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  1. ffy

    Make sure you check out the actual meat of the faction, the 200 damage tier weapons. They are basically heaven.
  2. Sovereign533

    A bit late, but a small recap of last Sundays operation.

    Last Sunday our outfit leader Sevk didn't feel like leading and a former outfit leader Ulysees stepped up and lead our platoon in his place.
    Most of the evening we were on Amerish. An alert just ended and the fights were difficult to find, so we figured we had to create one ourselves. Since the VS was overpopulating the continent at the time we joined we choose to go against the VS.
    The goal of our operation was capturing and holding Heyoka Tech Plant.
    We did that by going through the west-middle lane from the north-western warpgate all the way to Wokuk Amp Station. This cut off the VS from the West-Western lane and gave our forces in that lane an advantage in pushing the VS out. We then went back and take Chimney Rock Depot. Because the TR was also pushing west we essentially isolated that piece of VS territory as well.

    From Chimney Rock we went back north towards the Tech Plant. We did that through the use of Infiltrators capping the point the moment the previous base flipped. We managed to get into the Tech Plant, while we had some problems taking and holding Chimney Rock. And when we had the Tech Plant, we also lost Chimney Rock again and were cut off from the rest of NC.

    And then we proceeded with an operation we call 'last man standing'. This means that hopes for reinforcements are 0. Hopes of holding the base are also 0. Hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned but still hold on by the skin of your teeth for as long as you can.
    And desperation can lead to some awesome fights.
    For some reason we managed to hold the VS onslaught and destroyed a lot of Sunderers before our operation ended. Even though we lost the Tech Plant shortly after the operation was over, our OP was still a victory.

    Thanks VS for bringing the fight. It was a good night and hope we'll get another chance to kill you guys over and over again soon ^^

    Fought VS, had victory against the odds.
  3. Cynicismic

    Had some great dogfights with some [WASP] folks yesterday evening on Esamir, when the NC were pushing towards the VS Warpgate, around the Northpoint Station area. I witnessed some fantastic cooperation between [WASP] pilots, and happily brawled with them, (we never really got anywhere, though; no-one was shot down in our engagements, and I'd usually cower back to the safety of our AA guns). I managed to shoot down a [WASP] Liberator, though that was only after another Reaver pilot decided to crash into it!

    Some fantastic work exemplified by [WASP], and brilliant dogfights also. Keep up the good work.
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  4. Sovereign533

    Thanks, I'll relay the message since I don't think many of our pilots come here. ;)

    And as a recruitment post:

    During yesterdays operation our airsquad was almost as big as our infantry squad. That rarely happens but is quite welcome. Our recent recruitment of new pilots also helps.
    So for all the would be pilots, soon we'll start to offer air training to all our members who want to fly again. This will give you pointers on how to communicate, fly effectively, fly as a team and learn positioning.
    The last serversmash showed us how important a good air squad is and thus our focus will be on that for now.

    If you're interested in joining our airsquad you can apply at https://wasp-inc.com/applicationform/2/form
    If you are not sure if we're something for you. Throw me a message either ingame or on this forum and I'll get to you as soon as possible. Then we can get you on our teamspeak and into our airsquad. (if there is not enough space in our airsquad, or too much interest then our probationers would get precedence).

    What we offer:

    - Experienced leaders
    - Experienced pilots
    - Good working teamspeak
    - Members willing to teach others
    - Everyone has a voice, everyone is listened to. Even probationers
    - Squad leader and Platoon leader training (passing probation required, or great natural talent)
    - Regular operations and sessions
    - Large community with forum (application mandatory, forum activity optional)

    What we expect from you:

    - Active
    - Good team player
    - English speaking
    - Microphone
    - 18+

