man, get them!
  13. Armchair

    What they have is awkward bullet drop. The projectile gravity multiplier is low but the round velocity is also low. It feels like you're shooting on the moon or something.

    As for weapon advice, you want a second burster. I'm a little hesitant to recommend AI options for the NC max. People seem hellbent on nerfing them to the point where max-punch is more effective.
  14. Plunkies

    Don't get NC max AI weapons. None of them are very good at anything. Wait for the max patch and hope there's at least one viable weapon.
  15. irishroy

    but the low bulletdrop makes up for that.
    the only thing you really have to "learn"/to get used to, is the "low" velocity.
    that's it.
    i even have to remind myself, that these babies don't have a big bulletdrop. xD
  16. Zaik

    wait for flamethrowers, if what is on the test server atm is what we're getting they will be ******edly overpowered and any max that doesn't have one will only exist to feed the ones who do, whether you have scattercannons or chain guns or lasers.
  17. Gruntilda

    Buy 2 hacksaws, only live in biolabs, win game

    Despite all the autistic NC baby tears, the marginal AT BEST nerf to them still has them at the top of the heap

    Also flamethrowers atm are donkey doodee, they are just reskinned guns that shoot invisable bullets and can only hit one target at a time

    Knowing SoE they are bound to stay that way