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    Operation report for Sunday, January 17th
    On Sundays we usually try to organize an operation where we play more closely together with other NC outfits. Sadly, as it is often the case, there was an Indar alert going when we started the op that most NC outfits were involved in. As we didn't feel like playing on Indar we put that on the back burner and started out on Esamir, hoping to find some cool smaller-scale fights. That was not to be however, as the enemy either wasn't interested (in taking offensive fights) or was too interested (in defending). Despite its mountains of cocaine we left Esamir behind and tried to get into some fights on Hossin instead.

    Redeploying to Hossin was the turning point, where the operation went from 'meh' to awesome. After a couple of fights as an infantry squad (supported by half a squad of Air) we linked up with CONZ in their platoon. With relatively loose communication between the outfits we got to show off our proficiency in combined arms combat. Two squads of CONZ infantry contesting the bases on foot, supported by a WASP Armor squad and half an Air squad worked exceptionally well, punching through to bases and defending against the inevitable counterattack. While most of our squad was people that usually play as Infantry, everyone enjoyed rolling around as an armor - everyone especially enjoyed not having to leave their vehicles behind to go and capture bases, as we had people in the platoon we could count on to do that. Air of course enjoyed farming supporting the ground forces, thanks to the Armor's ability to quickly take out AA near the bases.

    While the Armor play was the special part of the evening, that doesn't mean going on foot was without its share of epicness, as at one point later in the evening we managed to Galdrop and resecure Hurakan Amp Station with the capture timer showing 0 seconds left.



    WASP is always recruiting! If you are interested, check the first post or just visit https://wasp-inc.com/
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    Operation report for Sunday, January 24th

    As it was a Sunday operation and thus a supposed co-op affair with other NC outfits, we onced again joined the CONZ platoon, which is great of course - except for the fact that they were on Indar. We would have preferred to go muddy our boots on Hossin, but as NC already had an overpop on Hossin we chose to join our friends in fighting for the Indar alert instead.

    It seemed from the outset that our enemies were doing their best to remind us why many of the veteran Infantry players in the outfit dislike Indarside. However, it also seemed like those veterans were using their dislike of the theatre as an inspiration for raising the standard of squadplay. Having just a bit over one squad as purely Infantry (with a very short stint as Armor to break through to a base), we managed to turn an Indar alert into a rather enjoyable evening. While no single big play or fight comes to mind, there were several smaller moments that deserve highlighting.

    Our strong hold of the point on Zurvan Pump against 2:1 odds as the rest of the NC was wiped a bit before the cap went through and was having a hard time getting back on point was one of them. As we were once again quickly responding to enemy movements via redeploys into Galaxies, we didn't have MAXes at that fight either - instead we chose to drop in with 3 Medics, for extra staying power, compared to the new standard of 2 Medics we have implemented this year.
    When we did use MAXes at an AA/AV nest on top of some yellow rock or another we met some cool TR pilots - most of the enemies had pulled out of range from our AA/AV nest, when an ESF gank squad showed up. Thankfully they didn't try farming us from afar, but rather came in for the roadkills, making for an enjoyable Raven MAX vs Hornet Mosquito 'joust', as the Mosquito pilot kept trying to come in for the roadkill on the MAX.

    While the fights themselves didn't really impress, our squad sure did. Despite more than two hours of dealing with all the explosions and screenshake from spawnroom nadespam, vehicles on hills and other fun things Indar has to offer, our players held it together, communicating and supporting each other at a high level.
  3. ffy

    Operation report for Tuesday, 2 February 2016

    Been kinda too busy to write these for a while, but boy, I have a good one this time.

    The whole operation took place on Amerish. Shortly after starting an Amerish alert triggered, with the situation such that the NC had the chance to lock the continent if we won. As we were getting started it turned out that rather than getting our usual numbers (one full squad and one smaller squad) people just kept logging in - from the start we were running with two full squads, with one squad being standard modular infantry and the second squad, made up of veteran players, as a fully adaptive squad. An adaptive squad is one that is capable of pulling anything and everything in the game as the situation (and platoon leader) demands. During an operation an adaptive squad might support the main infantry squad on point breaches, pull armor to fight and flank enemy armor, pull air as an AA ganksquad, place spawn solutions, secure spawn solutions with Harasser ganksquads or farm provide security with vehicles on point while holding the point. It is definitely a great time for those that like to take advantage of everything Planetside 2 has to offer.

    However, this isn't where the great setup for success ends. A squad of FFS joined our platoon for the alert, giving us a platoon consisting of three strong squads. This amount of power allowed us to sometimes split up our forces and at other times strike hard in important fights. As the starting state of the alert had NC in the lead territory wise, it was obvious we would be fighting on two fronts as both of the enemy factions tried to gain some ground as the NC fights the other faction. Being able to quickly resecure bases with the whole platoon, followed by one of the squads spearheading the NC counter-attack on that lane (while the other squads either support them or move over to fight on another lane) allowed us to keep the ball in the enemy's court, helping the NC pull out the alert win.