    What we don't have:
    - minimum BR requirement
  5. Sovereign533

    Today we had another operation (as usually on Sunday)
    During the week we had a request from our best friends CONZ to join a joint operation today. Our goal was to capture Indar during primetime on a Sunday. CONZ was going around NC outfits to get as many of us to join.
    We agreed to it, and that was the goal for the night.
    We started with just 1 squad that later grew to 1,5 squads. We went to the TR front, we made some hard pushes and were countered by the VS. The NC and TR pops were about the same, VS was very underpopulated. We broke a stalemate on the VS front and then quickly redeployed back to the TR side.
    We were taking the bottom most lane through their Amp station. We managed to get the Amp station and then got stonewalled. This promptly caused our momentum to stall and due to being completely surrounded by Prowlers we weren't able to push anymore at the end of the night. We lost the Amp station and were slowly pushed back.
    At 22:00 European time the coalition called it a day. We managed to connect to the VS warpgate, but due to base design it would not be possible to connect to the TR warpgate as well.
    Thank you fellow NC outfits, we fought really long and hard and managed to reach 3 bases away from the TR warpgate.
    Thank you TR for bringing it, and boy did you bring it.

    If you want to be part of this, go to https://wasp-inc.com/applicationform/2/form
    Or go to one of our allies. Otherwise, check out The Consortium, they are a swell group as well.
  6. Sovereign533

    Yesterday we had another operation. We actually had quite a few people online and thus were divided in 3 squads.
    The first squad was a standard infantry squad. This meant that that squad would lead the way and pull Sunderers and Galaxies to go around. It was a mix of HA's, LA's, Medics, Engineers, Infil and an occasional MAX.
    The second squad was an air squad. Mainly Reavers and Liberators. I have not seen much of them because I can't fly, but they assisted us when we needed it. Liberator and LOLpod carpet bombs on enemy footholds were quite welcome.
    The third squad was something that was dubbed our 'troll'-squad. This squad was supporting the infantry squad with 'troll' tactics. For example getting Harassers in places they shouldn't be. Rolling around the outside to kill spawn solutions and murdering enemies trying to push.

    At the start of the operation we went to Hossin to the TR front. We had a couple of good fights with the TR. At one point our goal was to take Gurney Dam. This went quite good but we lacked reinforcement from the rest of the NC. That combined with a redeploy action from the TR meant we were quickly surrounded, EMP'd, Conced and grenaded out of the point room. And we had no other choice but to defend our last remaining Sunderer or pull out.
    Our platoon commander noticed that the NC was pushing to a different base and if the TR that was focussed on us would redeploy there we would lose it. So he made the decision to stay near the Sunderer at Gurney Dam and be farmed to keep the TR in the same base. To keep them on their toes we occasionally flipped the point with an Infiltrator to keep them on their toes and not redeploy out.
    When the other base flipped we redeployed and moved 1 base back to make sure the TR wouldn't be able to push that lane. This was an effective tactic. And then an alert started on Indar and the TR and VS were fighting each other. Leaving the rest of the night to ghost capping.
    We tried our hand to go to the VS warpgate after we linked up with the TR to try to force a continent cap. But at the Amp station the VS mass redeployed to us and pushed us out. And so ending the operation.

    Thank you TR and VS for bringing the fight. And a special mention to [POL] for guarding a point with us. Too bad we didn't get a fight there.
  7. Sovereign533

    Another Sunday another Operation.
    Todays Operation started a bit early with an attack on Esamir with the goal of capturing it. We had quite a lot of people online including quite a few of our very veteran members. We also had an almost complete air squad to accompany us while fighting. And supported us where we needed. Our Alpha infantry squad consisted of most members and was lead by our most experienced platoon leader, this squad also had our new probationers because Bravo squad completely consisted from old experienced members and a member trying squad leading for a first time.

