[NC] WASP Inc [Miller-EU]

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Core, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. AquaKiller

    I'm working on it, but unfortunately my therapist is also TR...

    Ba dum tss! :)
  2. BaptistsK90

    Great OP last night guys was fun, and only makes our outfits and the NC stronger, thanks for having us, the future looks bright indeed.
  3. Bvenged


    Thanks for playing and it's good to know there are outfits on this server who we can count on to turn the tide on a bad situation, and who can assuredly count on us to help them too.
  4. Arphelior

    Again an awesome night full of irritating the VS and TR :D ; thank you Bvenged for the SLing :)
  5. Ulysees

    Had a nice fortnight holiday to recharge the batteries but now it's time to take charge of WASP once more and lead us on our quest to curbstomp the TR, cos you know fluff the TR!

    if you too feel the need to end the red oppression, like playing vehcihles as well as infantry and can take the time to submit a decent application then maybe you can join one of Miller premier force of freedom fighters!

    Apply here http://www.wasp-inc.com/forms.php?do=form&fid=4 and join the swarm today!
  6. JonboyX

    Tkx on behalf of SC for last nights exploits. Good fun holding the middle of Esamir! No doubt catch up again soon.
  7. Bvenged

    Ye it was fun. Cheers JonBoy SC were awesome!
  8. Thovargh

    Confirmed for VS spy
  9. Bvenged

    WASP plays NC.

    WASP kills stuff really hard.

    WASP has 40-60 players online most nights, used to their best effect with a squad for everybody, so long as you're willing to work hard and play hard to participate in one of the most organised and tactical outfits on the server.

    We offer Infantry, Modular Armour, Adaptive, Air and competitive squad play... and we strive to be one of the best at defeating TR & VS with superior tactics, strategy, coordination and wit. We cringe at the idea of depending on numbers, individual skill or Flavour of the Month tricks to win a fight cheaply. Every fight we win, we damn well earn it as a team, as an outfit, and as a faction.

    So hit us up at WASP-Inc.com

    Being apart of an organised NC outfit is an experience you shouldn't pass up.
  10. Dinapuff

    WASP is a mature community that looks after it's members and make reasonable demands of anyone remotely interested in maintaining activity within planetside 2. We have some of the best dedicated pilots, and cool infantry guys on miller, and we are definitively ready for the battle islands / continental locks. Don't miss out and join WASP before the MLG patch launches to have a headstart. We put on our gamefaces when it comes to it, but we do so to have fun.
  11. TobieBrave

    Playing as Medic against this great bunch of hillbillys is a pain in the ****! Roll with them if you like beer and color blu!
    Much Love Wasp!
  12. Bvenged

    Same to you babez!
  13. Dinapuff

    Could use some more airboyz and vehicle players in the outfit. If you enjoy rolling in harassers or MBT's we do pull these. However if you want a good outfit that appreciates your particular brand of ESF / Lib piloting we practically use you for every operation. We have some of the better pilots of the server. We also cooperate with other outfits. If you are looking for an outfit to cooperate with during the night just get in touch and we can probably work something out.
  14. Dotz0r

    That awkward moment when you try to play a nice game of supreme commander, password your server then...

    suddenly WASP invasion...

    small world.
  15. Bvenged

    I wouldn't exactly call "brtd" a password, particularly when your server name was, of course, "BRTD".

    The absolute irony in the situation was that our WASP SupCom server was invaded the next match by BRTD because it may or may not have had the password "WASP" for the server name "WASP". :p
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  16. Bvenged

    WASP vs BRTD - Nexus Battle Island LIVE STREAM!
    Tonight, 27/10/13, 2000 GMT!

    To appear on the next EU Warp Gate show.

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  17. ZaltCW

    Good luck WASP
  18. AquaKiller

    My first time on Nexus, I'm dropping on Omega Nexus only to realize that there are 2 shield gens blocking the A point... :D Fun times.

    Not being able to spawn anywhere on the map unless you left the squad didnt help either. :/
  19. huller


    Revenge at long last

  20. Bvenged

    Hahah BRTD vs WASP was a fun game overall.

    WASP lost by the skin of our teeth, but then again it wasn't exactly the most stable or fair match in the world. We had to play outside of a platoon as spawns were broken, BRTD got a headstart, and we had never played Nexus before...

    But now we know the base layouts, the terrain, and how to reorganise if bugs stop us from spawning, we'll beat BRTD next time!

    GG BRTD, it was massive fun. I look forward to the release of the competitive battle islands!