    With a platoon set up in this way it is no wonder we helped the NC immensely in pulling out the alert win and locking the continent. While we did get our name on some of the bases (Wokuk Amp being the biggest one we claimed after a GSD Sunderer breach onto the point) most of the fighting the adaptive squad I was in did was between bases. The highlights of the evening for me were mostly centered around Heyoka Chemical/Chimney Rock and Wokuk Amp/Wokuk Ecological, which featured strong armor pushes from the VS that we countered with Harasser ganksquads.
  4. ffy

    Operation report for Sunday, 28 February 2016

    Been a while since I've written one, as non-PS2 stuff is keeping me quite busy. However, from now on each of these will hopefully include a video of a fight, as long as I remember to click the 'shadowplay save' button after fights.

    This operation was carried out mostly on Amerish (a short hop to Indar for the final fight didn't pay off, as the enemy had pulled out before we managed to drop on them in a TR vs VS fight), while an alert was going on on a different continent. TR was going for a continent lock, which meant touching each warpgate at the same time. As we were outpopped by the TR we decided to once again act in a reactionary capacity, giving the TR time to commit to an attack and go kick them out once they had engaged at a base.

    On one of the first fights of the evening we went for an A2A -> A2G -> Infantry strategy (as shown in the video), clearing out the outside of the base first and pushing onto the point and holding it for a long time, as the TR wouldn't give up. That was followed up with an Armor push to drive the enemy back, after which we took a quick redeploy to the VS front and supported the NC pushes there.

    After this the evening was spent hopping between the two lanes (defending Torremar and Aramax Chemical / pushing the VS near Onatha), as well as Galaxy drops to clear out some of our Tech Plants that enemies had entrenched themselves in. As the TR realised that their plans to lock the continent wouldn't work and they started leaving Amerish and as the NC decided to avoid the queue to more active continents, the continent pop dynamic changed into an NC overpop. After this finding good fights became harder and harder and we decided to call it a night.
  5. ffy

    Operation report for Tuesday, 1 March 2016

    The operation started in a rush, with an Indar alert about to end. As always, we wanted to do our part in making sure Indar gets locked - a draw would have seriously sucked. Sadly, our first move (drop, hack out a Sunderer, get the point, hold for NC to arrive) failed, as the Infiltrator died on drop and failed to get back into the fight before the rest of the squad was overwhelmed. As that fight ended before it even began, we lost the chance to help NC win. VS ended up winning the alert, which locked Indar, so I guess things worked out fine anyhow.

    Leaving Indar, we took the fight to Hossin. A large portion of the evening was spent in and around Mossridge Command Center, first by capturing it (highlighted in the video) and afterwards holding it against superior numbers, showing our resilience as two squads worked together in close concert, holding the overwatch balconies next to the capture point. I would rather have highlighted the defense in the video, but it was much too long (~20 minutes) for that. It was however a fight everyone was happy with, as many kills were had alongside some good teamplay.

    The final part of the operation was on Esamir, as we focused on quick secures of cap points in several bases. We were met with mixed success, as often the time constraints did not allow us to pull MAXes and still make it by Galaxy before the cap went through and despite successfully clearing spawn solutions and breaching the point buildings we were pushed off by grenade spam. The final minutes were spent trying to take on the mass of vehicles at Haven Outpost, first by Infantry AV, then by Sundy train, then by a lightning attack by Lightnings - as none of these options had success against the massive numbers of enemy vehicles we decided to end the operation there.
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    I never really noticed, but this thread is apparently the recruitment thread with the most views & replies in the world :) (2,544 replies and 112,087 views at the time of writing). Part of the reason is of course that this thread is among the 5 oldest recruitment threads. The other 4 are the recruitment threads of 666th Devil Dogs, The Enclave, Sturmgrenadier & Sentinels, all of which were also made on the 6th of August 2012.
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    Operation report for Tuesday, March 8th 2016

    Once again we started the operation by trying to do our best to lock Indar, as there was a primetime Indar alert. Once again doing that meant helping the VS win, which in turn meant attacking the TR and making them respond to us. The video highlights our fight at Indar Comm Array, which we managed to breach and hold for a while, until we (and the rest of the NC) were pushed off the base. Even though we didn't win it was a pretty decent fight. Sadly you'll have to do with me playing Infil (which I hardly ever do, usually) in this one.