    At the start we went on an attack on Esamir. Every base we attacked we were followed by a lot of NC and ended up in an overpopulated fight. Eventually we captured the entire continent with minimal resistance.
    After that we attacked Amerish since we want to avoid the constant grind on Indar. We had a few fights here and there and then we also ended up capturing the continent on prime time. We tried to poke a hornets nest, but the hornets just went away :(
    And last but not least we went to Indar. At the start of Indar we went to Scarred Mesa Skydock to resecure it from a TR attack where we had the overpop but apparently were losing. Air squad did an air run on it followed by Alpha squad botching a galaxy drop (was funny to see). Bravo squad went for a galaxy drop after that and dropped on a building next to the point. At the same time the NC started pushing and with the attention of the TR divided we managed to crush their resistance.
    After that we went to Howling Pass Checkpoint. Here the NC already had some foothold but the VS was pushing quite hard. Alpha squad set up camp on Charlie point and Bravo squad set up squad on Bravo point. Because of all the overpopping on the other continents Bravo squad was left a bit drained and only had 6 members left to hold out against the VS force. Alpha squad had 10 members they used for the Charlie point.
    We managed to hold out quite some time until the VS started rushing Bravo squad. This caused Bravo squad to break and pull back. Alpha squad was next, because their point was easier to defend and they had more people they held out longer. At the same time the VS Magriders started killing our spawn points around the base leaving us without reinforcement. Alpha squad eventually got worn out as well and folded.

    As last, it was quite funny to read that apparently we're a zergfit because we have 1 squad of 6 people on 1 point and 1 squad of 10 people on another. While we did have the overpop in the region, the majority of NC forces were in tanks just around the corner shelling it out with VS AV.
  8. Sovereign533

    Yesterday we had another operation. Our total member count wasn't so big so we went without an air squad today. But for a change we did have a RIOT squad in our platoon and that was really nice to have. While I haven't heard if we're going to do more operations like that, their support on our objectives was really useful and appreciated.
    The goal of the operation was... in lack of a better word... to **** **** up.

    We started on Hossin against the TR. We had the Northeastern warpgate and the TR the southern one. We cut across TR territory where we had some really good fights against RO. While we were pushed out of a few objectives but we managed to get the flak off of the other NC forces causing them to push for the real objective. When we lost our decoy we quickly redeployed to the real objective to make sure it would be completed.
    Eventually we were in a position where we could cut off a lot of TR territory with a single base, and we took it. Some good fights ensued and we lost the point room literally 1 seconds AFTER we captured the base, turning our assault into a defense. But since the TR wasn't geared to attack the base they didn't have the spawn options up and were quickly pushed out.
    And the fights were basically like that for the majority of the night. Sometimes we would just leave the TR alone for a while and poke at the VS to return to the TR front after their well organised outfits left the area to continue pushing.
    In nearly every base assault or defense the RIOT squad got the Valks, Harassers and Sunderers on the objective to defend while we acted as their support.

    On one base capture we had a chat with the 'local population' and they were surprised we still existed. But we do, and we're recruiting. While we're not as big as we used to be (fielding 2 full platoons) we have kept all the knowledge of that time and learned from everything we did wrong back then. Thus making us one of the most experienced outfits in the game.
    And we must be doing something right because we still have quite a solid core of people who started playing with us from the closed Beta days. Even our leaders are from that time.

    If you'd like to be part of this. Go to https://wasp-inc.com/applicationform/2/form and fill in a form.
    Minimum requirements :
    • 18+
    • Have a microphone and willing to use it
    • Teamplay oriented
    • Willingness to learn and to give and take constructive critisism
    • BR1 or higher
    • Active (at least 1 operation each week)
  9. Sovereign533

    Wow, late again.
    Anyway. Last tuesday we had another operation as we have every week.
    Our platoon consisted of
    - Infantry squad
    - Air squad
    - RIOT squad
    - Overflow (extra people who came late and without a spot in the other squads)
    Our objective for the night was to do stuff on Amerish. While we didn't have a clear plan, we just tried to push as much as we could. The fight was both on the TR and VS front with us switching from place to place to see where we could push the most. Sometimes going before the NC zerg to prep the next base. Sometimes dropping in to make sure the cap goes through. And sometimes to go back behind our lines to secure a base behind the base we're capping.
    The night was quite flexible in how we accomplished our goals. As we did the regular point defenses where we just sit in or near the point to make sure it stays ours. Crash the enemy on their point. Galaxy hot-drops, Valkyrie hotdrops (those are fun). But also sit on the hill and be annoying AV / AA and killing enemy AV / AA.
    The entire night was quite spectacular without anything that really stood out. Everything was equally epic. From holding the balcony in the tech plant we attacked against a large TR zerg that eventually pushed us off because we were outnumbered and the NC zerg didn't back us up. To the mountain goating beside our armour column to support them with AA and anti AV nest actions.

