[NC] WASP Inc [Miller-EU]

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Core, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. allelujah

    Bump for WASP

    We need new pilots who like to play suicidal aspects for the game!
    Come fly for the NC! All you have to go against is VS ZOE MAX units or TR Lockdown MAXs!
  2. Bvenged

    I played Battlefield 3 yesterday on X360. It was good but theres no WASP on taht game. Use this opportunity to apply now!

    Just click on my face and it'll take you straight there.

  3. PeaSum

    You look way better without that goat-beard.
  4. Swellzong

    Bumping for a great outfit.
  5. Frozn

    Suggestion. Look up a game called "The Ship" if you don't know what it is already and try to see if you can get some of your guys to get it. One purchase of the game(19euros) get's you 2 free copies to pass on and those two people get 1 to pass on, essentially making one purchase hands out 4 free copies. Play this game with your outfit and thank me later and if you really enjoyed yourself, PM me up and we'll play it with you guys ;)

    Atleast that's what we did. I made a thread and managed the key sending etc. and we got the game for 25 people and got several of our guys playing it last night on our server aaaaand it was aawwesome. Do eeet!
  6. AquaKiller

    Sounds nifty, but we're currently involved in EVE/Minecraft (lol)/Rift/WarThunder and some other games I forgot to mention.

    We are recruiting able NC soldiers that are looking for safe haven in a stormy sea of solo gaming!
  7. YamiNoTenshi

    You'll never be safe on Auraxis, the fishes are everywhere!
  8. Frozn

    Fair enough though i meant this for like one night of lol's with the PS2 scene guys :D
  9. allelujah

    You cant tell me what to do... I cant hear you over my 'freedom'
  10. Dinapuff

    WASP fights for the freedom of all true nords, and their high king. Ulfric Stormcloak of Skyrim! Playing on Fuh roh speed dial.
  11. allelujah

    WASP at it's finest... or.... not...

    Thanks to glenfiddich for recording it... i guess...
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  12. RazerKilll

    We love you 2 Yami <3 just dont poke a wasp nest at the nc warpgate ;)
  13. YamiNoTenshi


    I would've been fine if it weren't so many of you at once :(
  14. AquaKiller

  15. RazerKilll

    i would so buy that
  16. YamiNoTenshi

    That's some really low res erotic art (**** is apparently censored).
  17. Dinapuff

    Here is the real deal. Very explicit and rated M for hardcore WASP on WASP action.

  18. Bvenged

    Cawwwwwr, look at the afterburners on THAT!
  19. Qballos

  20. PeaSum

    Boing indeed.

    And Frozen, you want to gift me the game? xD