    Once the VS locked Indar we decided to hop over to Hossin for the rest of the operation. As mostly Infantry players, we found a nice change of pace in our repeated pulls of Air blobs - two repair Galaxies housing the couple of people that don't / can't fly with the rest in Reavers and Liberators. We ended up pulling this air setup twice, once on Indar and once on Hossin. The Hossin part went as well as one could expect, as Air Zergs tend to dominate smaller fights quite hard, and the ample tree cover allows repair Galaxies to do their job.

    We also got into some good fights in breach & hold situations against superior numbers, with the highlights being Acan Data Hub against the VS and a drawn out fight at and around Gourney Dam, in which we took the base and defended the roads leading up to the base from Armor heading to the Dam to resecure it, using Infantry AV weapons and AV MAXes from the road itself, as putting up an AV nest was not feasible.
  8. ffy

    We have a new website up! It's pretty cool. Also, we are temporarily using a different TS server, so if you are one of the people used to playing with us on TS make sure to hit us up ingame to ask for the new (temporary) address.

    Operation report for Sunday, March 27th

    Another Sunday, another evening of NC ops, but this time we got to play Hossin!

    We started out sloppy, but quickly recovered and got into some fine fights on both fronts. The highlight of the first part of the evening was a point hold on Ixtab Power, which would have served as a good video as well, but as I was dealing with stuff on TS I couldn't take part in the whole fight. So the fight soon after (a decent start on Bravata PMC Compound that turned into NC overpop as more and more found their way there) will have to do. Once again you can kinda see what our gameplay is all about, even though the fight is not the most amazing.

    We spent pretty much the whole night as 1.5 squads of infantry supported by about half a squad of Air from various outfits. The initial fights without air support of our own went against us, but once we got an air squad supporting us, running around as Infantry got a lot safer.

    The end of the evening featured VS getting double teamed, and with that good fights seemed to die out. We did try to provoke the other factions, and shortly before ending did manage to get a 'fight' at Fort Liberty. However, due to an unorganised response from VS, that fight turned into a defensive farm, which is where we decided to call it.
  9. ffy

    Video from Sunday, April 3rd
    Got a decent fight last night at The Palisade, so decided to make it a public video:

    Had almost two squads of our own last night, which allowed us to start some fights on Indar.

    WASP is still recruiting! Make sure to check out out new website, at the same old address: https://wasp-inc.com/
  10. Sovereign533

    Of course we've still been active!
    But our regular video maker has gone on a bit of a break due to school stuff. And I've been slacking after being away at work for a while.

    In the past week since the release of the construction system we've been mainly doing that. We've been focussing on building bases to see how the system works in depth and if we can find any way we can exploit it and how to use it to our usual fast paced and tactical play style.
    We have discovered that building bases with the core is not something we would like to make our main occupation and in stead will either be placing roadblocks, flanking bases or forward offensive outposts in order to push an enemy base and claiming enemy cores. While leaving base building itself to either a randoms, direct allies or a small squad with build enthusiast outfit members.

    Would you like to be part of this old organized outfit that will listen to everybodies input and will train you in whatever you need/want, send us an application on https://wasp-inc.com/forums/divisions
    Then click on the 'Planetside 2' graphic and fill in the form. As soon as an officer is available you will get a reply. Which would either be an 'accepted' a request for more info, and hopefully not a 'denied'.
    We DO require members to be at least 18 years old AND have a working mic (oh, and be able to understand and speak English)
  11. Sovereign533

    Whoo, we sank far down again.

    Anyway, I should start doing these reports again. I was working on a remake of a recruitment video but my Shadowplay decided he didn't like that. So for now back to written reports and screenshots ;)

    I joined late yesterday due to real life stuff. But when I joined we did something I haven't done in a long time and jumped into air vehicles. The people who could fly got in a Reaver or a Liberator pilot seat. The people who couldn't got in a gunnery seat of either a lib or Galaxy.
    Before they were harassed by Harassers and Sunderers and it was time for WASP to take revenge!
    Everything was tightly directed by the Platoon leader that made sure that we didn't venture too far away and we didn't get ganked. We were attacked by a few Mossies at times and AA. And while we did take some light losses it wasn't too bad. We managed to keep the skies clear until just before the continent locked and managed to hold the assault from the TR.

    After that we went to Indar. The fights weren't that great. we had the choice of overpop or be overpopped. Eventually we went on a base destroying campaign and we managed to take out 1 TR VP gen before the OP was over.

    While the fights weren't great most of us still had a lot of fun. Occasional yelling from the PL to get our ***** into gear faster, but stuff like that can happen from time to time.


    On an even more positive note, a LOT of our former members have started to come back to Planetside. And they came back to us as well. That's a good thing, means we're doing something well. And seeing that a lot of our allies have stopped, seeing that we're still alive and kicking *** must mean something! We don't give up easily!