    Once again, thanks RIOT for the great co-operation. And thanks to the VS and TR. Without you we wouldn't have these awesome fights ;)
  10. Sovereign533

    I'm just going to make an habit of posting this well late now.
    Last tuesday and thursday we had 2 more operations. The Tuesday operation was without RIOT this time, but we had quite a few people of our own. We had an infantry squad, air squad and overflow squad having the rest of our people.
    Airsquad wasn't that big but did some needed airstrikes against hostile targets and clearing the air for us.
    The infantry was all over the place. With that I mean that we did run together, we mainly focussed on secondary objectives all over the map. Resecuring something that was pushed by the enemy and pushing other objectives. We were rarely found on the point, but usually near the point overlooking it and providing support.
    One of our most used tactic of the night was a Sunderer train. This composes multiple Sunderers with either Basilisks or Furys that roll around and focus fire. Even Prowlers melt when they go against 4 3/12 manned Sunderers focussing fire on them. Due to good communication between the drivers of the Sunderers we managed to switch out the lead Sunderer constantly. This means that when 1 Sunderer was getting to half damage, they would retreat, having the other Sunderers covering them with their HP while the first one goes to rep up and then swap out another one. While we didn't have repair Sunderers, we didn't need them.
    We were eventually destroyed by a combined effort of 3 Gatekeeper Harassers.

    Yesterday we had a training session. We don't do them that often anymore but when requested we do them. They are usually a lot of fun even though we generally don't see many enemies while doing those trainings.
    Yesterdays training composed of 'cheesing'. We started off with annoying Sunderer placing. How to get Sunderer in places they don't really belong. Like inside Tech Plants or other buildings. After that we tought people how to climb vertical walls as any class that doesn't have a Jet Pack. It ended in something completely weird. Apparently you can make deployed Sunderers float. Did not know that and we can't really see a practical use for it. A floating Sunderer doesn't have the angles to shoot down and you can't spawn on it. It's a weird sight though.
  11. ffy

    A floating industrial mix Sundy with our decal, all ****** out with lumifiber on the body and rims would be inspiring enough to win fights on its own, simply from all the opposition choosing to delete their characters and reroll on NC.
  12. Sovereign533

    Last Sunday we had another operation. This time we didn't really have much support from the coalition I heard. And for a change the airboys wanted to stay grounded as well.
    The squad layout we had was 1 full infantry squad and 1 'overflow'. Usually I play in the infantry squad but wanted to do something different for a change so I joined the overflow squad from the beginning.
    The whole idea of overflow squad is that the main squad is full and we need more spots. This squad will sit in with the main squad but operate seperate from them. Sometimes the overflow SL will take command of the overflow for specific tasks. This can be either arranging a Sunderer, go Sunderer hunting or concentrated AA against an AA swarm harassing our infantry squad.
    Some other times it would mean scouting or securing an important base against small enemy incursions.

    Our Operation this time was on Amerish. We didn't really have a goal this time but to '**** things up'.
    A lot of our fighting was located around Chimney Rock Depot. First we had quite a big fight with the VS there. They had multiple Sunderers deployed outside. We rolled in with a Sunderer train and wrecked them. The infantry squad lost their Sunderers quite fast and redeployed to the spawn room to punch through their front while they where struggling to get reinforcements. In the mean time the overflow squad managed to save our Sunderer and had it back up to battle readyness. We rolled between the buildings towards the point. The VS had a Sunderer next to the point structure as well. But they did not expect a bright yellow Sunderer come for them. While the infantry pushed one side, we pushed the other. Making sure the enemy was not able to concentrate all their firepower on 1. The end result was a divided enemy and concentrated push from the NC.
    After the VS was wiped from the point our infantry did not wait around for the full resecure and they quickly redeployed out to another base. The overflow lingered a bit. The VS did some more drops and tried to deploy a few more Sunderers. And while they delayed our infantry push due to not fully securing Chimney we did manage to keep the base and eventually fully secure it.

