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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Core, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Shinrah

  2. Verinas

    I like the look of the road map plan, some awesome features coming in our way, some closer then others tho :(

  3. sadf

    A few impressions of WASP operations during january.
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  4. Ulysees

  5. Fab

    I love the idea, will look forward to that!
  6. Shinrah

    Like what you did with the lightning standard barrel at the end:> By far one of the hardest to use weapons but if you can control the recoil it packs some serious punch.

    Also this is reply #666 , hope you know what that means!
  7. huller

    what are you doing all the way down here? man up and up the list you go! greetings from BRTD.
  8. Fab

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  9. IMTasty

    Reported for bumping, that should teach you hippie!
  10. Fab

    You and your rules... Freedom will prevail!
  11. huller

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  12. Meraun

  13. IMTasty

    Truly an accurate depiction of the NC and all its mindless followers. Vile lawless monsters is what you all are. Defying civilization, law and order just because "I don't wanna to what I am told! I know better than you grown ups!".

    Truly embarrassing, at the very least you could've worn skimpier clothes as the lawless rebellious teens you are! But nooooo, you wear bloody boxes because "it's in, you just don't understand daddy!", silly fads.
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  14. Shinrah

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  15. Fab

    What you think you look like :
    What it makes me think of :
  16. Bry4nFury

    Hey WASP, always fun fighting your group of ESFs. You have some good pilots around, my Dalton is always gets heated when i see you guys. Have fun and bring some more Reavers, because fighting vAnus is not so fun :).

    With best regards, your TR notorious enemies, OC lib squad.
  17. Shinrah

    You´re just jealous of our awesome vanu infiltrators! After all even in the official launch trailer they easily dispatch that LA of yours, who singlehandedly slaughtered half the TR Empire. Just to be cut down by our superior infiltrators!.
  18. YamiNoTenshi

    Is that LevelCap?
  19. IMTasty

    I am not even gonna argue, I love Vanu infiltrators. Ours look... I don't even know what to say about it. And the LA only killed Zergies and a Goon Galaxy! :p

    It's the decal on my Mossie, fools the VS every time.
  20. YamiNoTenshi

    Our infiltrators kinda look like they're wearing diapers :(
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