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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Core, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Arphelior

    I actually like the NC infiltrators.. :), and I do admit, the VS infiltrators look badass.. TR not so much :p
  2. AquaKiller

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  3. IMTasty

    And with the composite helmet the weird fetish costume is complete. I don't trust our infiltrators. At least I can trust the Vanu infiltrators intentions.

    Your infiltrators glow in the dark! But yeah... them Vanu infiltrator ladies, the reason we hate the Vanu is actually because they wont share, they're pretty selfish and mean people.
  4. Shinrah


    That´s what our infiltrators do, after they hacked your supply consoles!
  5. Fab

    Good call Shinrah, that MAX of yours definatly looks like a Pokemon, I'd call it "Crabby" :)

    Oh by the way, WASP is still recruiting! Join us now to play ForumSide2 and win the game!
  6. YamiNoTenshi

    What kind of benefits does WASP offer their recruits? Are there any health benefits?
  7. Meraun

    no... you will get a heart attack by all the Full-Sundy flips and Full-gal crashes taht happens all the time. And a very good laugh with
    an awesome Outfit
  8. huller

    Join the Terran Republic armed forces! free dental and health insurance. May or may not involve crashing/exploding sunderers/galaxies but we guarantee you'll have a laugh.

    in other words: Join WASP if you are corporate NC scum, Join BRTD if you are a glorious defender of humanity and it's traditions. :p
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  9. Shinrah

    Doesn´t sound to me like anyone should join you guys. Sundy flips and Gal crashes....tsss. It´s obvious to me that you simply cannot handle the might of technology.
    Also we offer awesome female infiltrators, approach at your own risk. The last recruit that got all flirty ended up missing some bodyparts. We will however not assume responsibility for permanent or non-permanent, physical or mental dmg, incurred by engaging conversation with the girls!
  10. YamiNoTenshi

    Is the mental damage caused by the fact that they're all shemales?
  11. Collin

    It seems they always being crushed BY US
  12. Shinrah

    I´m sure that if someone tried to shoot up the ProxScanner shell of the Infil through your nose, you´d also incur some mental dmg!
    Also, our thread needs a bump! Shameless advertising is also part of VS philosophy!
  13. Meraun

    A shameless bump for WASP
  14. YamiNoTenshi

    Is it ok if I leave my bee with you guys?

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  15. Meraun


    i'am so sorry dude
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  16. YamiNoTenshi

    I always suspected that bee was a dirty prostitute, thanks for providing me with evidence for my suspicion, that bee is going right into the fire :(
  17. IMTasty

    You guys should pay me, I just found the perfect WASP propaganda poster.

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  18. Collin

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  19. IMTasty

    What they think they look like:


    What they really look like and what the rest of us view them as:

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  20. YamiNoTenshi

    Lol, poor Lewis :p

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