    Screenshot is one of our typical Galaxies coming in for much needed reinforcements.
  13. Sovereign533

    Last tuesday we had another operation. Once again we were on Amerish.
    Our normal platoon leader wasn't able to attend and neither was our backup platoon leader. So we had a regular squad leader step up and lead a platoon for a change. We started with a standard infantry squad and an airsquad.

    The whole night we were moving all over the place as usual. We pulled multiple vehicles and even drove a tank force around composed from Lightnings. We expected there to be an enemy TR tank zerg, however our fellow NC's had cleaned them out before we arrived. So after doing minimal damage we had to pull back again.
    Our airsquad was exceptionally exquisite. The enemy did not field that many air vehicles to they were largely unoposed. Or at least that is what it seemed like from a 'ground peasant' point of view.
    One of the most memorable parts was when we were in a Galaxy moving to the front. Our Galaxy was attacked by 2 hostile Scythes that kept it's distance so our Walkers weren't that effective against him. And then 2 of our Reavers just jumped them. I don't know where our Reavers came from, but they killed both their Scythes while only getting 1 of our Reavers to 50% health.
    Another point we were attacked by the enemy while sitting in a 3 story building. We had a lot of enemies incoming, so many we had to abandon the roof and bunker down on the point. We were spread thin in between the 2 roof accesses, balcony access and the 2 stairs from the bottom floor. But most of the enemy seemed to come from above. But they never came. Apparently our Reavers had a field day killing them there so they were unable to push down.
  14. Sovereign533

    Last Sunday we had another operation as usual.
    This time it was all a bit '******'. The majority of fights were on Indar with barely any fights on either Hossin or Amerish. On Amerish there was a large VS over population and on Hossin there was a large NC over population. We dislike going to Indar since most of those fights are quite stagnant. So it had to be either fighting up against a large population of VS without a chance to win. Or go to Hossin where we had the majority population.
    We choose to go to hossin. NC had 47% population, the rest was about equally divided between the TR and the VS. But to reduce the population advantage that we had we were going to push along the TR/VS border. This would force both the TR and VS against us and then we would effectively have the least population on the server.
    Since the VS had slightly more territory then the TR, we started to push along the VS/TR border through VS territory. This was quite a success. Due to the overpopulation that we had, we got quite a bit of NC support every time we pushed a base. And we had quite a bit of a few good fights.

    While the night progressed our over population started to dwindle. And at the end of the night we went from 47% to only 25% population. All in all it was quite a good night, even if it was an 'off' night for a couple of our members. Including me.

    As usually, thank you for the great fights. And will see you on the battlefield.

    Would you like to be part of our outfit? Go to https://wasp-inc.com/applicationform/2/form and fill in the form.
    For more information just ask here or shoot me a pm on either this forum or the WASP forum and I'll answer to the best of my abilities. I will also answer queries ingame if you catch me online.
  15. Sovereign533

    And as usual we had another operation last tuesday.

    The squads we went with were the standard infantry squad and an air squad.
    The continent of choice was Hossin and that's where we stayed throughout the evening.

    For us the night was a bit unusual where we had quite a bit of banter going on during the off times. While we do that quite often, we did it more then usual. This made it into a lot more social night and less a night where we try to do our best.
    Our objectives tugged us all over the place. And we had quite a few good fights. The first half of the night we had a Galaxy with us that hoovered around providing drops and air support. This proved very successful. The reason why the Galaxy was so successful was due to the fact that our airsquad was able to protect it constantly and for the first hour we only lost the Galaxy once.