    You can also be part of this! Apply to www.wasp-inc.com !
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    Just joined these guys epic community if your NC this is the place to be
  13. Sovereign533

    Thank you :)

    Today we had another operation lead by our recently returned former PL.
    In stead of our standard way of doing we all joined in 1 teamspeak channel and worked from there. Bravo squad was lead by a relatively new member who wanted to learn how to squad lead. While he wasn't 100% in charge he got the taste of leading and will get all the support from the rest of our normal leaders to become a fully experienced squad leader as well.

    At first the operation started on Esamir. We were fighting the VS most of the time in order to challenge them capturing the continent. We were slightly ahead in VP points but the VS had 4 bases right next to the TR warpgate of which 2 had 100% efficiency. We did our best, managed to cap the only tech plant from the TR (well, our allies did that). And secured it by immediately starting the cap on the only link the TR had. This solidified our position on the Tech Plant and managed to hold it until the end.
    We started moving all over the continent, poking into enemy territory to flip points / distract enemies or help the zerg into towers / point rooms by being the spearhead and charging ahead.
    Eventually we were defending a satelite next to a biolab. At 30 seconds on the clock the NC managed to get back on point. We were a bit late to that party and ran in behind them. To help them hold it.
    The VS responded with Magriders, Lightnings, Sunderers and Galaxy drops on the roof. After a hard fight against a LOT of explosive spam the continent locked... in the NC favour.

    We immediately switched to Amerish where we did the same tactics of defending against enemy caps and poking into enemy bases in order to distract them while we had a higher priority target elswere. We were quite successful with that. And then suddenly it was 2230 (CET) and the OP was over.

    We all had a LOAD of fun.

  14. Sovereign533

    This week we changed out operation days. Instead of doing it Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday we now have operations on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. The reason for this is because we could not get good fights on Tuesday and Thursday and we hoped we'd have more help from the NC on Wednesday and Friday.
    And we were right. I wasn't here last Wednesday, but if I have to believe my outfit mates we had quite a lot of good fights.

    It was the same today. During our operation we were on Amerish. We started the OP with a training session since we had a lot of new members. So we trained them a bit in fire lanes, breaching and point defence. They also had some questions which were explained by the more experienced members.

    After the training session we went in the Galaxy and started attacking enemy bases. We had quite a few good fights. But the most memorable one was on the Tech Plant. There was a TR Tech Plant that was under assault from BHO. The TR did not respond as they normally would and we redeployed to the warpgate, loaded into Galaxies to reinforce that base ASAP.
    Our goal was the 'letterbox' (the small gap between the roof and the landing pad that fits 1 Galaxy). Alpha was supposed to go first but bodged the drop so a few of the squad including myself fell out. The rest of Alpha and Bravo managed to get on the roof and headed towards the 'Overwatch' (inside balcony overlooking the point).
    BHO managed to destroy the SCU preventing the TR from deploying into the hard spawn. The TR on the other hand skillfully managed to clear out the NC spawns and drop a LOAD of Sunderers into the Tech Plant interior.
    BHO was beginning to be loose the fight on the outside of the Tech Plant since they had no air superiority and did not have the gun platform either.
    A minute before the plant flipped the TR formed up a LARGE MAX crash to crash the point. Less then a minute from the cap they charged in, to be met by 2 WASP EMP grenades and a few concussions. After that Decimators started flying and our Archers started singing the song of armoured death! And the whole crash was finished well before they reached their objective.
    The TR did manage to flip the point but we had already redeployed and assisted in clearing out the remaining TR Sunderers. And without spawn points their counter assault was quickly halted.

    While we did not get credit for the plant capture since we did not start the cap, the placement of our squads on the overwatch was detrimental to prevent defeat in the last minute.

    We like to thank all our allies and enemies for this wonderful evening.

  15. Sovereign533

    A small snippet of an operation we had yesterday recorded by our current probationer and former outfit leader 'Bvenged'
  16. Sovereign533

    A small snippet of an operation we had last Friday. Now from the POV of me! (medic).
  17. Sovereign533

    5 minutes of WASP fighting on the roof of Indar Com from the point of view of one of our medics (me again!)

    It's a shame Shadowplay can't record 2 audiostreams :(. So no voice coms on this one.
  18. Sovereign533

    WASP PS2 short #1
    During an OP we sneaked past a few Prowlers in a Sundy.
  19. Sovereign533

    Oefw, 6th place from the top. This can not do!
    We have been busy, but so have I unfortunately. So I couldn't make a video. A member of us (who is a lot better at video editing) is promising a new video is underway. This time a collaboration between him and me where we get different points of view of the same battle.
    So there's that to look forward to!
  20. Sovereign533

    And there it is, the finished product.
    Bvengeds POV on the main screen and mine in the bottom right.