[NC] WASP Inc [Miller-EU]

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Core, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Fab

    Operation tonight starting at 8:30 pm CEST. Come on TS!
  2. Jesper

    Was great fun :)
  3. Fab

    Yes, pretty good operation yesterday night with :
    -stoping VS advance in NC territory by taking and holding broken arch
    -holding fespar against massive VS tank and air attacks
    -forming a tank column, heading to Stronghold, ******* it up
    -deploying a gal next to stronghold and lead assault on the base. Brilliant capture there.
    -lots of battles in Zurvan and Tawrich with variant succes. Very nice defence of Zurvan by the TR and their bloody DC Maxes.
    -fights in the north around crimson Bluff with great success, the Palissade was more tricky.
    -fights in the desert of the north, efficiently pushing TR back (holding the crown really helped there)
    -lots of other stuff that i don t remember.

    JOIN US. That's an order.
  4. Core

    Rolling on Chaldene (EU) and Metis (NA).
  5. clantix

    what servers does this outfit operate on?
  6. Core

  7. BlackteaCZ

    Great, organized outfit. Full squads every evening, with chilled out people but professional at the same time.

    If you are looking for a tactical outfit that is laughs at the same time, look no more.

    Plus the logo is awesome.
  8. Jesper

    Only got time to play a few hours each week? Or do you play all the time? In any case - WASP has now set up Operation Nights. Once a week we all get online at the same time for some epic scale organized battle!

    Don't hesitate to join us. Great friendly atmosphere and some really dedicated admins and officers.
  9. Core

    To add, we naturally play organized just about every evening with the people that are around, usually 1-2 squads worth at least.
  10. Zehtuka

  11. Zehtuka

    Core uploaded the battle that took place before Alkali Storage, check it out!

  12. Core

    I hope they change something again soon, it sucks when "the way" to take towers is having to camp their spawn for like 10 minutes. Not fun.
  13. Khalum

    One way to fix this would be to reduce the FPS for everyone. So you'd only camp for 100 frames instead of 1.000.000.
  14. Zehtuka

    We´ve ordered our snow uniforms to prepare for Esamir, it´s going to be cold...
  15. Jesper

    Meeting day tomorrow, one for everyone, one for officers.

    If you want to join do it now and get a nice glimpse of us all in the meeting tomorrow.
  16. Khalum

    And they have already been delivered! I've taken the liberty of getting them painted pink as spotting squadmates proved to be almost impossible with the white uniforms. You can thank me later.
  17. PeaSum

    I totaly recommend this outfit for anyone that is playing on NC.
    Played for three days with WASP so far and i enjoy every minute of it. Everyone stays calm, even in very tough fights.

    If you search for a mature outfit with competent members that get **** done, you should definitly try WASP.
  18. ITOS


    Can anyone tell where I can find copious amounts of bleach?
  19. Zehtuka

    Welcome Boss and Monk as our new Probationers!
  20. Zehtuka

    Our Zurvan video from Sunday:

    We also welcome Zyfer, DreDD and Silent1 as our new Probationers!