    The rest of the night was on the ground where we used our Sunderers to move about. This is a bit more safe on Hossin since you have a lot of cover from both air and tanks. And at the same time when a tank comes into view of us, they're usually in shooting range of our Furies.

    All in all, it was a good night.

  16. Sovereign533

    Last thursday we had another training night.

    The training in question was air training where we teach the 'ground peasants' like me to fly a Reaver. And where the people who don't crash the Reaver into a tree learn how to do more advanced maneuvers and squad communication / cohesion.
    The continent of choice was Esamir.
    We had a few people who wanted to check out Liberators. Now I've been trying to learn how to fly for years now and just can't get the hang of it so I jumped into a Liberator. My pilot was really patient with me and we had quite a few kills and laughs. Unfortunately due to a lot of AA we were shot down a lot as well. This was also due to the fact that I couldn't hit anything flying yet with my Dalton.
    From what I gathered 1 group of people went with a flyboy to the VR training room to teach them how to fly a Reaver properly. They later came back to Esamir to join the rest of us. Since I had to go soon I quit early so don't know how the rest of the night went.

    Thanks to our air squads and members willing to fly with us. And of course, thank the enemies to have something to shoot at ;)

  17. TmRNL

    Merry Christmas everyone! Here's a throwback to one of our holiday operations :) Was much fun!
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  18. Sovereign533

    So, the holiday 'break' is over and we're back into action.
    Yesterday was our first operation of the year and we really swung back into full action with new and refreshed bloodlust.

    We had 2 squads, as normally we had an infantry squad and we were joined by an airsquad. The airsquad also housed our overflow since air squad usually isn't completely filled, but the infantry is.
    We started reasonably small but grew bigger quite fast until we had almost 2 full squads. We started on (if I recall correctly) Amerish. There we pushed around a bit, but the enemies abandoned the fronts after we gave them a repeated beating. Somewhere along the lines we were also joined by CONZ in our platoon and this increased our footprint on the battles that we had.
    Since Amerish was dying out CONZ decided they were going to Indar where an alert started, it was also where the majority of the TR forces went.
    So we also jumped over.

    When we arrived on Indar we were surprised it wasn't the default Indar-Tee but we had pushed past that and we owned Mao Tech Plant even though we held the Eastern Warpgate with the TR holding the Northern Warpgate. The TR really wanted Mao back and started pushing it hard. And even though it was technically our base we had quite a difficult fight on our hands where the TR held most of the ground outside the Tech Plant and the gun deck was completely disabled.
    After a few vain attempts in breaking their hold on the outside our platoon leader Sevk had enough of it and wanted to give the NC a bit of breathing space. So we went for what he dubbed '**** blocking the TR'. The TR did not manage to get into the Tech Plant so the point was uncontested, this gave us the opertunity to go and flip the point on Mao Watchtower. We grabbed a load of Sunderers and drove there past the TR tank force. A few were bait Sunderers with Deployment shield and the rest were Stealth Sunderers.

    We drove around, planted the Sunderers and pushed into the point room where we flipped the point and waited for the TR to push us out. A bit later the CONZ squad also assisted us and a LOT of NC started spawning on our position and rushed into the building. The TR started to flood to the building as well and started killing off our Sunderers. 1 minute before the cap they successfully destroyed ALL Sunderers around the base and 'last man standing' began.

    The TR massed outside the building and started their usual Grenade spam. But due to the amount of Mana AI turrets they did not do so much damage and the TR did not use a single EMP grenade. And then the base flipped. Our distraction force wasn't just a distraction, against all expections on our side we actually captured the base and pushed the TR out. They gave up on capturing Mao warpgate and retreated away from that lane.

    CONZ and the rest of the NC, thanks for the reinforcements! ;)

    On a more personal note, this is probably one of my last reports for a few months since I'll be away for a while due to work. I have no doubt that WASP will remain active and kicking!


  19. Sovereign533

    Yesterday was the last operation I joined.
    And it was quite a good one.

    As usual we had 1 infantry squad and 1 air squad. The infantry squad was lead by a new squad leader for a change. We had a bit of a rough start but we turned that around quite fast. Our platoon lead was still our good old outfit commander Sevk and the infantry squad lead was assisted by a very experienced squad leader. This system is what we call having a squad sergeant. This means that 1 experienced member in our squad takes a micromanagement role on his shoulder while the squad leader takes a more general leading position. For example, the squad leader want a good mix of medics, engineers and heavies with 1 infiltrator. After giving that order the squad leader goes on to look for targets or best angle of attack for our target while the squad sergeant fixes the squad if the members can't get it to work on their own.
    This reduces the strain on the squad leader. It also means that the squad sergeant temporarily takes over squad leading in case the squad leader is unable to do so due to being dead. The squad leader can also assign a fire team to the squad sergeant. And while the squad leader keeps general lead of the squad, the sergeant supports.
    But enough of that.

    The entire operation was on Hossin. I personally quite like the continent due to the large amount of good bases and a large amount of cover. We started off attacking the VS front, but the VS quickly retreated from the NC-VS border to fight the TR. This left us with no other option then go against the TR who was heavily pushing us as well.
    We hopped from a lot of bases and with a new squad leader came new tactics. In stead of over relying on Galaxies to move us around the new squad leader had a fancy for Valkyries.
    And killing Sunderers with 2 fully loaded Valks is quite easy. Dump people around the Sundy, blow the mines and redeploy back. While that also works quite well in a Galaxy, a Valk is quite a lot faster.

    Most fights we went to were quite good, but none stood out as great. There were a couple of bad attacks where we distracted the enemy in the hopes of getting NC support, only to find out that the zerg that was pushing towards us redeployed. Win some, lose some.
    The funniest moment in the whole night was when we were accused of being a zergfit while 'zerging' a base with 1 squad of infantry. We pushed in, got the point, held the point and then the NC actually rolled in. From that point on we actually waited for the cap to go through, but apparently that's being a zergfit these days.

    Well, it has been fun, and I'll see you guys in a couple of months when I finish working o/

  20. ffy

    As Sovereign is away sailing the high seas and trying to not fall prey to pirates I will be taking over writing the operation reports until he is back.

    Operation report for SWARM, January 12th.

    The operation took place on Esamir, where we were forced to start with fights bordering both of the other factions. With our standard numbers (an infantry squad, a smaller air squad and a bit of overflow focused on providing spawn solutions) getting right into the thick of it at these kinds of fights was difficult - with Air and Armor from both enemy factions in a position to flank the NC forces we decided to deploy our infantry in AA/AV nests to support the advance of the NC forces, as well as support the farm of our skyknights.

    Once the lattice stopped being so awful for us we got into the thick of things, capturing bases and putting out fires. For most of the fights, redeploys between bases were done in Sundy trains, rather than teleportation or Galdrops. Three repair Sundys with Basilisks comes out to a huge amount of tanking power and great firepower. Not much can stand up to the combined firepower of 12 barrels of fully automatic 20mm fire, especially if they are crewed by planetmans with rocket launchers, ready to jump out and gank anything that comes close. Using a Sundy train for transport between the bases helped us clear the opposing armor and spawn solutions (when heading to defensive fights) or set up several spawn options for the NC (when heading to offensive fights).

    However, despite trying to do our best with keeping spawn solutions up, in several bases the enemies managed to clear out all of the spawn solutions. What usually follows is a glorious last stand on/near the point. On this operation however, we were determined to not lose any of the last stands. A couple of the bases went down to the wire, with our boys being nearly wiped out in the last few seconds and still pulling out the cap (even with 2:1 underpop in the hex in one fight), thanks to great play by the squad and the rest of NC. I was really impressed by how well the squad did in last stand situations, despite us running with 2 medics - in the past, our standard setup has had 3 medics, but in order for the squad to have more punch we have started to use only 2 this year.